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Silver Dress

You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through just to buy this silver dress!


I was almost ready to give up. On my way out of the mall I passed the “half off” store. I hate shopping there, because there are so many boys just hanging around watching the girls shop. You see, their gimmick is that you have to take off at least half your clothes to shop there. Most girls just take off their tops, and leave their jeans or their skirt on. The more adventurous girls take off their pants, and shop bottomless just to tease the boys. Usually when I go to the mall I wear a t-shirt and panties, and I just take off the t-shirt in this store. Today I was wearing a t-shirt, like usual, but I forgot to put on any panties. I realized my oversight after I was already at the mall as I started to go up the escalator. Out of habit, I smoothed my shirt against my butt to make sure I was properly covered. I don’t like it when whoever is behind me can see my panties, you see. Imagine my surprise when I felt my own hand against my naked butt. I hope I hid my surprise. I stood as still as possible, knowing everyone behind me could see my naked bum.


After a while, I forgot all about my lack of panties. That is, until I came to the half-off store. I decided to go in anyway, and I just took off my t-shirt and shopped naked. It would just be for a few minutes, I figured. So what if the boys would see me; I would just be one of the many girls parading in various levels of undress throughout the store. This store didn’t have any dressing rooms, either, so girls who wanted to try clothes on normally just got naked right there in the aisles, and tried on their clothes. So I didn’t really stand out too badly without anything on.

And it’s a good thing I went in there, too, because I found this beautiful silver dress. As you can see, it covers me completely, so there’s no need to wear anything under it. Do you like it?

I prefer shopping at the second hand store. They are really helpful there. You trade two for one. You give them two items of clothing, and you get one in return. When you enter, you give them the clothing you are trading, and they give you a ticket for one free item. Most girls bring a bag of older clothes with them. The only problem is that on campus, I cannot carry more than I can officially wear. So, I have to go to the store wearing just a single top and a single bottom. It means to get my free article of clothing, I have to shop nude. Not a big deal, like the half off shop, there’s no dressing rooms. Girls are always getting nude for a brief time.
Comment By Ally At 10/12/2007 8:34 AM

The clerks are helpful, too. It’s the name of the shop – The Second Hand Store – they are always helpful in assisting you putting on or taking off the clothing. In fact, that’s how they keep track of whether it’s there’s or yours. You have to let them dress you. Just wish more girls worked there than boys.

I found this scarf I just had to have, but they counted it as a full article of clothing. I wore it as a skirt back to campus, only by the time I reached campus, it was more like a belt. but my girlfriends loved the look and insisted I go to the on-campus movie showing off my new outfit and style!

Comment By Ally At 10/12/2007 8:36 AM

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