Pretty girls, two for the price of one, for 6/6/2011

Hi, my name is Bobbi. I’m the brunette in today’s pictorial. My blonde roommate Toni and I love to wear our matching white dresses. What do you think about the length of our dresses? I think mine is perfect, but I always wish Toni’s was shorter — she has such a cute butt, I think she should show it off more about campus, don’t you?

Toni and I like to play a little game, which may need a little explanation for people not familiar with the Dress Code here at the College…  We like to wear short dresses for various reasons (to look cute, to minimize Inspections, etc.) but there’s a downside, which is that we implicitly offer any and all exposed skin to our fellow students for groping.  So, if we leave part of our butts uncovered, as Toni and I are wont to do, and then if someone were to “goose” Toni, then she’s supposed to relax her cheeks and give that person full access.  So our game is to try to surprise each other by touching the other’s asshole or pussy, and that person “wins” by relaxing, and allowing the access.  It’s not long before the winner gets a little juicy, and then, of course, we both win.  But this time I startled her, and she clenched by mistake.

“Oh, Bobbi, you got me!” Toni giggled. I’m not sure she has any idea how much I love her.

Toni relaxed, and let me fondle her asshole and her pussy, which opened like a flower as I continued to touch it, but it was too late. Toni knew I would have to punish her.

“Rules are rules,” I say.  Yes, our little game has rules, which we kind of make up as we go along, but one of them is that if you clench by mistake, you need to do a little sex slavery.  I love Toni’s body, so I make her raise her arms so I can see a little more of it.  She takes her punishment like a, well, like a beautiful woman. I really admire her for this, and it makes me love her even more.  (Please don’t look at my nipples; they get a little hard when my sexy roomie turns me on.)

I never get tired of publicly stripping my little cutie, she’s just so sexy!  But before I get her dress completely off that gorgeous body of hers, I use it as a collar to bring her lips to mine.  What a turn-on!

“Bend over, Toni,” I order my sexy little slave. She obeys me, knowing what I’ll do to her. I make her spread her legs, and then I bring her to the brink of orgasm. I tease her mercilessly until she begs me to finish her off, but then I just leave her hanging, and I forbid her from touching her own pussy! “Please,” Toni whined, “finish me, I’m begging you!”

“On one condition,” I tell her. “That you finish me first.” I take off my own dress, which is the master’s priviledge, and assume the position.

At this point, I’m so excited from bringing Toni to the brink of cumming, that I’m nearly there myself!

And then without even being asked, Toni does something that totally brings me right over the edge. That wonderful excitement bursts forth inside me.

“I love you, Toni.”

“I know,” she says, giggling. After we kiss, I finish her, and we kiss again.

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