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Anatomy Lesson – The Anus

We regret to inform all the readers that the series on the anus has been cancelled. The reason was first given in the comments to the partner series “The Vagina.” After the incident with Sophia having the images showing her face and pussy published, we took care to distribute posters telling people that that image was a mistake, and they should disregard it. That seems to have caused additional problems.

So onto “The Anus” series. Well, Trinity Hollingsworth of Room 223 in Owing Hall, cell 555-1234, made a similar request as did Sophia, and we assured her we would do everyone possible to keep her identity hid. Unfortunately, do to miscommunications between Miss Trinity and the photographer, we did not obtain the required images.

First of all, there was the matter of getting the anus highlighted in the photo:

Disregard Trinity’s face in these shots. That was our miscommunication. But as you can see, the image does not reek of anus. It suggests a well-adjusted college girl convenient in her herself. While useful for other promotion, definitely not a “anus” theme happening here.

So, we looked at some images taken during the shoot:

As you can see, the photographer misunderstood his assignment and gave Trinity poor directions, or Miss Trinity fails to know her own anatomy. Either way, this image typical of many during the shoot was unusable, and we’ll not publish it.

Now, this one comes closer to the desired subject:

The emphasis is no longer on her pussy, er, vagina, but she is revealing her anus. This might have worked except notice her panties. What message would this image have sent to the student body? Trinity was aghast that the photographer captured her wearing panties and a skirt. She assures us she did not go to his studio wearing both. But rather after riding the cross-town bus in her bra and panties, the photographer loaned her the skirt to give the image that “college girl” look. As Trinity pointed out, publishing this image would certainly lead every inspector on campus stripping her if she ever dared to wear a skirt on campus. She said, “If anyone ever sees this image, I’m doomed to wear only panties for the rest of the semester!” On this we agreed, and decided never to show this image other to explain what we are not showing.

The photographer did come closer to the subject. In the previously published image of what we will not publish, you can see the subject but also her face. Trinity’s fear is with all the vagina spread shots, and the panties shots, she will be inspected and constantly groped for sexual arousal states. We did not wish to subject her that sort of thing simply for posing for these educational images. So, you will understand us not publishing any of her images.

We will also be posting large posters of Trinity around campus so that unofficial copies of the images can be recognized, and the students will be able to stop sending those images around as emails or posting to their various social media sites. We would ask the students to distribute these images widely amongst the student population so they know which images they should avoid looking at if they receiving them through other distributions. they should study these images closely to immediately recognize those not authorized.

Again, we wish to thank Miss Trinity Hollingsworth of Room 223 in Owing Hall, cell 555-1234, and let her know her identity is safe with us.

photos by FTVgirls.com