Anna enjoys the dress code to a point

I’m one of the few girls on campus who enjoys the freedom the dress code gives us. While I like wearing pretty tops and bottoms,sometimes, I do enjoy when the boys (and girls) admire my breasts. I think they are cute and perky. I never wear a bra. Not even before coming to this college. Other places, I had to just flash my tits to get noticed.

While fun for me and others, it wasn’t relaxing. I much prefer to just go topless, and let everyone see. I get more nice comments this way. Don’t you agree? Would you stop to say something nice about my breasts?

Of course, since coming here and having this freedom to go topless now and then, I have discovered something annoying. I want the attention on my breasts, but some guys still try to look up my skirt. I mean, I cannot even kneel down to pick up something without some guys looking up my skirt. Are you looking up my skirt right now? That’s not very nice.

So it seems, I have little options to stop them from doing that, except to not wear a skirt.

At least here, I can enjoy showing my breasts even if I have to let some see my butt and pussy, too.

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One thought on “Anna enjoys the dress code to a point

  1. William Kazak

    Your logic proves that you are an intelligent college student. Your argument, with photographic proof, is eye opening. I only wish that the other girls on campus could see the dress code your way and that we could meet up for some coffee sometime soon and discuss this further.


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