Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.2

Megan looked around the room and smiled. Becca noticed, saying between bites of yellowtail sushi, “Penny for your thoughts, Ms Martin?”

Melissa giggled. ”I don’t think so. The Director ain’t cheap!”

“At least 8 cents, maybe as high as a dime,” added Nikki.

“I bid 12 bright shiny pennies!” Jen called out.

Megan cut in, ”Hey, you silly girls! I’m right here. I was thinking that I have been fucked forcefully in every hole bigger than my nose, multiple times. I have been used as a sex toy as if I had no choice. I have licked the pussies and clits of my students. I have tied ten naked teenagers to a wall and have used them as lab equipment. I have had nipple clamps squeeze one, really two, of the most sensitive parts of my young body. I have had my arms bound for hours. Coach Wilson ass fucked me while I had a vibrator in my cunt. He fucked my pussy and filled me with a butt plug, calling me a cheap slutty whore, while you watched and cheered me on. While a naked girl with a leaking pussy and nipple clamps took pictures for publication.”

“And, if that wasn’t a full day, I’ve seen marginally legal young teenaged virgins fuck their maidenheads away on the Coach’s dick. I have done a lot of those very things to several of my test subjects. I endured the embarrassment, exposure and humiliation.“

“I’ve discovered that every use and abuse of my body only made me hotter and want more. I felt like a girl who could take anything in my path. I feel more feminine than ever. After all that, I’m sitting here eating yosenabe with my students and still a member of the faculty of Central University of New Town. And still the Project Director.”

“And it doesn’t even matter that Audrey has a finger in my ass and Beth has a finger in my pussy rubbing my G-spot. Wait, it does matter. It matters a lot! Excuse me for a moment. I’m going to come now.” And did just that in spectacular fashion as Janie leaned across the table to pull Ms Martin’s nipple chain. Janie’s up and down motion on Coach Wilson’s dick in her ass and his hard pinch on her clit set both of them off with Megan.

The MuskeTits must have been attending to their own wet little twats because squeals and moans were heard around the table.

“So, Becca, that’s what I was thinking.”

Becca giggled and grinned, saying, “Coach may have called you a cheap whore. I think he got it wrong. That was worth at least $3.75, maybe even 4 dollars.”

Megan snorted and threw a piece of tempura at her, scoring a direct hit on her nipple. Mika jumped to lick it clean. She forgot she had been putting wasabe on her sushi. “Yikes! My tit is on fire!”

Mika grabbed an ice cube, removed Becca’s nipple clip and touched her bright red nipple with the ice. With the other hand, she pushed another piece of ice into Becca’s cunt and pinched her clit.

Pain and pleasure. Hot and cold. Squeeze and caress. The combination sent Becca, screaming, over the edge. “And that is how you soothe a sister,” said Mika with an evil grin.

“Best. After. Dinner. Speech. Ever.” Lisa insisted. No one disagree.

As they relaxed after dinner, Megan asked Janie, “Tell us how you came to be here. We already know how you came after you got here.”

Janie laughed and answered, “I got to New Town by way of North Carolina. My parents are from Denmark and Ireland. They came to the US to attend college at Dartmouth where they met and married. Both joined the Peace Corps and stayed in Asia for 2 years, coming back to America to get citizenship, then went to grad school at Duke in Durham where I debuted. So I’m a Blue Devil. They sponsored the immigration of a couple friends from Viet Nam”

“Three years ago, we moved to Texas when both parents took jobs at Texas Tech. I remained a Blue Devil at heart. Last year, we had a family meeting. Mom wanted to know if it would torque me out if we went to Katmandu for a few years. KATMANDU!!”

“Dad told me to cool it and let him tell me option number 2. Their friends, and mine, Van and Sue had become new citizens, moved to New Town and opened a Japanese restaurant. They were more than willing to let me live with them while my hippy parents lived up the Himalayas in the thin air, freezing their asses off. New Town or having to cross a freaking glacier to take a pee? Believe me when I tell ya, it was no contest.”

“I got a scholarship to study math and physics at Central U., but entered as a part-time day student so I could help Uncle Van and Auntie Sue at the restaurant until it grew enough to hire more staff. Today was my last day at the store and my eighteenth birthday. I go full time at the end of the semester.”

