Pretty Girl of the Day, December 7, 2015

“It’s such a delightful day for a late lunch on the outdoor patio,” said today’s pretty girl.


And she’s wearing a pretty dress, too! It’s strapless, perfect for the warm winter afternoons that are so common at the College. It’s so nice to see a girl wearing a decent dress, for a change — one that completely covers her pussy when she stands up, and most of her pretty butt, too.

When I asked her about it, she said, “I honestly don’t understand why so many girls were tight little dresses that barely cover their pussies, even when they stand up! It’s as if there’s some sort of competition to see who can wear the shortest dress!”

Of course, there is such a competition, and this girl knows it full well. Why do you think she’s sitting with her legs apart? She knows there are Inspectors everywhere, and if one of them suspects she might be wearing panties, they’ll make her strip on the spot, even while she’s eating lunch!

Of course, no dress covers a girls crotch, especially when she’s sitting, even with her legs only slightly spread. So even the most decent dress is fairly safe from Inspectors while a girl is sitting. But walking to class — that can be a minefield!

“Can I show you something really cool about this dress?” she asked me.

“Sure,” I said. Then I watched as she folded her elastic top down, exposing her lovely boobs, then tugged the whole thing back up over them. This raised the hemline a good four or five inches. She did an adorable little runway walk for me to show off her sexy dress.

“Safe from inspection!” She announced. I wasn’t so sure, though. From the back, if I hadn’t just seen her pussy, I might suspect a thong strap might be nestled between those adorable little cheeks. From the front, though, it was pretty clear she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress.

“She pulled her dress back down, and took a seat. Pretty neat, huh?”

Pretty neat, indeed. These College girls are very smart.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, December 7, 2015

  1. base

    Look at the girl behind her. Topless and enjoying lunch with a friend. This girl in the yellow dress might consider wearing her dress differently on warmer days, too. Slide the elastic part down to turn the dress into a long skirt.

  2. lover_mystery

    The inspectors should know very well, that girls may wear a thong, that isn’t visible when the girls sit with legs sightly apart. Indeed some kinds of underwear have a small strip in front only, which can be tucked between the pussy-lips and hiden when only looking below the skirt or dress. To prevent a misjudgement the inspectors will conduct a complete inspection, although the girl apparently doens’t wear underwear. Instead, the girls should either wear skirts and dresses that are short enough to allow any onlocker to ascertain that she isn’t wearing panties, or, whenever taking a seat, to raise the hemline, stick it below a belt and sit with legs wide apart. An inspector and naturally any onlocker, coming along can verify that she is in accordance with the dress-code without proceeding an inspection.


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