Preventive Medicine Health Project Part 4.2.1

Friday night was the first time the Twelve MuskeTits could schedule an entire evening together. Earlier in the week, they made preparation for the private premier of the latest chapter in the Adventures of the MuskeTits: Ten Plus Two. The girls could hardly wait.

Nikki, the techno-babe, transferred the data from the memory card in the camera to her laptop and burned a DVD. She remembered to erase and reformat the card. Wearing her usual panties, Nikki walked down the hall to find Marti. She wanted to ask if it was all right if she tried to sneak the SLR back into the gym so they could continue to record the girls’ exploits.

She turned to go into Marti’s room and had rather comical boob-to-boob collision with a naked Lisa. Giggling, they both stepped back. Nikki bumped into Marti who was returning from the shower. Caught by surprise, she lost her bath towel as she stumbled to get her balance, leaving her nude in the hall. Crysta (wearing just the top half of a set of sheer open-front babydoll pajamas which did not come close to covering her pussy) and Donna (only wearing the bottom half of Crysta’s see-through pajamas) were on their way to their own room. They were near enough to catch Marti by the arms as she straightened.

As any of her friends could have predicted, when she felt the hands on her arms Marti froze up. Again she found herself naked in public, in the dorm. That was not so embarrassing as flashing her birthday suit on the sidewalk outside. That happened twice the evening of the day she surrendered her virginity to Mr. Wilson. Being softly restrained by her girlfriends did up the heat of the moment a bit.

Nikki pinched both Marti’s nipples as Donna and Chrysta delivered a spank on each cheek her little bubble butt as the teens let her go. Lisa gave her the towel back and pulled her into a full body hug. After kissing her softly, Lisa let her hands wander to that cute ass. She caressed Marti’s cheeks for a few seconds then pinched the girl.

Marti squeaked in shock as her nipples stiffened. She jumped back into the clutches of Crysta and Donna who began to tickle her all over. The girl’s laughter broke the tension.

Nikki said, “Girlfriend, you are sooo easy! Good thing we are around you all the time. Without us, you would be in trouble every minute of every day.”

Nikki threw the towel over Marti’s shoulder, telling her she didn’t need to hide her pretty body in the dorm. This was the one place where she could show her teen charms in relative safety.

“What exactly do you mean by ‘relative safety’?” the now nervous Marti asked, peeking down the hall.

“Every so often one of our dorm sisters will invite a boy friend in to visit or to wait while she gets ready for a date. You don’t have to worry much about the date nights. Just stay modestly covered on the weekend evenings. It’s the random daytime visits you will want to be aware of, but they are so rare you can forget about them. Really.” Nikki responded. She took Marti’s hand, pulling her back to her room, intending to talk over the use of the digital camera.

Marti had no opportunity to wrap her still naked body, as she went back toward Nikki’s room with the towel clutched in her hand. It’s not so horrible, she thought. I’m stark naked in public but with other naked girls in the dorm and I can cover my tits and pussy if necessary. Maybe I can live with this.

Finally!! It was Friday night, movie time. The teens collected the popcorn, sodas, theatre candies and other goodies. They met in Donna and Crysta’s MuskeTits Motion Picture Emporium. And Playhouse. It was to be a double feature. A rerun of the original tape, the removal of which spawned the first Commando Commando Raid.

The MuskeTits spread out the pillows, brought from everyone’s dorm room, spread themselves out all over the beds and floor and dimmed the lights. Showtime!!

And show they did. They saw every detail: as they were stimulated by each other, as they were checked for wetness by Ms Martin, as the requested grip technique demo resulted in the Director impaling herself on the coach’s dick, squeezing his tool as she went up and down until they both came. Ms Martin looked just like a slightly larger version of Marti in the same position. Except that the Director was aware of the others and Marti was aware of nothing except the feeling of his dick in her straining pussy.

Nikki stopped the movie there for a munchie break and an opportunity to tease Marti. Marti admitted that she hoped she looked that hot when her scene was shown. Nikki assured her that she was hotter. Eventually the teens wound up munching each other for a while which surprised no one. After trips to the toilet, Nikki restarted the DVD.

Next scene was final prep for the actual tug. They watched Mr. Wilson help Ms Martin stabilize her stance by putting his rock hard penis in her ass. They relived the actual competition. And the serious fucks the five second-chance girls received from Coach Wilson.

All of them looked great getting while being screwed. Shaking tits, curled toes and flying hair looked good on them. The coach looked good in and on the lucky teens. Ashley was wonderful as she gripped his prick with enough force to lift her own body weight. The Coach was unstoppable as he flung The Director over a chair and rammed his dick in her wet pussy, coming in her rather than one of the girls.

He then took Nikki, fucking her into the mat. When her turn came, Mika was simply amazing. When he finally worked his prick in, she came with such force that it took a village to pull her off. They watched as she semi-recovered and then fucked him back, giving as good as she had gotten.

The DVD eventually came to an end. And so did the movie night. The next movie would play tomorrow, same twat time, same twat channel. The teenagers were so worked up, they spent the next hour relieving their heated bodies on and with each other.

By mutual consent, they decided to call it a night. Nikki, Audrey and Marti, still naked, took the sodas and candy back to the refrigerator in the common room. To Marti’s horror, there were boys in there. She found herself very naked in a room with three strange boys probably looking straight at her firm little titties. Nikki reminded her in a stern voice that she had been warned about date nights. If she was going to run around nude, she better get use to exhibiting her naked body to strange boys.

Audrey, holding her arm and turning her to face the room, made her focus on the scene in front of her eyes. Marti saw a group of naked or near naked girls talking in the corner. She saw two topless girls playing with two boys’ penises. She watched one boy fucking another naked teen over the back of the sofa as two bottomless girls lounged on the same couch, watching them fuck during a commercial. Nikki and Ashley told her that the boys were too busy with their dates to notice anyone else. Marti started to believe them and relax until she looked at the boy balling the naked girl over the back of the sofa. He looked right into her eyes and smiled. She nearly fainted on the spot. They finally put the supplies away and marched their nude selves back to the Motion Picture Emporium, aka Crysta and Donna’s dorm room.

After properly welcoming the trio back from their mission, the twelve tired teenaged girls turned out the light and slept together in the “theatre”. After all, that’s where the pillows and friends were.

Just before the sandman claimed her, Marti vowed that she would never willingly exhibit her body to any man but her Master and to the girls in the Project. Accidents may happen but she would make sure that they were truly accidental.

Her last thought was a question. Cunt, pussy, clit, dick, prick, titties, fuck, screw, twat, ass, butfuck, suck, deepthroat. Where did she learn those naughty words and when did she begin to talk so dirty? She would have to ask Mr. Wilson to see if he thought she needed to be spanked like a nasty little schoolgirl, in front of the whole class. With a sweet little orgasm, she went to sleep.

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