Preventive Medicine Health Project, Part 5.0

The plan to meet at the empty gym came to naught. Both Eddie Wilson and Megan Martin received official University emails. She had to go to Health Department meetings to set the next semester’s faculty assignments today and a series of seminars about the possible effects some antibiotics may have on the injection form of birth control versus implants for the student body. Meetings too important to miss. Ms Martin spent every extra minute discussing the details.

Eddie, in his capacity as girl’s volleyball coach and freshman girls’ fitness trainer (among other duties) Needed to attend meetings to create and fine tune each sport discipline’s schedule for next year. Once schedules were nailed down, the assembled coaches had to allocate resources. Could the volleyball team share a bus with the lady’s basketball team. If so can they schedule away games at the same school, the same day? Will the football team tear up the stadium floor too much for the soccer team to play? Questions that had to be answered as soon as possible. Then the budget debates would start. Each coach fought fiercely for their sport, but knew that every penny saved on transportation, meant more pennies for better facilities and equipment for every sport. Better practice fields meant safer players. Even topless volleyball players needed knee and elbow pads. A fully padded football player can still break an ankle in a rut.

The athletes respected the efforts of the others. The cross country runners knew that the wrestlers were stronger. The wrestlers envied the runners’ stamina. There were few bad apples in that bunch. The overwhelming majority worked hard to push their bodies and minds to new heights. Recognizing that, the coaches could no less than come together provide a safe place for all athletes.

Neither Coach Wilson nor Project Director Martin was free to plan for the Project until Sunday evening. They were too wrung out to do anything but sleep. They did speak briefly on the phone about some delays in the current series of tests. Eddie asked her if they could delay the class until later in the morning. He had to get some new supplies for an idea he had to make the data more objective and more accurate.

Megan told him to go shopping and she would see him Monday at 11:00 AM. She emailed the participants and assistants to arrive at noon.

The Twelve MuskeTits were delighted to get news of the delayed class time. Busy college girls never need an excuse to sleep in. They did stay up a bit later than normal, but they did bed down at a reasonable hour and got a good night’s sleep.

All were up and about by 10:00 am. After a light brunch and showers, they met to determine the team dress code of the day. They settled on sheer panties for all, with either wide suspenders attached to the panties, or a semi-transparent sleeveless tee-shirt, a size too small. Nikki, Mika, Marti, Beth and Lisa opted for the suspenders. Jen, Ashley, Becca, Crysta, Audrey, Donna and Melissa chose the shirts. The suspender girls thought that guaranteed side boob peeks were better than full frontal tit views in the nearly transparent shirts. The little nipples would be covered, maybe. They all wanted to feel like sexy teens, barely preserving their modesty, while leaving no doubt about their Dress Code compliance, ultimately flying under the Inspectors’ radar. They planned to wear the bracelets, just in case.

The black towels were folded neatly and carried under their arms. Nikki had the digital camera with fresh batteries and an empty memory card, concealed in hers.

At 11:45am, they left the dorm and started toward the gym. It was a cold misty day. Flaws in their fashion code presented immediately. The suspenders, if tight enough to stay in place over the nipples pulled their dampened panties up into the girls’ vaginas, becoming a narrow string. The suspender girls were practically bottomless, except for the string splitting their pussy lips and rubbing five swelling clits as they walked. The rising panties let the straps move freely leaving their pert little titties out in the open most of the way to class. Did I mention that it was cold? Ten nipples were about to freeze off. The five clits kept themselves warm.

Marti, Mika, Beth, Nikki and Lisa were both freezing and burning up with arousal by the time they arrived. Marti to her utter shame, found herself accidentally voluntarily exposed in public and outside to boot. She was hot enough to come on the spot. And did, twisting her boob.

The seven other teens fared even worse. The misty air soaked their sheer panties through within seconds. Except for the edges, the tee-shirts were not there. They appeared to be seven completely naked girls holding towels. Their freezing tits were ready to cut their way through the shirts.

As soon as the twelve coeds were at the door, they rushed in and ripped the wet underthings off. They hugged, rubbing body to body, jumping up and down to get warm again. Nikki and Becca kept their act together long enough to stack the towels, managing to turn on the recorder, zoom to the wall and conceal the device among the towels. Calming down and warming up, the girls looked in amazement at the scene inside.

