Why Bother with Panties? (archives)

Why Bother with Panties?

What is your smallest article of clothing? I bet it’s your thong panties. Think with me about what they cover. Practically nothing. There’s a thin strap that snuggles against your asshole, but does it cover your asshole? Not really. If it’s like a lot of thongs, it’s about the thickness of dental floss. So when you spread your legs apart or bend over, you can bet that if your dress rides up, your thong won’t save you. Your asshole is on display.


Now think about the front. Is it sexy? I bet it is. Maybe it’s lacy. Then in between the lacy things is — you guesed it, your pussy. Again, if your dres is short, and you’re sitting in a public place, you’ve got people looking right at your pussy.

Is it totally opaque? Most thongs aren’t. Is it a wicked weasel microminimus? Then it covers nothing. You might as well take it off.

Take a close look at this girl, bending over. What does she really lose by taking off her thong? Nothing. She was as much on display before she took it off. When she was wearing the thong, everyone was imagining her glorious asshole and beautiful pussy. They couldn’t see it because she was demure — she kept her legs together and she didn’t bend over. Now, she’s naked. People will wonder the same thing. She’ll keep her legs together, and no one will see her pussy or her asshole. She’s covered up just as much, but now she’s naked.

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