The Government Education Inspector Teaches a Few Lessons Part 1

Mr Steele arrived back at his office later that day and had several messages waiting for him. His secretary, Nikki, followed him into his office and sat in the chair across from his desk. She started reviewing his messages while he stared at her legs. Mr Steele had designed the office so that from behind his desk he could see directly between the legs of any girl who sat in his office in any chair. His secretary was 21 and a recent graduate of the university. The first time Mr Steele had met her was during a visit to campus and he had inspected her. It had been such a memorable event that he had kept track of her throughout her time at university (inspecting her several more times along the way) and then offered her a job. As she read him his messages she was aware he was looking directly between her legs and even after all this time she still blushed. Mr Steele noticed her getting slightly pink and enjoyed it. As he was staring between those silky thighs he had enjoyed so many times he started to remember the first time he had seen her. She was on one of the campus athletics fields playing croquet with some other students. The boys were giving the girls lessons on how to play, but to Mr Steele it looked as if the boys were being distracted.

Mr Steele watched for several minutes while the girls tried to master the grip and the swing, but mostly he was watching the boys have fun with them. Making them practice swinging over and over, bending over to retrieve the balls, showing off their sweet young bodies. He could see the temptation the boys were under, who could resist these hot girls. After enough watching he decided to join the little group and see where he could lead things to go.

“Hello gentlemen, how is the lesson going?”

The boys all snapped to attention when Mr Steele arrived. They tried to hide their enormous erections in front of him and acted as though they were behaving properly. Although Mr Steele knew better, it didnt serve his purpose to show it.

“We were just teaching the girls here how to play,” said George. Rocco and Dean just nodded.

“And are they learning quickly?” asked Mr Steele.

“Well Tracy is picking it up but Nikki isnt as fast.”

“Perhaps its the way you young men are teaching them…” said Mr Steele.

The boys looked at each other afraid they had been caught. They knew they werent really interested in teaching these girls anything about sports, but they couldnt resist getting them into all kinds of positions for their own amusement. Besides no man wants girls around when they are really playing sports, but for now they were willing to put up with them because they were hot and fell for all the tricks the boys were playing on them.

“I find when I teach a girl a lesson she learns it fast and never forgets it.” He eyed both girls with a sly smirk. The girls looked at each other not understanding what was going on.

“Im sure you fine young men will learn the art of teaching girls a lesson with practice. By the way, have you all fulfilled your duties to the university by checking the girls to see if they are obeying the dress code?”

This time Dean was the first to answer “Oh yes, they are!” he said with a huge grin.

George, the unofficial leader of the group and by far the most clever, shook his head at Dean’s outburst. Dean was always a little too obvious and George was again afraid this remark would enlighten Mr Steele as to what they had been doing with the girls. Luckily it seemed Mr Steele hadnt picked up on it so far.

“And how do you know for sure? Did you carry out a full inspection?” Mr Steele directed his question at Dean.

“Oh no we didnt bother with that, but trust me, we know these girls are dressed right. We could tell.” He said and laughed, elbowing Rocco, and getting another disapproving look from George.

“And how is that?” asked Mr Steele.

George cut in and answered this time, “Well sir we were about to do the inspection as we are obliged to do, but when the girls were playing it became very apparent that they were in code so …”

“So you decided to shirk your responsibilities?” asked Mr Steele.

Even George didnt know how to get out of this predicament. Rocco and Dean didnt even realize they might be in trouble. Then George said “Would it be alright if we inspected them now? In front of you so you could watch our technique and help us learn to do it properly?” George figured that flattering the older man might work.

“Yes, I think that would be an excellent idea.” said Mr Steele.

Tracy and Nikki started to get nervous. Tracy had been inspected once or twice but only by regular inspectors or male students and never in front of a man as powerful as Mr Steele. Nikki was a freshman and had so far avoided inspections all together, she was humiliated to think her first time would be in front of 3 boys and Mr Steele. She had heard rumors about things that went on during inspections but was pretty sure the older girls were making up most of it.