Now you must understand that one entire wall, on the narrow side of the rectangular gym, opposite the main door, was what looked like eighteen 2-foot wide ladders, attached to the wall vertically, side-by-side. The “rungs” were dowels, one inch in diameter, six inches apart. It had been used for pull-ups, for climbing with hands only and any other torture old-school PE teachers could think of. Its functions had been supplanted by modern, more targeted training equipment.

Eddie and Megan early that morning went shopping. At an adults only store in the sleazy warehouse district, they picked up twenty vibrating butt plugs, pink, with the wide internal bulb about the same size as the round jump rope handles, except the business end of a butt plug is shaped like a drop of liquid. Each base (external part) had a D-ring, control knob and battery compartment. They also bought adjustable, soft jawed, firm-grip nipple clamps, attached in pairs by a little gold chain, intended to hang loosely from nipple to nipple.

At a sporting goods shop, they got some light cotton rope and two sets of scales, the kind you use to weigh fish. These were digital and had a “last reading” memory. There was a round metal ring at each end. They picked up some medium sized hooks with eyes.

Last, was a visit to the fabric store, where they asked the sales clerk to cut several yards of white velvet into strips two inches wide and thirty inches long. The shop threw in the scissors for free.

All the twelve teens could see was Ms Martin bound to the wall. Her arms were above her head, bound at the wrists and biceps to the nearest dowel. She was bound similarly at her waist, thighs and ankles. Ms Martin’s feet were at least eighteen inches apart. She looked lovely in velvet binding, naked, tits thrust outwards. She had been helpless to resist the recent attentions of Mr. Wilson as evidenced by her erect nips, her swollen leaking pussy lips and the drops of perspiration hanging from her tits

Ten girls stared, thousands of questions flashing through their heads. Marti, and now Mika were envious. Coach waved the naked girls over so Director Martin could explain today’s session.

“After consulting with Coach Martin, I have decided that the previous Kegel testing procedure had too many variables to make absolute measurements. We need to be able to gauge your vaginal strength in a manner which yields clear numerical data.”

“Again, with the ingenuity and bold thinking of the Coach, we have resolved our data collection issues. Coach Wilson, if you will kindly untie me, we can prepare the participants for the class.” The girls were so proud of their young Project Director. Even bound helplessly to the wall, clearly having been fucked like a cheap whore, she proved that she was still in charge. It’s good being a girl, they thought.

Eddie released the Director and she redressed in her sheer thong, with the matching sheer, spaghetti-strapped shirt, which ended at a point in the center of her rose colored aureoles. Every time she lifted her arms, her nipples popped out. The second time it happened, she just left them out.

The instructors collected the ten original young girls and backed them up until they touched the horizontal dowels. Megan spread each girl’s feet about a foot and a half apart, while Eddie bound their ankles and thighs to the wall. Next was each girl’s waist, the velvet strip between their belly buttons and pubic mounds. Arms were raised, then bound to the nearest dowel at the wrists and biceps.

Coach Wilson ordered Lisa and Marti to cut fourteen three-foot lengths of cotton rope, and tie a hook to one end.

Ms Martin asked the young coeds to try to struggle free. They could hardly move at all, but the binding didn’t seem uncomfortable. Megan pronounced stage one a success.

Taking a vibrating butt plug each, Megan and the Coach started at opposite ends of the row of restrained teens. Turning the vibrators to medium, they teased the bound and exposed girls’ pussies until they were wet enough to push in the plugs. Once the water drop shaped section was all the way in, the muscles at the entrance to their cunts closed in on the narrow shaft between the bulb and the base, causing the round plate to be held tight against their throbbing clits.

After all the girls were full. Coach Wilson made Lisa and Marti tie the cotton rope to the D-rings, letting the hooks hang to the floor. He had them set the vibration rate to low in order to keep the bound test subjects wet.

While Megan unpacked and tested the scales, Eddie put Marti and Lisa at parade rest. Using the extra ropes, he bound their hands behind them. Then he pulled their elbows back, binding them there also, forcing their shoulders back. The effect on the teenaged titties was excellent. Pushed up and out, the tits looked magnificent. He teased their little pink nipples until they were standing erect. He just had to gently kiss each nipple. Just because they looked so sweet.

