Pretty Girl of the Day, September 3, 2014

I’ve been dreading this day, but it’s finally here, so I guess I’ll try to make the best of it. It all started about a week ago. I was sitting on the stone bench outside the cafeteria. I was by myself, but there were lots of other people around. I was wearing a cute little denim skirt, and it was a warm day, so I wasn’t wearing a top. A boy came up to me and commented that my skirt was very short. I laughed, and said thanks, and kept eating my lunch. Then he asked me if I would please take it off. But since it was the only thing I had on, I said no. Wouldn’t you?

Well, it turned out that boy was an Inspector, and I was in big trouble for saying no, but I didn’t even know that, because he just seemed like a boy to me. As soon as he said he was an Inspector, I was really sorry for not taking off my skirt, and I started to take it off, but he said it was short enough I didn’t have to take it off for my spanking. “For my what?” I said, but he wasn’t in a mood to answer my questions. He bent me over his lap, and made me spread my legs. I could tell a crowd was gathering, but I was scared to look at them. Were there people I knew in the crowd? I sure hoped not.

I don’t know about other girls, but when I’m about to be spanked I get excited. Being spanked in public is embarrassing enough. But being forced to spread my legs and show my wet pussy, well, that’s even worse. I guess the Inspector noticed I was wet, because he ran his finger around the edge of my vagina, and dipped it in to spread my moisture all over my pussy. I felt like I could cum at any moment. I knew everyone could see my open vagina, and they were just waiting for me to have an orgasm. What was he waiting for? An engraved invitation?

“Spank me,” I said.

“Say it like you mean it.”



I came. It was so embarrassing. I couldn’t stop my vagina from pulsing, and I knew everyone could see it. He plunged a finger (or was it two fingers?) into my pussy, and then stroked me from my asshole to my pussy, and back again while I came.

“Ready for more,”

“Yes, please,” I said. I knew that’s what he wanted to hear.


“YES, PLEASE!!” I shouted.

And then he hit me again. Whack! And again. Whack!!

And then I came again, and he pleasured me again. I don’t know how many times he made me cum in front of all the boys in the school. I thought it would never be over.

Finally he let me stand up, and he made me an offer. My head was spinning. All I could hear was “You can keep your skirt,” and “no citation for indecency.” I was so relieved, I almost forgot the rest of the deal.

Until yesterday. He reminded me. Do you want to hear what it is? It’s so embarrassing, I can’t believe I agreed to it. I have to spend the day naked. No big deal, right? Lots of girls are forced to spend the day naked, and they get through it. And I have to let boys fondle me. Again, not a problem. Fondling is par for the course. That day when I was wearing just a skirt, I can’t tell you how many boys — and even some girls — came up to me, and gently caressed my breasts. Or my inner thighs. Not a problem. In fact, I like the rule, because it gives me an excuse to cover up. It really does make girls a little more modest, especially girls like me who get excited when they’re fondled, because girls aren’t allowed to show their pussies in public when they’re excited. That’s why I don’t mind going topless, but I always wear a skirt. When a boy starts touching my inner thighs, and I spread my legs to give him access, I want to make sure he’s the only one who sees how excited I am. As long as I’m wearing a skirt, he’s not allowed to fuck me, even if he sees how excited I am. At least that’s how I understand the rules.

But then, what he said next, well, I just couldn’t believe I agreed to it. But apparently I did. I swear, it was under duress. Apparently, I agreed to let any boy fuck me, without even asking, or so much as fondling me first. If any boy asks me to assume a position, I have to do it. No questions asked. I don’t know how the boys are supposed to know that I’ll be so accommodating to them. I’m praying not too many of them know. Today, I’m hoping that my biggest problem will be just going to my classes in the buff, and trying not to get too excited when boys fondle me.

I’m going nuts, mentally rehearsing my horrible day to come. I feel trapped in my house.


I’m really worried about today. It’s bad enough having to be naked, but do you think I’ll be raped? I know I agreed not to put up a fuss if a boy wants to fuck me in public, but, well, it’ll be embarrassing, don’t you think? I mean how will it happen? I’ll be walking to class, and a boy will tap me on the shoulder, and ask me to get down on my hands and knees? What if I run away? Will he run after me, and rape me? On the other hand, what if he’s nice? Maybe I’ll be raped by a handsome prince today. I’m getting crazy, I know. I need to just take a deep breath, and face the day.


It’s not just the prospect of being raped, or even being naked that’s got me so on edge this morning. I don’t like to even show my pussy in public. I know a lot of other girls wear just tops, and no bottoms, because they avoid most inspections that way. And I think they look really great, too. Something about a girl wearing nothing but a belly-button length top turns me on. And I’m one of those girls who doesn’t mind fondling other girls, so if I happen to be in line at the cafeteria behind a girl who’s not wearing a bottom, I’ll give her a gentle butt-rub, I’m not ashamed to say. And when she spreads her legs I’m not afraid to check her pussy for moisture. I’ve gotten some passionate kisses that way, and even been felt up myself a few times by girls who know better than any boy what turns me on!

But when the tables are turned — when I’m the one whose pussy is on display — well, then things are different. I don’t want to be fondled in public, and I certainly won’t initiate the fondling if I’m not wearing a bottom for fear of getting excited. Honestly, I don’t know how those other girls handle the stress that comes from getting excited without any clothing to cover up her excitement. Don’t they know they can be raped at any time?


I feel like when I walk out that door, I’ll be the only naked girl, but that’s not true, is it? On any given day, there are quite a few naked girls. How many, I wonder. Ten? Twenty? Every now and then, there’s a naked girl in one of my classes. I always wonder why she’s naked when that happens. Is she being punished? Or did she choose to be naked? When boys fondle her, she seems okay with it, but does it eat her up inside?

Last week I saw a naked girl get stopped by a group of boys. I wasn’t close enough to hear what they were saying, but when one of the boys started stroking her inner thighs, she spread her legs and bent over. I felt bad for her, because the boys thought it was so funny that she was getting excited. They rubbed all around her pussy without touching it while it got wetter and redder until finally she came, moaning and crying at the same time. The boys disappeared, and I came over to the girl and held her, and wiped her tears away. We kissed for a while, and soon she felt better. I never told that girl how much I admired her for keeping her legs spread even when she was really excited, and letting the boys touch her asshole without flinching. I never told her how inspiring it was to see her vagina fully open and ready, and then watch her cum without trying to cover herself. Maybe after I kissed her she knew, I don’t know. I hope so.


I feel like I’ve forgotten something. Funny, eh? I go out every day wearing nothing but a short skirt, and I feel fine, even though a year ago I would have been mortified to go out in public with my tits showing. I know it’s just nerves. I’m scared to open the door and go out. I feel like maybe if I stay here by the door for another minute, it’ll pass, and I’ll be okay; ready to face the day. Naked.


I’m standing by the door, biting my lip. Maybe a miracle will happen. Maybe I’ll wake up and find out this is a dream, and I can wear clothes. Some clothes. Any clothes. Heck, I’d settle for wearing just a sports bra to class instead of being naked. I know this is weird, but I hope a girl fondles me first. I have a fantasy of going to my first class, and seeing a pretty girl wearing nothing but a robe, and she calls me over and asks me to sit on her lap. She opens her robe, and lets me sit, and then wraps her robe around both of us while she makes sweet love to me. I close my eyes and breathe in her sexy fragrance.

It could happen.



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