“Girls come over here” George said in his most commanding tone, trying to impress Mr Steele. The girls obeyed immediately, surprised by the sudden change in George’s voice and attitude. Mr Steele noticed and nodded his approval to George. “I will inspect Nikki and Dean and Rocco will take Tracy.”

Tracy looked to Dean and Rocco and they walked up to her on both sides. Of course George had kept Nikki to himself, a fact that Mr Steele noticed and admired him for. But Mr Steele had his own ideas.

As Dean and Rocco started inspecting Tracy, Mr Steele told them they were doing a fine job. Then he walked over to George who was just starting up with Nikki.

“Take off your shirt and hand it to me Nikki” said George. Nikki complied and as she lifted the shirt over her head Mr Steele noticed George taking in the sight of her tits as they were exposed, bouncing and jiggling most tantalizingly. She handed him the shirt and he began to inspect it for infractions. Mr Steele waited impatiently as the boy carried out this task, evidently being thorough to impress him.

“Now I want you to lift the back of your skirt for me Nikki” he said. Nikki did as she was told and lifted up the back of her skirt, showing off her perfectly smooth, creamy, heart-shaped ass.

At this point Mr Steele interrupted and walked over next to George, “You are doing well but I think I can give you some tips that will make your inspections more successful. For instance, although Im sure Nikki here is a model student and would never try to trick you, some girls are not so honest. Some girls try purposely to get around the dress code. By merely asking her to lift her skirt you are doing her a dis-service. Of course her ass is exposed now but if she was wearing a thong or a g-string do you think you could tell this way?”

“I never thought of that” said George.

“Thats what Im here for,” said Mr Steele. “Ive had many years of experience at this and I will teach you some things that you will find very useful Im sure. Now see how full and round Nikki’s ass cheeks are? This is how a perfect ass should look. However due to their natural fullness you cant see well between them and afterall these days they make girl’s panties very tiny dont they? They’re not much more than a thin strip of material that snuggles against her asshole, with a lot of thongs it’s about the thickness of dental floss. If she was hiding that between those cheeks you wouldnt be able to tell just from her pulling up her skirt. Crouch down behind her, get very close.”

Nikki was starting to get turned on by the way these two men were talking about her, but embarrassed too. They had complimented her butt but the way they were going into such detail made her a little uncomfortable. Now that George was kneeling behind her she could almost feel his breath on her skin.

“From that angle can you see better?” asked Mr Steele.

Although George could clearly see between Nikki’s legs, and was in fact at that very moment staring at not only her asshole but also her naked pussy lips, he answered Mr Steele by saying “Not really Sir, you were right about her ass cheeks, they are incredible… I mean incredibly full. I still cant really see that well, for all I know she could be wearing a thong.”

Mr Steele grinned and realized that George was enjoying this and was purposely trying to draw out the process as long as possible, he had to admire his tenacity. Mr Steele decided to play along.

“Well what would you suggest as the next step then?” Mr Steele asked.

Nikki couldnt believe what she was hearing. There was no way that George could believe she was wearing panties, no matter how tiny they might have been. His breath was all over her pussy by now and he must be able to tell that she was following the code. And Mr Steele should have known from all his years of experience that from this position it would be clear if a girl had on panties, it had been his idea for George to get into that position in the first place. Why was he telling George to continue?

“Perhaps if I asked her to bend over a bit that would help?” George said somewhat timidly, afraid to be too obvious.

“My boy Im afraid that would be out of line.” said Mr Steele. Nikki breathed a sigh of relief and George looked at Mr Steele like a scared rabbit in a trap.

“Im sorry Sir, I didnt…”

“A man never asks a girl to do anything, he commands her. You will therefore not ask her to bend over but command her to do so. Dont ever forget men must be powerful and dominate the weaker sex, its for her own good.” Nikki’s relief vanished like a mist.