Going to the insulated cooler, he took out two sets of nipple clamps and some ice. Marti was panting like a marathoner. Her Master chose to do her last. The anticipation was killing her.

He strolled to Lisa, standing close to her, making her crane her neck backwards to look at his face, pushing her tits further out. He carefully showed her the nipple clamps and ice then took one step back so her eyes could follow his hands as he touched one nipple and the other with the ice. Lisa’s eyes sprang wide open as the ice turned her tender teen peaks to stone. She looked at him and at the clamps. He attached the clamps, tightening the devices until he could see her begin to pant. Disregarding her heavy breathing, he tightened the clamps a bit more. Testing the grip, he pulled the devices away from her chest, twisting them roughly. Satisfied, he pulled the teenager by her chain, leading her titties to Ms Martin. Lisa followed close behind.

Megan stared into Lisa’s wide eyes, daring her to make a sound. She then hung her clipboard on the chain stretched between the girl’s nipples. Lisa could not decide if the flood of sensation was pleasure or pain. Whatever. All she knew was that her cunt was hotter and wetter than ever. The Director put her index finger into the clamped and bound girl and pulled her before the girl on the left end of the line.

Standing before Marti, her Master showed her the ice as he pinched and pulled the quivering young girl’s nips. Still squeezing, he held the ice to her nipple. Her Master fastened the first clamp as tight as she could stand. The ice then went to her clit, causing her to hiss through her teeth. “Silence!” he whispered as he pushed the ice into her cunt. Eddie repeated the whole sequence for the other nipple, letting the ice melt and drip out and down her legs.

The coach hung his own clipboard on her chain. He hooked a finger on the chain, using it like a leash, pulling her by her nipples to a position in front of the transfixed naked girls tied to the wall, impaled on vibrating butt plugs.

Ms Martin asked Mr. Wilson “Did you remember to bring the digital camera to do “before and after pictures” of the participants?”

“Of course. It will be beneficial to illustrate the final report when we present it to the Peer Review Committee. We should meet later to decide whether or not to obscure the subject’s faces.” Eddie answered.

“No more than twenty-five copies will be distributed, so it might not matter.”

“There are the ones for the Athletic Department files, several for the Student Health Clinic and five copies for the campus library, also.” the Coach added, doing a mental count.

Eddie began to photograph the naked girls. Ashley was first in line. He took two shots of her upper body, clearly showing the face, firm tits and ice-hardened nipples. Two of her pubic area, displaying her twat, filled with a pink vibrating butt plug. Finally, two full body pictures of the panting teen.

He continued, in order along the row. They had been bound alphabetically.











Megan directed the coach to photograph the two young assistants to demonstrate how the girls were bound to prevent them from accidentally altering the data and how they were still able to assist the faculty by carrying the office supplies on their nipple jewelry.

Again, Eddie took pictures. Upper body close-up, showing the face and nipple clamps, with and without the clipboard. Full body, front and back, to prove to the Peer Review Committee that the data was pure. Two shots each pose. Both teens. Then for good measure, the same poses with the young girls together.

Eddie asked Megan if the illustrated report should have names or subject numbers. She said that numbers were too impersonal and that she preferred to use names.

The girls on the wall were both afraid of the potential exposure and excited to think that their perfect tight teen bodies would be seen, bound to the wall, helpless At least their pussies were covered by the pink plugs. Every girl, except Beth and Mika, had been topless in public several times. Some were seen totally naked many times. Most had been consensually raped more than a few times for anyone to see if they cared to watch. Lots of boys did, in fact care to watch, and some even got in line. The boys wanted only to make certain that the girls were motivated to follow the Code of Conduct. The boys were willing to go out of their way to be good college citizens.

The pink plugs in their vaginas let the girls keep their sense of modesty. The teens were not totally naked, after all.

