College Newspaper Article – A Day with the Olympic Badminton Team

Peter Kent reports:

With the 2012 Olympics only months away, I was given the very special task of reporting on three of the college’s students who are talented enough to be part of the 2012 Olympic badminton team representing the USA. I was accompanying them on a very special training trip, something that would help to prepare them for their challenge in a few months time.

May I introduce Lexa, Kala and Caprice.

Their special training session actually began with a 3 mile trek to this beautiful location.
You may be able to tell that the three girls are not wearing the standard college gym kit. Because they have been selected for the Olympic team, they have been given special kits that are made with the very latest technologically advanced sports clothing material which helps to keep the athletes cool and supported.

The girls told me that as soon as they put these special kits on, they could tell the difference instantly. They felt that they were really prepared for a hard training session. They told me that even the way the back was ribbed added to the support the kit gave them.

As any athlete serious about their sport would do, the girls first start their training session by warming up. They have been practicing and training with each other for quite some time now so have automatically become quite synchronised when exercising.

The girls wanted to show me the very special technique they used for preparing their buttocks for the strenuous workout ahead. They explained that stretching these particular muscles prevents the leg muscles further down going into spasms later.

After a while of warming up, stretching, bending and twisting, the girls were ready to start training. As soon as they began, I could see exactly how they had made the team. They were handling their rackets and shuttlecock with such deft professionalism.

Over and over, they batted the shuttlecock to each other at lightning speed! None of them missed a single stroke! They were going so fast, I could hardly keep up.

They went on furiously like this for quite some time without pausing for a moment but suddenly, Kala had to stop. She realised that somewhere in all the frantic action, she had somehow lost a contact lens. Lexa and Caprice were appalled to hear this and all three of them scrambled to look for it before it was accidently trodden on.

Kala eventually found it and the three girls cheered with joy. After a quick break for refreshments, they got back to the training. Caprice however wasn’t feeling right. She said she had an issue with her kit. Even though it was made with the latest technology, she still found it a bit ‘clingy’. Lexa and Kala both agreed. They all decided to take their kits off and continue unrestricted.

Would you believe that without their kits on, the girls were batting the shuttlecock to each other even faster! It was whizzing between them in a blur.

They continued like this for a long time. I didn’t want to interrupt them but it struck me that I had not yet taken individual photos of them for this article. I apologised to them and explained and they were only too happy to oblige.

I asked Caprice while she was posing for her thoughts on the upcoming games.

“I’m very excited and can’t wait. It will be my first time travelling to England and I’ve heard lots of great things about it.”

Lexa told me that it would be her first time in England also but she had one reason for slight concern.

“I’ve heard it rains a lot, even during the summer! I’m grateful that we’re going to be in indoor courts, not affected by the weather. I’d hate to be a sprinter and it suddenly started raining!”

Kala though, had been to England many times.

“I’ve got family over there and visit them regularly. The rain isn’t that bad! At the height of summer you’ll occasionally get the odd thunder storm after a few very sunny days but it’s only natural, something to do with the air pressure build up.”

I thanked the girls for their precious time and for letting me interrupted their important training session and asked them for one last group photo for all the readers. They said it was no problem on condition that every reader throws their support behind them when the games begin. I asked them how best would they like the readers to show their support. Lexa said that every reader would show support in their own special way but if you needed help thinking up something, just look at the photo and do the first thing that comes to mind.

8 thoughts on “College Newspaper Article – A Day with the Olympic Badminton Team

  1. Kiki

    A delightful article. Thanks, Peter! I admire the lovely outfits the girls get to wear. I hope they aren’t too shy to wear them on campus, so I can admire them up close. It’s really great that the girls exercise their buttocks. They look very fit. If I see one of them on campus, I hope she is bottomless so I can take advantage of the “fondling” rule to feel for myself her rippling muscles. Of course, I will stroke her inner thighs, too, forcing her to spread her pretty legs. I expect a trained athlete will have sufficient self-control to refrain from becoming juicy, because I would hate to see her get raped. I guess if she started to feel a little slippery, I would offer to lick her dry, just to save her the embarrassment of revealing the full extent of her excitement to everyone. After I finish licking her, if she needs time to “calm down”, then I would be happy to hug and kiss her for a few more minutes before watching her walk away. *sigh*


    1. Peter Kent

      Dear Kiki,

      Thank you for your letter. I am sure no matter what any of the athletes are wearing, they’d be only too happy to show you their firm buns if you ask.
      My one piece of advice would be to be careful when trying to lick a girl dry.
      You may find yourself with a never ending task on your hands (or should that be: your tongue?).

      All the best,
      Peter Kent

  2. chuck

    Whilst they are really hot and I know I’m being a stupid pedant, I find it hard to believe that the special kits the USA team are given would have on them: the words ‘New Zealand’, a picture of New Zealand, and a New Zealand catch phrase.
    For this reason I only got a semi.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      I should have mentioned that the special kits were actually donated by a New Zealand clothing company who wanted an objective view on their latest technological marvel.
      In return for giving the kits to the US for free, New Zealand, got ad-space on the from to promote the country…

      …and it looks like it worked since you spotted it. 🙂

  3. bobblushing

    i was quite taken by the teams rigorous training work out…they are very serious and we must respect them for their dedication to badminton!


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