Pretty Girls of the Day, August 3, 2017

Boys, you’re not doing it right. Inspections, that is. Since we have expanded the Inspections to all boys, and not just Inspectors, we have noticed a number of you taking pity on some of the coeds on campus, and not appropriately punishing them for minor violations of the Dress Code.

For example, I saw one of you force this girl to remove her skirt because you wanted to see her pussy. That’s perfectly within the guidelines, and, to her credit, the girl complied right away.

Clearly, this girl’s skirt is not needed, as her muff is plenty thick enough for her to feel completely decent without any skirt. So you were right to confiscate her skirt in this instance.

But then you let her go!

This is completely inappropriate, as the girl was not punished for violating the Dress Code. At the very least, she should have had to remove her top, and you should have made her spread her legs and bend over so that you would have an opportunity to subject her to a more thorough examination. Did you feel her soft cheeks? Did you stroke her adorable puckered anus? Did you caress her inner thighs? These additional steps, if taken, would have given the girl an opportunity to refrain from becoming sexually excited, and thereby demonstrate that she is a good girl. Then, to punish her for violating the Dress Code, you should have kept all of her clothing, made her promise to remain naked for at least the next 24 hours, and sent her on her way.

Next, I saw this girl being inspected by another one of you boys:

I watched as you made her remove her pants, and you took them from her, which was good, because a girl wearing a muff should not also wear pants, it’s just not appropriate for College attire. Then, as I watched the situation unfold, the girl became sexually excited, which is also forbidden, so you raped her. Excellent work! But then, after you finished fucking her, you just let her go. How could you do that? You should have given her some sort of punishment for violating the Dress Code, such as removing her top. Remember: A girl wearing a muff as her bottom is not at all bottomless, and you should not feel sorry for her. So by your inaction, one of the very prettiest girls at our wonderful College was allowed to go unpunished for having violated the Dress Code.

Which brings me to these two cuties:

I saw a boy stop them, and asked the girls to show him their pussies, and, like the good girls they were, they immediately lifted their skirts. Yes, they each have a little landing strip, but are these girls really in violation of the Dress Code? It’s a tough call, I know. So I was interested in seeing how you would handle it.

As I watched, you made the girls remove their skirts, which was fine. Like I said, it’s a tough call. Then, like a good boy, you checked them for signs of excitement. For a minute, I was worried they would both be excited, and then you would have had to fuck them both, but you came up with an ingenious solution to this problem: You forced the two girls to make out, and touch each other, but you didn’t allow either girl to touch the other’s pussy or their own, which was smart. Each girl had to tease the other to the brink of orgasm without actually letting her cum. Then, if either girl came, you would strip the other girl naked and rape her.

Eventually, of course, one of the girls came, and she helped you strip the other one, and continued to tease her as you fucked her, which was an appropriate punishment. It was only slightly disappointing that you let one of the girls leave with her top still on, but you did the best of all the unofficial inspectors I saw today. Good work!

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