Underground Guide to the Dress Code – daring & risqué styles: Part 2

This guide was developed by senior girls on campus to help freshman girls shop for a wardrobe that complies with the Dress Code. This guide does not represent official college policy; rather if you wear an outfit displayed on these pages you should feel secure that your dress will pass inspection.


The more adventurous freshmen often copy the styles chosen by some senior girls. We do not really recommend these choices for first semester freshmen but we thought they were so creative and looked absolutely fantastic we had to share them. So here are a few ideas for those daring girls.

The second daring style we are profiling is worn by Raylene. This style does not depend on reflective light to “blind” the viewer. Rather it works on the understanding the human eye is drawn involuntarily to movement. The constant motion of Raylene’s clothing draws the eye, constantly shifting the field of vision, not allowing the viewer to focus on her naked body leaving her breasts, pussy, and asshole totally “unseen.”. This style is daring in the sense the wearer knows she is totally naked and exposed and that it depends on motion. Standing completely still could allow the viewer to focus “revealing” her nudity. So here is Raylene wearing her rope dress.




In still photos Raylene’s nudity should be obvious. Yet the mere suggestion of movement of the rope is enough to obscure her body from view. To demonstrate this effect take a look at the next two photos

In this photo Raylene is seen in action and full of potential kinetic energy. Her body is only seen as the form of motion. Now look at this second photo.

Zooming in on her pussy and ass, removing the rope dress from the field of view, one can now focus on her privates. It is immediately apparent that Raylene has become excited during the photo shoot – her pussy is red and puffy. In another dress she might fear consensual rape yet Raylene reports she never fears it* even though the motion of the rope across her naked flesh often results in sexual excitement and occasional orgasm. You might be asking yourself if the close viewing of Raylene’s body will reveal her nudity to all viewers. Take a look at the next photo which will show one need not have this worry.

Here one sees
the tumble of water over falls or the sand in an hourglass. Her breasts remain unseen even when viewed from less than a foot. This is an excellent style to adopt if you are able to endure multiple orgasms as you go about your day.

*Raylene does report one failing of the rope dress. When she is in class she will occasionally take all the strands of rope in one hand and put it over her shoulder and down her back. This allows her to concentrate on the lecture and not orgasm during class but it also exposes her nudity.

– the Senior Girls

2 thoughts on “Underground Guide to the Dress Code – daring & risqué styles: Part 2

  1. Slick P. Wraith

    I suppose it takes great skill to wear a rope dress as if worn incorrectly, one could get themself all tangled up and leave them defenceless and open to constant fondling.

  2. William Kazak

    I would suggest Raylene’s nudity is superb and can stand up on it’s own at any time. What I wonder is this; if a guy happens to be standing up next to Raylene, he might pull at her rope dress. Some guys like to pull things, you know. If a guy pulls at her rope dress, it might tear apart leaving her very vulnerable and with a torn dress.


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