Tennis Instructor Visits Campus


I mentioned in my last post how my tennis instructor wanted to come for a campus visit. Well, he took a couple of days off work to drive down here. He called to tell me to get warmed up, and he’d meet me over by the courts. I did what I usually do getting warmed up. Lots of serves. Lots of stretching. This usually makes me really sweaty, so I warm up naked. My instructor arrived a bit early than I figured, so there I was naked on the courts for him to see.


He liked that he could see my body as I moved. He claimed it gave him a better idea of my muscle groups in action, and how to suggest better swings and such.  Mostly, he just adjusted his jock strap.


He attempted to keep an air of professionalism by commenting on my swing and technique, but I knew he was totally distracted by my nudity. Maybe that is why when my court time was up, I forgot my sports bra. I ran around picking up the balls as he waited and watched patiently. I grabbed my tennis racket case, but left my sports bra hanging on the net post. Honest mistake, I swear! I was so much thinking aabout him smiling every time I bent over to get a ball.


I jumped in his little convertible sports car, and we drove over to his hotel. He planned on treating me to dinner at the hotel, but he realized this might be a problem with me being naked. No problem! In fact, the desk clerk at the hotel front desk gave us a voucher for a free dinner for a naked female.


On the elevator ride, I laughed about them offering the free meal. My coach wondered why I thought it was funny. Well, normally, naked girls watch what they eat, so the hotel might only be out the cost of a salad or soup. They had no idea how much food I could eat knowing I’d just burn off the calories playing tennis or having lots of sex. I was hoping for both before my coach headed home. I was not disappointed.


He told me my form had improved, and he thought it was because I was fighting that sports bra. It’s a bit weird to be naked all the time on the courts, but it does make it easier on laundry days. No sweaty clothes to clean!



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