Underground Guide to the Dress Code – daring & risqué styles: Part 1

This guide was developed by senior girls on campus to help freshman girls shop for a wardrobe that complies with the Dress Code. This guide does not represent official college policy; rather if you wear an outfit displayed on these pages you should feel secure that your dress will pass inspection.


The more adventurous freshmen often copy the styles chosen by some senior girls. We do not really recommend these choices for first semester freshmen but we thought they were so creative and looked absolutely fantastic we had to share them. So here are a few ideas for those daring girls.

Jenni has always loved jewelry. So one day she decided to use what many consider jewelry as her top and bottom. As with many of the daring styles her total nudity, which extends to not wearing any shoes, is supposed to serve as a blank canvas on which the glittering brilliance of the jewelry draws all the attention of the viewer. The light flashing off the jewelry “blinds” the viewer leaving her confident of total modesty as any and all bare skin is “unseen” by the viewer. Jenni considers this style her most decent as she is totally “covered” by the optical illusion providing the same privacy of a burqa. It is only daring in the sense the wearer knows. she is totally naked and exposed. So here is Jenni wearing a bracelet as top and a belt as a bottom.





To demonstrate how powerful this effect is, Jenni knows that after viewing these images she can remove the belt and use the bracelet as a dress and still be secure in her modest attire.



We stress this look may be difficult for many freshmen to pull off. But when it is done right nude becomes un-nude and there is no more modest and decent dress available.

The one drawback to adopting this daring style is the effect seems to so obscure the body that it leads to almost guaranteed inspection. Once the bracelet (and belt if she is wearing it) is immediately removed upon the Inspector’s orders her naked body is revealed. This occasionally leads to some pleasant fondling and an orgasm or two but then she is able to get on her way. Unfortunately this means that during the inspection a girl is seen nude and might fear for her modesty.

– the Senior Girls

One thought on “Underground Guide to the Dress Code – daring & risqué styles: Part 1

  1. William Kazak

    I would be very afraid for a hot sun making her jewelry at the bottom very hot. That would be very uncomfortable if a burn should occur around her bottom. I suggest that the smarter thing to do would be just to completely remove her bottom jewelry and to just keep the smaller jewelry top on. Her top is easier for her to see and she would not have to keep bending over to check her hot bottom. She could always switch her top over to the other wrist if she got too hot.


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