Lisa was conflicted. One part of her loved the position in which the Coach had put her. The other part, thinking of the humiliating exposure, was completely mortified. She had been naked in public before. She was a young teenager at Central University and occasional nudity was part of college life. But never naked voluntarily, having detailed pictures taken for publication. Most certainly never with nipple clamps, arms bound, breasts thrust out proudly, unable to resist the advances of whoever came along. Slowly the two parts merged, making her cunt even hotter. Mortification became excitement. She went over to the Dark Side to join Marti, never looking back.

Megan ripped her clothes off, taking several seconds to play with her own titties. She went to the trembling teen and wiggled her chain making her tits wobble back and forth. Then standing beside the young girl, she reached down and slapped her pussy as she jammed her thumb up the girl’s ass. Lisa came so hard she went into a sexual frenzy just before she fainted and slumped to the cool floor, face down.

Marti was in a fog of arousal by now. Pictures swirled in her head: strangers looking at the pictures, the Sisters holding her squirming body down on Father Christopher’s desk while her Master spanked her in the College cafeteria on Parents’ Day, playing with her swelling clit between swats, giving her most precious virginity enthusiastically to the coach as twelve girls watched, being lead around town by her nipple clamp leash, strange men taking pictures of her shame, women getting hot, envious of her humiliation, watching her hard nipples stretch to follow the chain, listening to her Master tell the story of her first fuck, handing out copies to any boy who fondled her tight quivering ass, scarlet with her ultimate embarrassment, her video on the internet for the world to see as they touched themselves imagining how hot and wet her slutty, nasty, little schoolgirl cunt was…

The crazed little teenager was caught in a feedback loop of lust, lost to the outside world. Eddie walked over and thumped her soaking clit hard. Marti went to the moon, screaming her release to the world. As the orgasmic girl fell forward into her Master, her nipple chain hooked his shirt button, pulling her titties up hard. She came again and again before Eddie lowered her to the floor on her knees and tits, her ass up in the air, her clamped, girly titties pressed into the cool floor. She, in her wildest dreams, could never have considered ever being in such a humiliating position in front of other girls. With pink plugs in their twats. Tied, immobile, to the wall. Everyone exposed fully in public. On HD digital video. With a naked Ms Martin, right there, playing with herself.

The coach stripped off quickly and kneeled at Marti’s exposed butt. Leaning over her back, Eddie reached around her body. One hand pulled the chain down stretching her reddening nipples to their limit, dragging them against the floor as the other hand pinched her clit. He whispered in her ear, loud enough for every girl to hear, “I’m going to stick my dick up your ass and take your last cherry while the whole group watches. Ms Martin will take pictures. How many copies should we post on campus?” he said as he pushed his tool into the little teen’s tight ass, splitting her cheeks open. The remaining portion of her mind was aware of the audience. Her orgasm began then and kept coming.

Megan’s camera clicked again and again. The bound teens, helpless, on the wall, saw Marti’s eyes fly wide open as Coach Wilson took the schoolgirl’s derriere in one slow stroke. Every single girl came at the same time, gushing girl juices around the plugs, dripping down their smooth legs, forming puddles on the floor.

Eddie fucked the tight ass relentlessly, pulling the nipple chain and squeezing her clit constantly. “Come Again, Now!” he commanded as he plunged his throbbing prick deep in the teen butt. She screamed one more time, louder than ever, her sphincter gripping her Master’s dick as he spurted in her ass. Her legs turned to rubber and she sank down flat on the floor. Eddie pulled his still hard dick from her ass and went to the showers. He filled a pail with warm water, wet and soaped one washcloth and took two dry ones. He carried them back out into the gym.

The Coach cleaned the traces of Marti from his hard prick. Staring at Lisa, he said, “You’re next, cunt”

She nodded and lay flat, spreading her legs apart, waiting. Eddie did not want to make her wait very long. He looked to Megan and asked her to suck his dick to make sure he would wet enough to slide in easily. “You are in the Health Department. Don’t you want to help her out?”

Megan couldn’t disagree. She wanted to taste that beautiful prick. This was an excellent chance to do just that, in front of the bound schoolgirls. She gave the camera to Eddie and went to her knees. He took pictures of her making love to his prick, hjer tits bouncing in the background. Licking his tool thoroughly, she put the head in her warm mouth and started a fucking motion, sucking his dick on every outstroke. As he began to leak, she pulled him out and spread the slippery fluid around his rigid shaft. She desperately wanted him to nail her to the floor right there. She looked up with a hungry gleam in her eyes. “Please.” She moaned.