“Nikki,” George barked at her, “bend over and grab your ankles.” Nikki bent over. “Spread your legs wider too.” Nikki did, but apparently not wide enough because George came up behind her and kicked her legs open even wider. Then he crouched down behind her again and could see she was wide open to his view. Mr Steele watched the boy lick his lips and could tell he was enjoying this game more and more.

“Now you may still have trouble seeing clearly if a sneaky girl is wearing a really tiny pair of panties so dont be afraid to look very closely and even use your hands if necessary, feel around for a bit and see if you can feel for any panties that you might not see,” said Mr Steele. George would never have had the guts to say he couldnt tell if she had panties on at this point, it would be clear to a blind man that she was completely exposed, but since Mr Steele had opened the door he would be a fool not to go through it. Nikki could feel his hands on her butt cheeks, at first just running his finger tips lightly over them, then getting bolder and caressing them. His fingers crept ever closer to the center and then she felt him run the tips of his fingers over her sensitive hole and a shudder went through her whole body. Once George realized that his actions were causing these reactions in her he repeated them, enjoying how he was controlling her body. Mr Steele watched knowingly. Nikki could feel George slip his hand between her legs and over her engorge pussy lips. When he accidentally bumped his finger into her clit she actually gasped, causing him to purposely flick her clit several more times. He could smell an aroma that intoxicated him. His fingers were now working on instinct alone and found the center of her sex and slipped inside easily.

After letting this outrageous finger blasting go on for some minutes Mr Steel broke in, “Does Nikki have on any panties George?”

George came back to himself like a man waking from a dream, “No Sir, I was checking very thoroughly to make sure. She definitely doesnt have on any panties.”

“Good, then theres one more thing left to do before giving her a clean report for following the dress code.”

George thought back over the dress code for a minute before coming up with it, “Check her skirt in case of layering, right Sir?”


“Nikki, stand up and take off that skirt. I need to check it to see if you are breaking the no layering rule.” Nikki unzipped the skirt and it slid down to her ankles where she had to bend over to pick it up and step out of it. As she stepped out of it she had to separate her legs and Mr Steele and George could both see a thin trail of glistening juices running down her inner thigh. Their eyes met for a moment and they grinned at each other like two men sharing the same brain. At this point George grabbed the skirt from her hands and made a quick cursory inspection of the skirt, wanting to get to the more interesting part of this inspection.

“The skirt’s fine.” said George. “But I noticed something very disturbing just now.”

“Oh really?” said Mr Steele grinning at George.” And what might that be?”

“Nikki has shamefully allowed herself to become aroused during this inspection. I can clearly see her pussy is wet and I can smell it on her.”

“Oh dear, that would be a disgrace to the university. We cant have girls running around with wet pussies can we? Let me check.” This time it was Mr Steele who was breathing on Nikki’s pussy. Somehow to Nikki it felt different, almost as if he was blowing on it. Then his hands were on her, groping her ass and finally rubbing her clit roughly. When he inserted a finger into her pussy she could feel how much thicker it was and less gentle.

Mr Steele pulled his finger out and held it in front of George, “Looks like you were correct George. This girl has shown that she cant be trusted to control herself.” He stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked off her juices.

George, no longer able to hide his lust, said “Since she broke the rules I get to rape her right?”

“Well she does need to punished, have you ever performed the prescribed punishment before?”

“No this will be the first time,” George said nearly jumping out of his skin with anticipation.

“I see,” said Mr Steele. “Then I think I had better take over now and demonstrate how it should be done.” He almost felt bad for the kid, he watched his smile disappear and his jaw drop. Yes, Mr Steele had let George do all the work and was now stealing the fun part.

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      Between 25 March and yesterday, your first story’s had 1,954 page views and this one’s had 1,694 so far, so people have been reading them. No one’s said they haven’t liked them…

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    So sexy, can’t wait to read the follow up. I’m into the stories from the girls’ perspective, but the narcisism and mocking from the men is an awesome change of pace.

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    This is very inspiring…he was really…”a gentleman” and is a Hero for us guys!
    He is so Respectful! and Kind!


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