Anatomy Lesson – The Anus

We regret to inform all the readers that the series on the anus has been cancelled. The reason was first given in the comments to the partner series “The Vagina.” After the incident with Sophia having the images showing her face and pussy published, we took care to distribute posters telling people that that image was a mistake, and they should disregard it. That seems to have caused additional problems.

So onto “The Anus” series. Well, Trinity Hollingsworth of Room 223 in Owing Hall, cell 555-1234, made a similar request as did Sophia, and we assured her we would do everyone possible to keep her identity hid. Unfortunately, do to miscommunications between Miss Trinity and the photographer, we did not obtain the required images.

First of all, there was the matter of getting the anus highlighted in the photo:

Disregard Trinity’s face in these shots. That was our miscommunication. But as you can see, the image does not reek of anus. It suggests a well-adjusted college girl convenient in her herself. While useful for other promotion, definitely not a “anus” theme happening here.

So, we looked at some images taken during the shoot:

As you can see, the photographer misunderstood his assignment and gave Trinity poor directions, or Miss Trinity fails to know her own anatomy. Either way, this image typical of many during the shoot was unusable, and we’ll not publish it.

Now, this one comes closer to the desired subject:

The emphasis is no longer on her pussy, er, vagina, but she is revealing her anus. This might have worked except notice her panties. What message would this image have sent to the student body? Trinity was aghast that the photographer captured her wearing panties and a skirt. She assures us she did not go to his studio wearing both. But rather after riding the cross-town bus in her bra and panties, the photographer loaned her the skirt to give the image that “college girl” look. As Trinity pointed out, publishing this image would certainly lead every inspector on campus stripping her if she ever dared to wear a skirt on campus. She said, “If anyone ever sees this image, I’m doomed to wear only panties for the rest of the semester!” On this we agreed, and decided never to show this image other to explain what we are not showing.

The photographer did come closer to the subject. In the previously published image of what we will not publish, you can see the subject but also her face. Trinity’s fear is with all the vagina spread shots, and the panties shots, she will be inspected and constantly groped for sexual arousal states. We did not wish to subject her that sort of thing simply for posing for these educational images. So, you will understand us not publishing any of her images.

We will also be posting large posters of Trinity around campus so that unofficial copies of the images can be recognized, and the students will be able to stop sending those images around as emails or posting to their various social media sites. We would ask the students to distribute these images widely amongst the student population so they know which images they should avoid looking at if they receiving them through other distributions. they should study these images closely to immediately recognize those not authorized.

Again, we wish to thank Miss Trinity Hollingsworth of Room 223 in Owing Hall, cell 555-1234, and let her know her identity is safe with us.

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18 thoughts on “Anatomy Lesson – The Anus

  1. Trinity

    You promised! I agreed to this photoshoot on the basis that you would never show my face, and not only did you publish these photos but you put up enormous posters all around campus in which my face is clearly recognisable, so that now everyone has seen my anus and my pussy too!

    I can’t count the number of personal comments people yell out as I cross the campus, or the rude phone calls I’ve received from laughing boys asking if I’ve enjoyed having my pussy and asshole exposed to the eyes of the world. And the only time I’ve worn a skirt since then a large group of people gathered and called over an inspector, pointing out that photos were in existence in which I broke the dress code. This led to me being stripped in front of everybody and then ‘for educational purposes’ made to perform the same poses as in all of the photos, even though I wasn’t breaking the code at all at the time!

    Then, as I was on the ground holding open my pussy for everyone, people started taking photos, and one boy took his opportunity to reach out and jab a finger between my pussy lips! I guess he didn’t really penetrate me – not more than an inch anyway – but in surprise I let go of myself and I guess as my pussy lips weren’t being held apart anymore they closed and suddenly his finger seemed to have slipped much further inside me. The boy said “whoops!” but made no effort to pull his finger out, and several people taking photos leaned in for close-ups – I heard one of them chuckle and say “now make sure to get her face in the photos!”

    Finally the inspector let me get up, and the boy pulled his finger from my snatch. But now there are huge posters around campus of me with that boy’s finger stuck up my pussy too!

    1. base Post author

      Dear Trinity, we agreed to right the situation. How could we get people to delete those images if we did not show them the images that were to be deleted? I believe your incident(s) are merely a coincident . On any given day, a pretty girl will be inspected. That they referenced previous incident of you wearing a skirt and panties, well, you did. The photos are not lies. We understand that burden they may place on you; therefore, until we can get all the original images deleted from the various emails, websites, and cell phones, we will continue emailing, posting, and sexting these images to the campus population, as well as, catching the unlisted people via the large posters.

