Pretty Girl of the Day, June 5, 2015

I know what you’re thinking: Why wear such a long dress? What am I hiding? Trust me, I know. All the Inspectors are probably thinking the same thing. Not just about me, but about all the girls today. We’re all wearing extremely modest clothes. Would you like to know why? Because it’s visiting day.

PrettyGirl2015-06-05aThat’s right. All the parents are visiting the¬†College to see their little darlings in action. So we all put on a show for them. The College does their best to explain how the Dress Code fosters modest attire. They explain how the girls don’t wear any underwear, and how this helps them choose modest dresses and skirts. And, for our part, we play along. No “cheeky” skirts today.


See? No panties! ūüôā

Seriously, we all make sure to play along with the Dress Code on visiting day, because some of us will be stripped for our parents’ and siblings’ enjoyment in what I call “mock” Inspections. They aren’t real Inspections; rather, they are shows for the parents to take in — something to make them feel the College is serious about¬†girls dressing modestly.

And with our parents watching, we are actually a little more modest than usual, and this plays right into the Inspectors’ hand. ¬†I was walking with my mom and dad, and my little sister — she’s sixteen, and, bless her heart, she came wearing just a t-shirt, with nothing under it — and we ran into my friend Audrey, with her dad and little brother.

Audrey wore a pair of jeans and cute little top that showed off her flat, sexy belly.¬†She wouldn’t have dared to wear blue jeans¬†on any other day,¬†because you’re just begging to be inspected if you wear any kind of pants. But on Visiting Day, things are different. The college doesn’t want to give the impression they’re forcing girls to wear revealing clothing, even though by Inspecting¬†just the shyest, most modest girls, that’s exactly what they do every other day, when families aren’t visiting.

But¬†wouldn’t you know it? Audrey was singled out for Inspection, with our parents watching. I could see she was scared, but she took off her adorable little top. She covered her little breasts, which is a no-no, of course, but the Inspector was nice. He didn’t make a big deal of it. He asked her to please take off her pants, but Audrey didn’t want to do that in front of her dad and her little brother, can you blame her? With some prodding from the Inspector, she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, and she even pulled them down far enough that we could all see she wasn’t wearing any panties, and she was completely shaven.

Wasn’t this good enough?¬†Did her little brother really need to see Audrey’s pussy?¬†Although I don’t think I would be quite so shy if it were me being inspected instead of Audrey, I could understand her reluctance to strip in front of her family. But somehow the Inspector wasn’t so understanding. He cited Audrey for¬†indecency, which struck me as funny, because it wasn’t her indecency, but rather he decency¬†that got her in trouble.¬†But that’s what they call it whenever you violate the Dress Code — indecency.

Poor Audrey had to strip completely naked, with her family watching helplessly. Then, once she was finally naked, she was forced to spread her legs, and bend over, just to drive home the point¬†that the poor girl was sexually excited. The Inspector rubbed Audrey’s inner thighs¬†to prompt her to spread a little wider, which she did, of course. Then he asked Audrey if she would like to be raped. Of course, Audrey is a good girl, and she knew she deserved it, so she said yes, and braced herself. But even the Inspector had the kindness¬†not to rape a girl in front of her own parents, so he just¬†stroked¬†her asshole and pussy enough to make her cum, and then he let her go. Audrey ran to her dad, and hugged him. “I’m so sorry, dad,” she said, crying. Her dad didn’t say anything; he just stroked her hair as they started to walk¬†away.

As I watched Audrey’s adorable, round butt cheeks, so beautiful, so… well, sexy… I couldn’t imagine what Audrey was thinking. How could she possibly spend the whole day naked with her family?¬†Then, the most amazing thing happened. The Inspector actually took pity on Audrey, and¬†told her she could put one item of clothing back on, even though she had been “indecent”. She immediately brightened. “Can I have my pants, then?”¬†Suddenly the prospect of going topless for a whole day didn’t seem so bad.

The Inspector laughed. “You’re lucky I’m giving you anything at all.” He handed her back her little top.¬†It wasn’t what she had been hoping for, of course, but it was still better than nothing. And having dad and little brother nearby had another secret benefit for Audrey: no one fondled her, all day!