He saw that Lisa was starting to hump the floor. He ignored the hot girl, his disregard driving her higher.

Eddie picked Megan up as she wrapped the muscular legs around his waist. Easily, he dropped her on his raging dick, drilling to the end of her fiery pussy in one lightning plunge. Her hips went wild, driving her cunt up and down, left to right, back and forth. Her inner muscles seized his tool and she kept going through that orgasm and into the next two. He leaned her upper body away giving him access to her heaving chest. Her legs clasped his waist as she continued to fuck herself on his cock.

Eddie felt his own orgasm approaching. Supporting Megan’s back with one arm, he bit her left nipple and rolled her right in his fingers. Megan threw her head back, her lips wide open in a silent scream. Her cunt grabbed his dick like a velvet fist as she felt him fill her with his cum. Eddie jack hammered her twat constantly. As her legs gave out, falling away from his waist, he leaned back slightly, holding her up with his dick. Eddie brought his other arm around, grabbing and squeezing both of her boobs, using her fleshy tits for handles. He started pumping her pussy faster and faster, making the proud Project Director flop at the end of his prick like a rag doll.

He released her tits and gripped the young teacher’s ass cheeks with both hands. Pushing his tool through the end of her pussy in one final thrust, He emptied his balls in her cunt. Megan seized one last time, eventually easing her vise grip on him. Eddie unplugged his amazingly hard dick from her leaking twat and gently placed her on her back, legs spread, next to the now aware Marti. He picked his submissive pet up and put her, face down, between Megan’s legs. “Clean her up. And do it well.” He ordered the teenager. She started sucking and licking the Director’s cunt, doing as good of a job as she could, eager to make her Master proud of his property.

Turning to the teens bound to the wall, he looked each one in the eyes and pulled their nipples, one girl at a time, going down the whole row. Donna and Jen came immediately.

Eddie went to the new equipment bag, got another pink butt plug. Striding to Marti and Megan, he rolled his teen submissive out of the way and stuffed the pink plug into Megan’s pussy. The proud Project Director lay there, powerless to stop him from using her body as if he owned it. He pushed it in and twisted it enough to get it wet, then pulled it out. The Coach rolled Marti back in place at Megan’s cunt and ordered her to continue the clean up. He and the ten young girls on the wall watched as Marti made Ms Martin come once again.

Walking to Lisa, he said, “Now it’s your turn.” She immediately rocked her hips, showing him both of her holes, giving him the choice. Eddie surprised the sexually needy teen. He knelt between her legs and took her cunt to the end. He pounded the startled schoolgirl until she moaned an orgasm. Before she could finish, he jerked his cock out of her pussy, and replaced his dick with the pink butt plug, still wet with Megan’s and his cum. As he jammed it in, he switched the vibrator control to “High”. At the instant when Lisa became fully aware of what was being done to her fevered cunt, Eddie pushed into her ass. Between her tight ass and the vibrations he could feel coming from her plugged pussy, it only took ten minutes of ass pounding to make him come again. Feeling him deliver another load deep in her clinching ass, Lisa came again and became a true believer in the theory of the Alpha Male.

Coach Wilson collected the clean but dripping Director, grinned at the sweaty, drippy teenaged schoolgirls bound to the wall, and asked Megan, ”Well, Ms Project Director, what next?” He hugged her from behind, pinched her rosy nipples and forced his wet, granite-hard dick between her flexing cheeks and into her still very tight ass. She moaned softly, leaning into his chest. Her hands automatically reached back to hold his moving hips as she held on for another ride.

The Twelve MuskeTits, gazing in wonder at the young Project Director, were bursting with girlish pride. She had taken the powerful Coach’s use and abuse, giving as good as she got. She had been brutally fucked in every hole, multiple times, yet still was able to take this energetic assfuck, happening before their eyes, and keep her sweet feminine smile through it all.

They watched and waited for the time when Coach Wilson would take and use them just like he had used Lisa, Marti and, especially, Ms Martin. They needed to feel as sweetly feminine as her.

It was good to be a sexy young girl.

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