Pretty Girl of the Day, April 1, 2016


Today’s pretty girl poses for a quick photo on her way to class…PrettyGirl2016-04-01a“I feel a little awkward in such a long dress,” she admitted as I snapped her picture.

I reassured her that, though her dress is clearly a little longer than necessary, it’s still a very pretty dress.

She  laughed, and I noticed she was blushing. “Yes, I know it’s pretty,” she agreed. “which is why I’m so afraid I might lose it, you know? I would hate to lose this dress.”

Why am I so slow on the uptake? Of course! She’s worried about failing an Inspection. I know what you’re thinking: she’s obviously a very good girl; no underwear in sight. But you have to see it from the Inspectors’ point of view. If lots of girls wore long dresses, it would be hard to know which ones were wearing panties. The burden of Inspections would be huge. As it is, even though most girls wear only a top, their dress code compliance is still not obvious from every angle. So what should an Inspector do about this? Clearly, he needs to make an example of someone.

As luck would have it, an Inspection began as we were talking. The victim was a cute young girl wearing just a little red t-shirt, and no bottom. She was nervous, of course, as she walked up to the Inspector. From the back, it seemed to me that her shirt was the perfect length. It covered the very top of her butt crack, but left enough uncovered for a very sexy appearance. She was very obedient, of course, spreading her legs even before the Inspector asked her to, and willingly bending over to show the gathering crowd she’s a good girl. She was embarrassed, of course, not just to let everyone see her pussy, but because she was also quite excited. This happens to a lot of girls when they know they’ll be forced to strip in public. But the Inspector didn’t force this girl to strip, at least not right away. He gave her a choice of stripping or being raped. Most likely she would have been raped anyway, even if the Inspector released her right away, because she was clearly asking for it. So she hedged her bets, and asked to be raped instead of stripping. Technically, this isn’t rape, if a girl asks for it, although some people argue it’s not a free choice if the alternative is having to strip naked. In any case, the Inspector walked the girl in the pretty red top over to the nearby fence, and tied her wrists and ankles to the fence. She stood on a row of cinder blocks, which put her pussy at a convenient height. She closed her eyes and turned her head as a boy approached her. He didn’t drop his pants right away, though, preferring to just touch her little breasts through her shirt. Other boys felt her soft, white thighs, and we all watched as her pussy got redder and wetter.

“Let me know when you’re ready, honey,” said the boy.

She just nodded, her eyes still closed.

We watched as the boy took his pants completely off, and spread his legs almost as wide as hers before easing into her, his arms gripping the fence just above hers. He only needed to push a couple times, and he was done. He withdrew gently, kissed her sweetly on the cheek, and even arranged her top to cover her pussy.

After she was fucked once, the Inspector offered the girl “Early Release” from Inspection. In case you didn’t know, Early Release is an option in which the girl strips completely naked, and agrees to remain naked for 24 hours. This is a tough decision for many girls, because it means going naked not just for the rest of the day, but also leaving the dorm in the nude the following morning. In addition, it’s generally understood that a girl on Early Release is a ready sexual plaything who will bend over or spread her legs on request, or even before being asked.

She declined Early Release, so the Inspector allowed two other boys to take turns fucking her, and then asked her again. “Can I keep my shirt if I rip it a little?” she asked. I like it when a girl starts to bargain with her Inspector.

“Like how much ripping are you talking about?”

“Maybe you could take off the bottom couple inches, and leave it ragged, you know?”

The Inspector grabbed her shirt, and poked his thumb through it, at about the level of her belly button, then ripped it until a complete circle fell down about her hips. “Like that?”

“Well, that was more like four or five inches, but yeah.”

“I’ll let you go if I can rip your shirt one more time, would that be okay?”


Without waiting for her answer, he ripped her shirt from bottom to top, turning it into a cute, if a little ragged, little vest. He opened it up to expose her adorable little tits, and then said, “Now that’s cute!”

I had to agree; the girl looked extra cute. “Now, it being Friday,” said the Inspector, “I wonder if you would mind wearing this outfit for the whole weekend, until noon on Monday?”

“But I’m going home this weekend. How about next weekend? Or all next week?”

I felt bad for her, but I was worried for her. If she didn’t play her cards right, he would make her go home naked, and so even though her “customized” t-shirt wasn’t ideal, especially back home, the alternatives might be worse.

The Inspector didn’t budge.

“Oh, okay,” she finally agreed. I think she made the right choice, difficult as it might be for her. The shirt was small, sure, but she could close it over her little breasts. Sitting in a car, or in a booth at a restaurant, it will be way better to have a little shirt to wear than nothing at all. And her friends and family will quickly got used to her being completely bottomless. She might even go on a date with her boyfriend, who, I should point out, is a perfect gentleman, unlike some of the boys at the College!




2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, April 1, 2016

  1. Carole

    The bad habit to tie a girl in consequence of an inspection should be forbidden, although and especially when she shows symptoms of sexual arousing and therefore the inspector feels to be committed to rape her. Once, I was prowling around the campus together with 3 other girls, a guy found it reasonable to conduct an inspection on all of us. Granted, we wore dresses with full coverage, but he ordered us to strip naked altogether and then examined scrupulous each of us, if we possibly would be aroused. Needless to say, that he endeavored to get his desired results and at the end, after stroking our pussy’s a lot, each of us was visible wet down there. Naturally he couldn’t rape us all 4 himself and told us he would search for other guys to support him. All our complaints and pleading were useless. He insisted on his decision and to prevent, that we could run off, he tied us onto some benches nearby. Each of us girls had to kneel on the edge of a bench, stark naked and got the ankles fixed with cable ties. A few minutes later, four boys arrived and I heard the chatting and laughing. We thought they were sent by the inspector, as one of them asked, if we wouldn’t like to give them a blowjob or to allow them penetrate our butts. The idea to be get our ass-holes raped seemed much harder for us then to give them head. So we told them we would suck their dicks. The boys took position in front of us, unzipped their trousers and within some seconds, we girls were busy to give them relief. it was done quickly and each of us got a mouthful of the boy’s juice. Neither the boy that used my mouth, nor the three others left us before we hadn’t swallowed it all. As we’d finished, they thanked us and as we begged to unfasten our legs, they laughed and walked away. A few minutes later, the inspector and three other boys arrived. He told us, that he happily had found three volunteers. Naturally we complaint, that we were already raped, but the inspector didn’t believe. He looked as well at my pussy as at my butt-hole to find any sign of a male ejaculate. “But we had to give them blowjobs.” I cried. Although the inspector took his time to look into my opened mouth, I naturally couldn’t prove it, because I had swallowed it all. The inspector only said we could make a complaint afterwards, but then did the same as the three volunteers and raped us quickly. Then he released us. I will remark, that we didn’t fill a complaint, because we were unable to produce any evidence.


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