      Concerning the boy forcing his finger into your pussy, you were holding open your pussy at the time. He was simply inspecting you for sexual arousal, as is his duty. You can be proud to see those posters since you did not show signs of arousal. We believe those particular posters will make life easier for you since others will give you the benefit of the doubt concerning public displays of sexual arousal.

      For this, there is no need to thank us. Although we are looking for a model to pose and demonstrate the improper ways a boy may react to a girl who is publicly sexual aroused. And on these images, I can assure you I’ll take them personally to avoid the mistakes we’ve encountered on previous shoots. And to ease your comfort, I will be the male model posing with you in those demonstrations of improper punishments.

      1. ...?

        Oh, calm down, will you, Wraith? The majority of boys (and even girls) that I’ve talked to consider the vagina to be much more elegant, beautiful, and downright sanitary than the anus. I will not go into detail regarding the reasons behind their choices, but suffice it to say that I would take pussy over asshole any day.

  2. Trinity

    Hummer, know one was supposed to see my face at all, so you shouldn’t be able to know that that is my vagina at all!

    Now I see someone is distributing leaflets purporting to be from the photographer, headed “Whoops!”, featuring a full-color reproduction of that picture with the words “This cunt got me into trouble!” with an arrow pointing, well, right between my legs!

    1. base

      Everyone receiving those leaflets know that it speaks volumes about the low character of the person who printed them much more than the person (you) in the photo.

  3. Harry

    I’ve seen those leaflets, with the snatchward-pointing slogan. The first thought that went through my mind wasn’t about the low character of the person who made the leaflet, but rather “that arrow looks like it is going to have a good time!”

  4. Angela

    Trinity, you were always one of the most shy, even prudish girls, and now I see pictures of you all over campus, totally naked, cunt spread, asshole on display! What’s gotten into you?

    Other than that arrow of course – it really does look like it can’t resist poking its way between those pussy lips, like you’re about to get a big surprise as a pink-seeking missile sneaks into your snatch ha ha!

    Of course, now there are those nice big posters with the full-color photos of you looking very surprised indeed with that boy’s finger stuck up your hole, so I guess the arrow was just like some kind of guide for action or something…

  5. William Kazak

    Trinity, as a photographer, I can certaily empathize with you. You were assured that your face would not be shown while they just photographed your asshole for the “anus series”. That was probably just a mistake. Editors often work in advance of a publication or picture story. Sometimes, they fall frantically behind. Think of it this way; with your pussy now on display will get you extra credits toward ” The Vagina Series”. Maybe you will get even more work than this. Campus publicity is always short lived as a new anus and vagina will always appear out of nowhere. I suggest that you continue to display your asshole and your pussy as often as possible. While you are here at school, get the most out of your education as possible. Consider this, if you make your own posters, you could reap the profits of continued campus popularity. Maybe an art student could pose with a finger inside your pussy with paint dripping. That would certainly sell.

  6. Harry

    Oh stop complaining Trinity! These photos would have been so much less fun if they didn’t include your face as well. And as for that arrow, well, I expect most people just thought it meant “insert here”! At least, judging from those posters with that boy’s finger in your pussy…

  7. ...?

    Curiously enough, women and girls do not have pleasure sensors in the anus. That particular feature is limited to males only. Unfortunately, this enlightenment made me realize that a great number of stories, both here and on the archived site, are inaccurate in this regard. Nothing needs to be done about this, of course, and that’s assuming anything can. Just something that some may take into consideration in the future.

    1. Slick P. Wraith

      This may be true but many women still enjoy anal sex. I just looked this up and was surprised to find that some even prefer it to vaginal and have very powerful orgasms from it. One theory why is that the membrane between the vaginal and anal cavity is quite thin.
      One caveat that always gets mentioned is to be gentle and use lots of lube.
      Try googling “do women enjoy anal sex”.

    2. Don Juan

      It is in fact, not true. You’re confusing pleasure sensors for prostate. Both men and women have pleasure sensors in the anus; that’s why bowel movements are mildly pleasurable. However, even though women don’t have a prostate, it is possible to stimulate the roots of the clitoris through anal sex. And as with anything else, the mind is the most important thing to stimulate in any sexual encounter, so whatever you think turns you on, does in fact turn you on, regardless of whether it “should” or not.


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