Inspector Test #4

Still thinking you got what it takes to be an inspector? Some situations call for clear decisions. Some not so clear. Let’s how you do in this case…

It’s late in the day, and you’re in the Library. Some gals think of the library as a sanctuary. Some feel quite comfortable stripping it all off and relaxing in the comfortable chairs and sofas. Others figure with the peace and quiet of the library, no inspector will make a scene forcing them to strip.

But today, you decide that you might actually do the research on that paper overdue in your Lit class. That is if you can recall the writer’s name you are suppose to be researching.

Then you spot her. MaryAnn. She’s flirted with you in the past. You know some girls do this hoping to remain on your good side just in case they need you to overlook a minor violation.

Seeing her in just a top, you have to be quite sure she is not flashing the rest of the library panties, right? And would she be trying to catch your eye like this if she had something to hide? Or is it reverse logic making you think she has nothing to hide therefore she has something to hide.

Do you demand a full inspection right here? Will you cause a scene in the library. While you have the right to do so, the librarian might just decide you are trouble and order you from the building. Then there’s that research paper for Lit. So what to do?

The smart inspector will just quietly greet her. “Howdy there, MaryAnn. What’s up?” That puts her at ease.

See? No trouble in deciding whether she sports panties now. Appears clean shaven as she rolled back. Bra? No way. Not how them beauties swung under her sweater top. Full, natural, and unrestrained.

So, no inspection right? Could there be something else you over looked? Are you planning on getting along with your studies? Or do you plan on studying MaryAnn some more?

The experienced inspector tells MaryAnn that she needs to strip to comply with the College Code of Conduct inspection rules.

Okay, nothing hidden under the sweater except a gorgeous body. Did you just force a strip search without any merit? Did you send the wrong message to other girls that no matter what they wear, you will be stripping them? Perhaps not.

Now that you have MaryAnn naked and no clear signs of dress code violations, what to do?

Ask her to turn around. Get the full view of this lovely lass.

Yep, no violation here. You did strip a girl without probable cause. But did you set the wrong tone for others? Not if you explain why you made the full inspection. What can you say for yourself? Do you know?

In previous strip search situations we know that stripping incredibly gorgeous girls is something a smart inspector might do, but if you recall that was actually a non-inspection. This was an official inspection. What gives? Do you know?

When you tell MaryAnn, even she has to laugh and appreciate your inspection. No harm done. What was it you told her?

“End of the day, and one inspection ticket left. Figured I’d use it on a blonde bombshell. Hope you don’t mind. Besides, I need some help on our Lit assignment, and holding your sweater, I figure you’d be more likely to help me. Right?”

MaryAnn understands how the guys do like to see beautiful girls naked from time to time, and she also knows the research assignment from their Lit class will take some help. She can help him, and he can help her. She doesn’t mind being stripped in the library. She sometimes will wander the stacks naked.

So the experience of the inspector not only does his duty, but also helps MaryAnn in the process. He’ll return her sweater after they complete their research together, and he walks her back to the dorm… and a good night kiss or more. More depends on how well the inspector clicks with her.

So how are you doing on these inspections? think you are ready for prime time? Or are these inspections something more difficult.

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