Pretty Girl of the Day, November 21, 2015


Here at the College, we stress the importance of daily shaving, because it’s a requirement for girls who want to wear a bottom of any kind. But there are a growing number of girls who feel more secure with a natural bottom. Today’s pretty girl is fully clothed by College standards, and is treated as such by her teachers and fellow students. She even goes out into the community this way. In this College town, at least, she is treated as a fully clothed adorable young girl. More importantly, she feels fully clothed, She poses for pictures, even the yearbook picture. She plays with friends. She relaxes at the Commons, sitting cross-legged, reading a book. In short, she feels comfortable wearing her bush as a bottom, knowing she’s as fully covered as she needs to be.

On “topless day” she’s happy to go out in public with the other girls who are baring their breasts. A casual observer would say she’s naked, but she doesn’t feel naked. She fits right in with the other girls who are wearing panties, a thong, or a cute little miniskirt.

There’s a downside to wearing a bush, however. For fondling purposes, a bush doesn’t count as clothing. Unfortunately, some of her fellow students take advantage of this weakness. During class, the boy sitting in the next seat might casually stroke her inner thighs, and, because she’s a good girl, she spreads her legs to allow the fondling to continue. If the boy begins fondling her pussy, she really can’t ask him to stop, because this type of fondling is allowed under the college rules, even though she’s wearing a bottom. In fact, she’s not allowed under the rules to impede his fondling in any way. This means, for example, if he wants to explore her butt crack, she needs to lift herself off her seat, and make it available to him. Often she’ll get up on her knees, her booty in the air, so he can have full access.

It’s okay for a boy to cause a girl to become sexually excited, but he’s not allowed to do that just so he can rape her afterwards. It’s also considered a bit rude to make a girl cum in class, because she may not be able to stifle her physical reactions, and it could cause a scene. So most boys try to keep her right on the edge of cumming. When they sense her body tightening, they back off her pussy a bit, and stroke some areas that are less sensitive, like her belly, butt cheeks, or even her breasts, if she allows it. Then, after she relaxes a bit, he can move back to her inner thighs, and gradually up to her lips, then the juicy folds of skin between her lips, and under her hood.

This cycle may repeat three or four times before the girl can’t stand it any more. So she hides her excitement from the boy to keep him rubbing her, and then she cums. She tries to hide that, too, not always completely successfully. Then she curls up next to the boy, or on his lap, and purrs quietly. If the boy has removed his pants, she welcomes him inside. Then, when the bell rings, she can just get up and go, because there are no clothes to take off or put back on. On balance, today’s pretty girl likes having her bottom with her at all times.



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  1. base

    Many girls competing for the Bush Day awards these days. Still debating about those that trim their bush to the point their vagina lips are exposed. Is it a bottom or not? Can leg hair be consider a thigh high stocking, too?


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