And, as for me, I lucked out. No Inspections all day for me. What a relief!

My little sister wasn’t so lucky, but it all worked out in the end. Like I said, she was wearing a t-shirt, and it was short enough to see she wasn’t wearing panties.¬†I was surprised our parents allowed¬†her to come to the College essentially bottomless, but maybe they’ve lightened up a bit since I was in high school. “Do they let you wear just a t-shirt to school?” I asked her.

She laughed. “No, they make me wear panties!” then she whispered, “but I take them off on the bus!”

I laughed, “Oh, no! You don’t!”

“I do,” she giggled. “I have to, or else I would get in trouble, you know?”

I knew¬†exactly what she meant. They haven’t changed the high school dress code since I was there. “No visible panties” is still the rule, silly as it is. So, essentially, it forces half the girls to wear dresses long enough to cover their panties, and it forces the other half of the girls to simply remove their panties.¬†I was in the first group, and, apparently, my sister is in the second group.

“Please remove your dress.”

Without thinking, I took off my dress, and stood naked as my sister also removed her t-shirt. The Inspector wasn’t talking to me at all, just to her. And she did exactly as she was told. She even spread her legs, in case the Inspector wanted to fondle her. She was beautifully shaved, too, just like a College girl. I was very proud. I think the Inspector was impressed, too. He let her put her t-shirt back on right away before most people even noticed she had been naked.




4 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, June 5, 2015

  1. base

    Seems many high schools have the “no visible panties” rule, and suffer the unintended consequences. Funny how the male principals never change the rules to be more clear.

  2. Jason

    LOve to go under that table and lick your pussy for you shoowee bb! I have some horny pics for u shoo!

  3. John

    Visiting Day seems like a great opportunity for family bonding, and for younger children to see how the College works.

    Her sister was prepared, going pantiless and shaving and offering herself to be inspected even. I’m sure she’ll make a great student in a few years.

    It reminds me of my freshman year’s Visiting Day. My mom and little sister (who like the last story was also sixteen) were with me touring the campus. My dad was busy that day, so it was just us three. I enjoyed showing them around where I lived, studied, and went to class. Now as a boy it doesn’t matter what I wear since I’m always decent, so I was dressed as I usually am, a T-shirt and bottomless, with my penis out. It makes inspections of girls a lot easier, since they don’t feel as bad being stripped if they can see my erection.

    Anyways we were going to the science building when we were stopped by an inspector. I was surprised, being a guy, but I realized he wanted to have an educational inspection of my sister. She was wearing a T-shirt and panties. Complying, she removed the shirt, exposing her small breasts. The inspector pointed out her panties violated the overlap rule, and asked her to strip those as well.

    At this point we expected him to explain usual procedure after and return one of the clothing items, but instead he began feeling down her belly and legs. Like a good girl she positioned her legs apart to allow him access, and he began stroking around her vulva.

    Then I noticed the problem he had seen: she was wet! I knew she was a big of an exhibitionist but I didn’t expect her to get inspected. She even began moaning slightly near the end of the touching.

    The inspector explained that if she were a student, she would need to be consensually raped, but since she was just a guest he would just leave her naked.

    My sister disagreed. She asked for the inspector’s rulebook and pointed to a clause showing that if a nearby boy was able to consensually rape, he must. The inspector conceded that because I was bottomless and had an erection, we had no choice.

    She bent over, grasping onto a nearby bench as I entered her sticky pussy. I began thrusting slowly, careful to avoid going to hard and hurting her. After a few minutes (and one orgasm from her) I came. I thrust into her hard, intending to bury my semen as deep as possible as protection from any other rapes that day. After pulling out and seeing the white semen drool out of her, I noticed my mom had been taking pictures and videos! She had captured every moment of the inspection on film for our family album!

    We thanked the inspector for his professionalism. I stripped off my shirt and handed it to him in solidarity with her, and my naked sister and I enjoyed the rest of our visit, with my mother maintaining records of the occasion.


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