“I have never been inspected, never been consensually raped. I have seen a few on the campus, but from such a distance that I couldn’t see details. Half-dressed girls and totally naked girls I was almost used to by now. Dressing within the Code of Conduct was embarrassing at first but I took off my big girl panties anyway. The classes are great. With the nervous anticipation and excitement of accidentally exposing my titties and ass and pussy in public, I stayed hot all the time. I hoped that my first sex would be at least nice, not like some girls who got raped by boys who are plain mean spirited or who did not care about the object at the end of their little peter. I knew that it would happen eventually, but wished it would be nice, or at least, not hurt I think the code is a little one-sided. Even as it seems well-intentioned.”

“I was stunned when the naked girls met me at the door and went outside to help me bring in the order. More stunned when they brought me in here. And you know the rest.”

“Now, I have been stripped naked by two girls who played with my boobs and munched my twat until I came I have been fucked in my cunt, I then sucked the same dick that took my cherry until it came down my swallowing throat. I rammed that cock in my ass and sat on it all through dinner. I watched a room full of naked girls play with each other and I came like a bandit when two girls finger fucked the naked Project Director to an epic orgasm as the girls’ volleyball coach filled my ass with a gallon of cum.”

“Picture me now. I’m sitting, naked, in a room full of naked teenagers, with that astonishingly still hard dick in my ass, talking calmly about my past, like this is a normal everyday conversation with friends and a beautifully naked Project Direct wearing gold nipple clamps. Just another normal day for little Janie.”

“Welcome to the New Normal!! Happy Birthday!!” The entire crowd pulled her off Eddie’s dick; put her on the table in a spot cleared just for her. Marti cleaned her Master’s prick and sucked it enough to keep it interested. Janie got bent over the table, Ashley shoved a vibrating butt plug in her pussy and they gave her a hard birthday spanking including a dozen or so for good measure. They flipped her unto her back with her butt and legs hanging over the end. Some naked girl yanked the vibrator out of her pulsing pussy and jammed it in her ass, keeping it set on max. She was coming and screaming and coming and screaming as Eddie spread her legs wider, pushed her knees to her nipple-clipped tits and drove his dick all the way to the bottom of her cunt in one thrust.

Eddie had more cock than Janie had pussy so he pierced her cervix on every stroke. He pounded her like a machine while one girl pressed Janie’s clit, two more girls pulled and twisted her boobs and one girl reached between Eddie’s legs and pumped the butt plug in and out of Janie’s ass. Marti and Megan licked her ears and neck, telling her what a dirty little whore she was, what a nasty schoolgirl, what filthy girl she was, getting her little girl cunt fucked by the Coach’s big cock and again fucking her in every nasty hole, how she was a sextoy, a cum dump. How boys will jerk off looking at the pictures Lisa was taking. Hands were spanking, tickling, kissing pinching every inch of her body.

Janie was coming constantly. Her pussy could bend steel. Her world was her tits, ass and cunt. Her whole body was shaking out of control

Eddie squeezed her nipple clips tighter, then pulled them off and pinched her nipples hard. He started spurting and pumping and spurting and pumping. She opened her eyes, stared into space for a few seconds. Janie froze up. Eddie, with an animalistic growl, drove in deep one last time. Janie unlocked and went off like unbalanced blender for what felt like hours. They claimed that her porcelain skin was glowing cherry red. Nikki, the techno-babe become comedienne claimed that Janie could not be cherry red because she gave her cherry to Coach Wilson just an hour so ago. It had to be fire engine red ‘cause she was smoking hot. They gave poor little Nikki the appropriate amount and kind of abuse she so richly deserved.

When Janie slowed enough for them to move her, the girls gave her a sweet birthday massage, bringing her back to this planet. Eddie sat down in a padded armchair to get his legs back. Lisa put the camera on the table and sat with Marti in their Master’s lap. Both, in unison, told him that they could not wait for their own birthday to come. ‘From such cute naked seeds, traditions are grown,” he thought, not aloud. And why are the naked pets talking like twins?

A bit later, the coeds and Megan were recovered enough to pack up the leftovers and stack the dishes. Some carried stuff to the kitchenette to put away the food; some cleaned and straightened the conference room/scene of the Bacchanalian crime of all traces. Eddie told the girls not to do the dishes. He had invented some work/study programs for some of his volleyball girls because they needed a little extra income. Office work and clean up were part of it. The kitchenette was part of the deal. This batch of dishes would be the first work they had to do. Actually working might make the girls feel better about themselves for taking the department’s money.

