The Case for Shaving (archives)

The Case for Shaving

Hi, I’m Wanda. I disagree with Natalie about shaving. She thinks a little bush covers her up, like a little hairy pair of panties. But I think just the opposite.


I think it’s that patch of hair that needs to be covered up. I mean, who wants to go to the beach wearing a microminimus bikini with a tuft of pubes popping out of it? The way I see it, the bikini has to be just big enough to cover the thatch, but it doesn’t have to be any bigger than that. Same goes for panties, whether you wear them to be seen, like under a really short skirt, or just as underwear — they only need to be big enough to cover my muff. So to wear a smaller pair of panties, I just trim whatever hair they don’t cover.


The smaller the panties, the more I trim. Until there’s no hair left. Then there’s nothing to cover, is there? My point is if I shave completely, then there’s no need to wear any bottoms. Only skin is showing, and I think it’s pretty clear that skin doesn’t need to be covered, at least not in this country! I mean, what’s the big deal? Everyone has skin. What part needs to be covered up? That tiny crack between my lips? That would be silly.


So when I shave completely, I can be free of having to wear bottoms, because I’m fully clothed in my skin. I love to wear a sweater like this one, and still be fully dressed. It’s an indescribable feeling of freedom!


From the front, my lips — which are just skin, after all — cover my pussy completely. And from the back, my butt cheeks cover me just as well.


To summarize my point, by shaving a little, I reduce the size of the panties I would need to wear. The more I shave, the smaller the area that needs to be covered. When I shave completely, as I always do, then the need for bottoms is completely eliminated. I love to wear a sweater like this one, which I pull together over my little tits whenever I feel the need to be fully dressed, like in a restaurant, or if I need to meet my boyfriend’s parents or something. It’s so liberating to know that I’m fully dressed without the need for a cumbersome array of extra clothes that serve no actual purpose. This is my argument. I hope you found it persuasive.


Wanda, as I told Natalie, the reason for shaving or not is a personal choice, and it ought to be independent of your clothing.

You feel the need to cover your pubic hair, but why? You have hair on your head that you do not shave or feel the need to cover. Your pubic hair only differs from the rest of your hair by location and the age at which it started growing.

You should feel free to show off your pubic hair as much as you would a new head-hair styling or coloring. In fact, many girls also style and color their pubic hair.

There is no need for bottoms to cover pubic hair.

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