Pretty Girl of the Day, August 14, 2018

Hi, boys, my name is Yvonne, and I’m a freshman here at the College. I’m honored to be included in the “Pretty Girls” series on the College website, but, honestly, I’m not like the other girls. I’m really shy about showing my pussy in public, which is why I like to wear shorts.

I’m not a prude, though. I never wear panties or a bra. I wish the boys would trust me on that, and some do, but not all. Usually all I have to do when a boy wonders if I’m a good girl is unzip my fly, and let the boy feel my bare, hairless pussy. Sometimes, though, I have to pull down my shorts, and every now and then I have to take them off altogether, but that’s rare. Most boys trust that I’m being a good girl, and following the rules. Whenever I do have to take off my shorts, I always feel embarrassed, as if I’m half naked or something. While most girls are perfectly happy to go about the campus completely bottomless, I still feel shy about it.

Whenever I find myself bottomless at the College, it reminds me of the day in high school when our sex ed teacher decided it was time to prove to the girls that a single item of clothing was sufficient for us to feel decent. The first thing he did was to demand our bras. He said girls our age didn’t need to wear bras, and they were a waste of time and money. We all had to take them off, and pass them to the front of the room, where he threw them in the trash.

Next, he told us our clothes are redundant, because our tops are so long they cover our bottoms, too. His view was that our long tops made our bottoms unnecessary. We would be perfectly decent, he maintained, without wearing any bottom at all. While that was true for some girls, it wasn’t true for all of us. In particular, many girls wore “belly tops”, and either a skirt or panties as a bottom, and sometimes both. When a girl pointed this out, he made her stand up, and tell the class what she was wearing. It was a sports bra and skirt, she explained. The teacher asked if she was wearing anything under her skirt. She blushed, and shook her head. I felt bad for her, because I had an idea what would happen next: the teacher made her choose one of the two items she was wearing. Which one kept her most decent? He asked. Even though her skirt was so short it barely covered her pretty butt, she chose it. Take off your top, then, he asked her as nicely as he could. Still, she began crying as she took it off. I must admit I got a little wet, watching her tits shake with each sob.

One by one, our teacher made each girl choose the item of clothing that made her feel most decent. And I think he proved his point. Only a few girls took off their tops, while most of us took off our bottoms, and discovered much to our surprise and delight, that our tops were indeed long enough to feel decent.

Which brings me to my favorite black top, which I like to wear with shorts, but which, when push comes to shove, I can wear by itself as a decent albeit short dress.

Even from the back, although it’s a little cheeky, it’s still reasonably decent.

11 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, August 14, 2018

  1. Dave

    Normally I’m a fan of the pretty girls but not this time. She’s far to skinny with no figure and looks underage. I’m sure (I hope) she’s not but this isn’t a good look.

    1. base

      At some point in many people’s life, all young women suddenly look too young. Unless you are constantly around that age group it is impossible to know by looks.

      What I can tell you, this girl is a dead ringer for my landlady’s daughter. That first photo, I thought it was her. I was floored. I was certain. Then I saw the last two, well, no, not her. Her daughter is 28 years old, and you have to fight her for the last slice of pizza. Looks tell you little about the person.

  2. John Babbs

    i like when she lets me undress and just hangout with her …when she lets me cone close to her …

    but only allows me to kneel down to make it clear that she’s in conplete cobtrol so i don’t try anything…

    i love being so close when she lets me play snuggle face between her pretty upper thighs in front and mostly… behind her???????????????


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