Pretty Girl of the Day, June 16, 2018

Being at the College, I’ve learned to be comfortable wearing a little pink top as if it were a dress. It helps that lots of girls at the College dress this way — essentially bottomless.

But it wasn’t always like this for me…

“We’re going to have some fun today,” said my high school CP teacher. CP was “College Prep” but it’s not what you’re thinking. No science and math. In my high school, the prep was for the College. The College where girls aren’t allowed to wear underwear. And where they might have to strip naked at a moment’s notice if a boy suspects she’s violating the Dress Code. That College.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve been… how should I put it… experimenting with letting some of the girls strip partly naked in front of the boys. But up till now, we’ve let you girls put most of your clothes back on again before the end of the class…”

“Well, today, we’ll be doing something different. We’ll either strip one girl completely naked, and let her spend the day here at the school without any clothes on, or else we’ll strip all the girls half naked. And the beauty part is that you girls will decide which one we’ll do — one girl completely naked, or else all of you half naked. Won’t that be fun?”

“As you may recall, yesterday I told you all that today would be a special day, and so I asked all the girls to please wear a top, without any bra, and a bottom, and either a thong or panties, do you remember? Now, I want all the girls to please stand up, and raise your arms high. That’s right. Now, I want the boys to check each girl to make sure she’s wearing a thong or panties, but no bra. Don’t remove more clothing than you have to. Girls, I know it tickles, but try not to giggle. The boys have a job to do. All the girls are good? Excellent. You may sit down.”

“Now, I’m passing out blindfolds for the girls, because the voting will be by secret ballot. I want you to tie them securely, and boys, please check to make sure the girls all have blindfolds in place. Now, here’s the fun part: the voting. The thing that makes the voting so fun is that you’ll be voting with your underwear. Here’s how it will work. If you want everyone in the class to be half naked all day, but no one completely naked, then you’ll pass your underwear to the nearest boy, who will raise his hand, holding your panties for voting. But it has to be unanimous. If I see sixteen pieces of underwear, then no one will be stripped naked.”

“Listen, Marlene, now is not the time to be modest. You’re wearing blue jeans. You should take them off now, and hand them to a boy, so when the time comes to vote, you’ll be ready to take off your panties, okay?”

Marlene nodded, and took off her jeans.

“If you’re wearing a short skirt, that’s fine. But shorts, jeans, etc. Take ’em off. Even if you think you’ll vote no, and keep your panties on, take off your jeans now, and hand them to the nearest boy, okay?”

The teacher went around quietly, and collected all the girls’ shorts and pants… They won’t be needing them today. “Okay, ready to vote? Remember, girls, if you want one girl to be stripped naked, keep your panties on, but if you want to save that girl from embarrassment, take off your panties and hand them to the nearest boy. I see one, two, three… five so far. Okay, seven, ten… That leaves six girls still wearing panties. Okay, five, thanks, Marlene, I know that wasn’t easy, since you took off your jeans. It looks like there are still a few girls who haven’t voted yet. It’s okay, if you want to see one girl get stripped completely naked, you can keep your panties on. Voting time’s up in five, four, three, two, one… Okay, blindfolds off.”

The girls looked around, and saw sixteen boys waving panties in the air. The voting had been unanimous! No girl would be stripped naked today. That’s the good news. The bad news: All the girls would be stripped half naked. Marlene and a few other girls were already completely bottomless. For the rest of us, our teacher let a boy pick whether we had to take off our top or our bottom. I begged my boy to let me keep my skirt on, but he made me take it off, even though my top was so short, it barely covered my belly button!

Honestly, that was one of the hardest days for me in high school. CP was new to our high school, and not all the teachers were in favor of it. My English teacher was older, and he thought even fully dressed girls’ skirts were too short. So, when he saw me that day, he called me up to the front of the room for a “spanking”. Anyway, he called it spanking. He spent more time fondling the girls than actually spanking them, though. Like the other teachers who spanked us, this old geezer made us bare our bottoms for a proper spanking, but if the girl showed any sign of excitement, he encouraged it, and often made the girl cum in front of everybody.

As the day wore on, though, I got more and more used to being bottomless. It helped that my fellow students — girls and boys alike — treated me just like they always did, so much that I almost forgot I wasn’t wearing a bottom. I rode the bus home, and when I came home, I explained everything to my mom, and asked her if it would be okay to hang out bottomless for a while, maybe until my dad came home from work. But by the time my dad came home, I was feeling so comfortable, I actually forgot to change, and he didn’t say anything until my boyfriend came over to pick me up for a date. He asked me if I was going out like that, and all of a sudden I got embarrassed and ran to my room. At first I was going to put on a skirt, then I thought maybe just a thong, and in the end I decided people should accept me as I am.

Don’t you agree?

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  1. bobblushing

    I would like to Apply to become trained as an Inspector to help the students to display their compliance with campus rules of dress…so important in these difficult times we are experiencing right now.


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