Abnormally normal

Reflections of a mid-year Freshman

I have to laugh at myself now. Back in August, I cried about being stripped at Orientation. I cried the first time I was inspected in public. I cried when a professor made me strip for his lecture because I did the worse on his pop quiz. At least, I managed to get the second lowest test score a couple of weeks later – that poor girl was naked in class for an entire week.

Why am I laughing now? First of all, I gotten used to the idea of wearing less and showing more. When I went home for holidays, it felt strange to have all those layers of clothing on my body. When I mentioned how cold the house thermostat was set, Dad politely suggested I wear longer skirts or put on some “britches.” Secondly, I found out something about myself. I like showing off. Years of repressed exhibitionism finally was released.

Don’t get me wrong. I was never quite the wall flower in high school, but I never really made public exhibitionism my thing. Sure, I ran around the house at night in skimpy things or nothing at all. But everyone else was asleep. At school, we sometimes had “short skirt” days amongst my friends. Whoever wore the shortest skirt without panties  would get a free movie and pizza night from the others. I never won, but we did have to measure very carefully once between me and Kelli. And sure, at sleep-overs with girl friends, we tended to try to out do each other in sexy lingerie, but even when I dared to wear a sheer babydoll and matching panties, Lisa brought a nipple cutout and crotchless panties to the party. So, it seemed wherever I was, someone was more daring, making my own little exhibition less noticed.

Once settled at college, I realized how easy it is to just go about the day in very little if anything at all. Typical attire in my dorm was panties and bras, but most of us soon left the bras for regular tops to class. Running around inside the dorm and cafeteria in nothing but a tiny panty seemed natural after doing it for months.

Going topless on campus was as simple as having my roommate show up for her class in the same building I was leaving. Rhonda was wearing a small skirt and nothing else, so she asked to borrow my top since the building was a “No Topless” one. I realized forcing her to donate her pretty skirt was too much, so off came my top. The day was beautiful, too. Feeling the sunshine and light breeze on my naked breasts was really enjoyable, especially with friends giving me compliments and the boys giving me plenty of attention, too.

That’s when my roommate and I devised the plan to swap tops more often. We both could enjoy the sunshine. Then one day in a bit of a rush, I came back from breakfast in my panties ready to change into a top and skirt. My roommate suggested a pretty dress, instead. I didn’t think twice since I was running late. It wasn’t until I saw her wanting outside the “No Topless” building where we always exchange tops that I knew I had been tricked. Rhonda was naked. While she could enter the building that way, she really didn’t want to sit naked in class. Rhonda convinced me to loan her my dress.

It was the first time I was naked outside by my own hand. Strippings, sure. But this was different. I decided to get naked. Perhaps by accident given Rhonda’s trick, but I could have told her, “No.”

I wanted to run back to the dorm, much like after being inspected, but I didn’t. I walked not to the dorm but to the library for some research. An hour later I met Rhonda. She asked if I wanted my dress back, and I surprised us both by saying, “No.”

So, now that I knew how much I did love being naked in public, I also knew I had to be careful about doing it. The gropers would take full advantage of the situation. Professors who think you are attending their classes naked without being forced tend to pick on you even more than the poor girls who haven’t mastered the Dress Code.

And after a semester of inspections, I’m starting to think some girls who are still getting written up for Dress Code violations do so because they like it… I know I did it a couple of times. The second time the judge’s punishment made me very sore for a couple of days. I think I was a little too fast suggesting a sentence of nudity for two weeks. The judge decided rather than being completely naked, I would wear a special belt with tickets for free sex. I had to wear just the belt until all the tickets were given away. I foolishly tried to do that all that very evening.

So, after spending the holiday at home in multiple layers… and even long pants, I was ready to return to college and get things back to normal. That’s when it hit me. I was considering the College Code of Conduct and Dress Code as my new normal. It was normal to wear just panties inside the dorm. It was normal to give my roommate my top after class. It was normal to sometimes to just be nude in public.

Talking with other girls, they didn’t start getting used to the idea until their junior year. Freshman year was about getting into trouble with the inspectors. Sophomores tried to work around the inspectors. Juniors just started to accept the situation, and seniors, well, anything goes. Rhonda and I were already to the point of “anything goes,” and we had seven more semesters to go!

I started going to breakfast nude and catching Rhonda in her panties as she left. I’d ask for her panties making her return to the room naked. Then she would sometimes slip out of the cafeteria without me finding her, leaving me naked for the meal. It became a game, and her favorite trick was to sneak down stairs naked herself so I wouldn’t be able to take her panties.

Soon enough, we both just hung around the dorm nude. I took it a step further. When I was in the library, I would settle down in a cubicle and take off what little I wore. I’d spend my study time naked as well.

Once when looking up some reference material, a professor of mine was in the stacks, and well, there I was – naked. We got engaged in a discussion of the lecture material before he suggested we continue the conversation back in his office. When I went to get my laptop and clothes. I just stuffed my clothes in the computer bag. We did not take the direct route to his office either. He wanted to get a cup of coffee from the shack in the Union. Then it was standing outside the building as he talked with another professor followed by two students with questions.

He was the one that made me realize my new normal. He asked, “Would you consider attending all my lectures naked?”

I did not bat an eye at the request, “Sure. But if you single me out for some grand inquisition, I might decide otherwise.” He assured me that that was not his intent. He would have to call me more than normal just to appear as things were normal. Hence a lengthy discussion about what is “normal.”

For him not to quiz a naked girl during lectures would be abnormal. Normal was to punish those either appearing naked for dress code violations or on their own accord. He would have to quiz me regularly to be normal.

I asked his reason for wanting me to be naked and a potential distraction during his lectures. He mentioned the “normal” idea again and again. He want to see if I could make the rest of the class think it was normal for me to be naked during class. He said, once I had them convinced it was normal, I would return wearing normal clothing. Would I then be normal?

What sealed the deal was when he said, “Generally, I can only get a senior or grad student to participate in something like this. But you struck me as a promising freshman for this study.”

I guess being honored that a professor would pick me over upperclass girls made me accept the idea without another thought.

I probably should have thought twice. Normally, after his lecture, I give my top to Rhonda. Sorry Rhonda no more tops. Either wear one yourself or go nude to the “No Topless” buildings. Normally, I would have my top for my early class, too. Now, it would be two classes I’d be attending nude. And normal in the first class is for the professor to single out nude students for quizzing. So, to be normal and nude in both classes meant a lot of extra study time for me in both classes, and normally, I study naked in the library. My new normal would mean a lot of the time I would be naked. And that was not normal, at least not yet.

4 thoughts on “Abnormally normal

  1. Dragavan

    I always enjoy these looks inside the heads and logic used by the characters, especially when it actually shows how the shift of views change for the characters. Very well done and quite enjoyable.

    1. base Post author

      thanks. I do enjoy how thought shifts and turns around. Black is white, and white is black. There’s no logic to it. And you cannot convince the person who went through the thought change that they ever had a different thought. It is them then, now, and forever.

  2. Keith

    Love the story, but that’s par for the course when it comes to your work. I especially love the gradual change we see in her to be more accepting of public nudity.

  3. Raoul

    Excellent story. A good point—I often laugh when anyone brings up that something is or is not ‘normal’—and, of course, excellent imagery. The idea of girls passing clothes around during the day is a staple in this ‘universe,’ but I’m not sure it’s been better handled.


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