Bottomless Dare (archives)

Bottomless Dare
“What are you doing for lunch, Crysta?” It wasn’t even breakfast time yet, and already Donna was worried about lunch as she searched through her closet for some nice clothes to wear.

Crysta didn’t answer.

Donna stopped rummaging through her clothes long enough to look up and see her naked roommate had fallen back to sleep. She leaned over her, and gently kissed her on the cheek, oblivious to the people passing in the hall, any one of whom could have gotten a good view of Donna’s backside as she bent forward. As she started to straighten up, Crysta lunged forward, and grabbed Donna’s head, and pressed it to her lips, kissing Donna good and hard. “Mwaaaahhhh!” Donna said as she struggled to get free. “You faker!”

“How many times are you going to be taken in by this trick?” Crysta loved to feign sleep, and wait until Donna’s long brown hair tickles her neck. She waits until she feels her warm lips on her cheek before pouncing. At first, Donna always struggles, but then she succumbs to Crysta’s kiss every time.

“I’m serious this time. I want to have lunch with you. We haven’t had lunch together in a long time.”

“That’s because you refuse to come to the bottomless caf,” Crysta said. The “bottomless caf” was the small cafeteria in the Student Center. By local convention, the girls shed their bottoms before entering. There was no official rule against bottoms, and no one checked the girls at the door, but most of the girls complied with the convention. Here, “bottomless” generally meant naked from the waist down, although girls can get away with a micro-minidress if they’re very shy.

“That’s right. I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable parading about campus with nothing on my bottom.” Donna pouted in the sexiest way. “Let’s have lunch somewhere else, where we can be fully dressed.”

Crysta found it hard to resist her sexy roommate. “Come here, you,” she said. She swept Donna’s hair away from her beautiful face, and holding her head with both hands, kissed her again. Donna responded, holding Crysta’s naked body in her arms. Crysta lifted Donna’s top over her tits so she could feel their warm bodies touching as they kissed. The girls’ hands were all over each other, stroking, rubbing, fondling each other. They were both getting very excited when Crysta pulled away. Breathing heavily, she said “no more kissing until you agree to meet me bottomless for lunch.”

Why does Crysta always do this to me? Donna wondered. She was within seconds of cumming when Crysta forced her to stop and agree to the impossible: I’m not going to go bottomless in public, she thought, and that’s all there is to it. But I want to keep kissing Crysta, so what can I do? Suddenly, Donna had a brainstorm: “I’ll have lunch with you bottomless if you’re completely naked. Then she started kissing Crysta again, and she responded.

Finally, Crysta broke away again. Donna was sure she would decline, because she knew how resistant Crysta was to baring her body — especially her big boobs — in public. But Crysta surprised her: “OK. 12:00, outside the Student Center?”

Donna gulped. Crysta had called her bluff. But maybe this was a bluff of her own. “12:00 is fine,” Donna said, still pretty sure Crysta wouldn’t have the nerve to go through with it. “But if I’m bottomless and you’re not naked, then you have to go completely naked 24 hours a day for a whole week!”

“I’ll agree to that,” Crysta said, “as long as you agree to the same deal: if I show up naked, and you’re not bottomless, then you have to go naked for a week.”

“OK,” Donna said, “But if we both cheat, then the deal’s off.”

“I agree,” said Crysta. It seemed to Donna that Crysta agreed too quickly.

She was pretty sure Crysta would renege. And that was good news for Donna. It meant she wouldn’t have to be bottomless. She breathed a lot easier after she thought it through. As she disentangled herself from the clutches of her gorgeous naked roommate, she straightened out her little top, pulling back over her firm breasts. The thought of lunching with a naked Crysta hardened her nipples. She felt them through her shirt and smiled. Her top covered her down to her belly button, but no further. She really needed panties to be decent, so she picked out a nice pair.

“Uh uh uh!” Crysta said, wagging her finger at Donna. “Bottomless, remember?”

“Don’t worry your little head about it,” Donna said. “I’ll lose the panties before lunch.” Secretly, she was pretty sure she wouldn’t have to get rid of them. She watched Crysta dress in a tiny little shirt with sleves twice as long as the body. She buttoned it up below her breasts, pushing them into the cleavage. She looked really good in the shirt. As Donna waved bye to her roommate, her sexy ass reminded her of a ripe peach. She watched Crysta until she was out of sight. All during her classes, she thought about lunch. She knew Crysta would reneg. Crysta was counting on Donna to reneg, too. And that would be just fine. They would still have a good lunch, and laugh about their daring plans.

Finally, the time came. Donna’s panties were soaked with anticipation. She knew Crysta would be at least bottomless, but she was pretty sure her tits would be fully covered. Crysta would beg Donna to eat in the bottomless caf, but Donna would finally convince Crysta to eat at the regular caf so she could keep her panties on. As she walked closer to their meeting place, a horrible thought suddenly struck Donna. What if she’s naked? As soon as she sees my panties she’ll claim I reneged, and then she’ll force me to strip naked right then and there while we argue over the terms of our deal. Not a pretty picture. So Donna approached very cautiously, hoping to see Crysta before Crysta saw her. The closer she got, the faster her heart beat. No Crysta. She looked at her watch. 11:58. Maybe Crysta was doing the same thing, waiting to see if Donna was bottomless before taking off her top. She knew how much Crysta hated to bare the “twins” (as she called them).

Suddenly, Donna saw her, all the way across the commons. Crysta was stark naked, and coming this way. Without even looking around to see who might be watching her, Donna stripped off her panties, and threw them in the nearest trash can. It was either that or going naked for a week, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to survive a day, let alone a week, without any clothes. She wanted to show Crysta she wasn’t shy, so before Crysta saw her, she lied down on her back on a cement bench outside the Student Center, with one leg on either side of it. She closed her eyes to make it look as if she had been waiting for a long time. Soon, a shadow fell over her, but she pretended to be sleeping. She was startled by a hand on her pussy, but she tried not to jump. Just being bottomless in public, with her legs wide apart, was enough to make Donna pretty excited, so the hand between her legs found some slippery juice. Crysta’s touch felt good, so she lifted one foot onto the bench, and straighten out her other leg, widening the gap between her lips for easier access. Then she felt a hand on one of her breasts, and another on her belly. Too many hands! She opened her eyes suddenly to find two strange girls, both wearing sports bras, fondling her. She sat up, and saw Crysta, across the patio, laughing. “I was wondering when you would realize that wasn’t me,” she said as she came over. “This is Sylvia, and this is Monica.” The girls smiled as they were introduced. “Come on now. Let’s have lunch.”

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