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Ribbon Top
If you are looking for a nice top to wear, and you’re on a budget (what college girl isn’t?) then you might consider a “ribbon top”. These attractive tops were made from ordinary ribbons, of the kind used to decorate packages. The come in various widths. As you can see, any width larger than one inch is plenty wide for the job, looks very pretty, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Lots of girls have worn ribbons for a top, but when I attempted to get creative on Spirit Day, I get busted. some other poor girl, third floor, I think, was the one who got stripped and sent off to class naked. All the other girls loved my outfit. I took two pieces of ribbon, one in each school color. I looped the ribbon between my legs and over a shoulder. Not only did it cover my pussy and butthole as well as any thong bikini, it also covered my nipples. the colors of course showed how much pride and spirit I have for our college and teams.

then came an inspector…

Comment By Kadi At 11/2/2007 8:37 PM

This inspector dares to stop me. He claims I have two bottoms on. I figured he wanted to see that I was clean shaved, and I am.

No, he claimed each ribbon went below my pelvic and tail bones. That made them each a body covering (dress).

Do you know what happens on spirit Day when an inspector takes your clothing? No one can you different from the girls who showed a lack of spirit in the morning.

Comment By Kadi At 11/2/2007 8:41 PM

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