He would pay them out of his own pocket just to watch them play but the NCAA would frown large. “We could take Regionals in a walk if they were allowed to play naked.” He laughed.

Eddie and Megan sent the naked girls to the showers, staying behind for a brief conference. Talking rapidly, they hugged in agreement. Both joined the teens in the showers. When all were squeaky clean, he took them to the gym for a talk.

Coach Wilson, using his command voice, said, “We have decided to draft Janie into the Project. We need a data recorder and she’s perfect. Here is your bracelet. It exempts you from all Code of Conduct Inspections and Consensual Rapes. It does allow fondling of any body part exposed. There may be no, I mean NO penetration. If penetration is even attempted by any boy or staff on Campus, with or without your consent, criminal charges will be pressed. You may not consent. Period. The bracelet cannot be removed. Not just may not, it cannot be removed. Do you understand?” Janie happily agreed and Eddie attached the bracelet to her wrist, sending her back to sit on the floor with the others. They welcomed her to the group.

Ms Martin came next “Girls, the bracelets do not exempt you from following the Code of Conduct. We expect you to conduct yourselves as if penalties were to be paid. That includes double coverage, banned garments, etc. You know the drill: shaven pussies, skirts short enough to almost cover your butt cheeks, no piece of any shirt or skirt or panties covering nor being covered by any other covering. It must be obvious to any Inspector, at a glance, that you are compliant girls. In short, act as you would as good girls attending college in New Town. Your continued good behavior is important to the Project, the college and to us. By the way, Coach Wilson is not constrained by the terms of your bracelets. He will take you any way he deems necessary anywhere he wants. Both of us may alter your personal dress code at any time as long as it does not violate the Official Code by increasing your coverage. We will decide what constitutes a particular item of clothing.” She paused, looking them over. “You might be as surprised as I was when I discovered in the fine print of the Project Exemption Agreement, that I, your Director, am required to dress and behave by the same Project conduct code we create. Simply put, the gander will gladly and thoroughly guarantee that what’s good for the goose is good for the goslings. Anytime, any place.”

Coach Wilson spoke. “ Girls, these terms in no way diminish the Director’s capacity or authority to run the Project. She is the final word while we are testing or evaluating data. I am her prime assistant. When not conducting the Project, remember, you are mine.”

“Now let’s take a final class photo. It will be great.”

He put Ashley, Melissa, Donna, Crysta, Audrey, Nikki and Jen against the wall where they were bound earlier. He had then spread their legs about 18 inches apart with each girl’s feet touching the foot of the girl on either side. They were to hold hand with their arms raised above their heads at if they were declaring each other champion.

He positioned Lisa, Marti, Janie, Mika, Beth and Becca in front of the others, except these teens were on their knees, sitting back, so their cute butts touched their heels, directly in front of the pairs of feet, knees spread to touch the knees of the girl on either side, hands clasped behind their backs. Through the viewfinder, Eddie could see the thirteen twats and twenty-six titties he had been having fun with for weeks.

He put Megan to the left, close but not in the group. Her hands were clasped on top of her head. She stood, legs eighteen inches apart like the others he had fucked. Megan was slightly forward of Ashley and slightly behind Lisa.

The stage set, he took pictures of the lovely, intensely sexy group with and without the nipple jewelry. With the timer, he took more of the same with him posed on the right, placed as Megan.

They excited girls wanted to see the photos. He switched to “review”, showing them the poses. They jumped and squealed like all excited girls seem to do. All of them, Megan included, wanted copies. He agreed to print some up. He then found and put on his boxer shorts

“OK girls. Time to go home. Secure your nipple clips and clamps. Make sure they are tight enough. Lisa, please put the camera and extra clips in that little equipment bag and take with us. It is cold enough tonight for your tasty nipples to pop them off. I will find you in violation of our Code and take you right there if that it happens.”

Cries of It’s cold, we’re naked, in public, outside, with nipple clips, on campus, we’ll be seen, touched, naked, everybody watching. Oh my god. Et Cetera.

“Ms Director. Turn on the nightlights, turn off the brights. Hang your keys on your tit chain. Girls, line up single file, hands behind your backs. We are outta here.”

He had them wait for him to close and lock the door. Then marched them toward the dorm, Megan on point, him last.

He only had to fuck two by the time the girls got home. But is really about the journey and not the destination.

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