Pretty Girl of the Day, August 5, 2017

I don’t know how I got myself into this. It seemed like just a fun game in Donna’s CP class. One by one, each of the girls had to either take off an item of clothing or else let the boys pick a sexy outfit for the girl to wear the next day.

It was fun, at first. There was a girl wearing jeans and a top, and so she took off her top rather than let the boys pick out her clothes for the next day. One of the girls was just wearing a skirt, because it’s been warm lately, and some of the girls feel comfortable coming to school topless. Before picking out her outfit, the boys wanted her to lift her skirt, because it would make a difference whether or not she was wearing any underwear.

“It’s a reasonable request,” said Donna. “Because if you’re just wearing the skirt, then the boys know you’ll be reluctant to take it off, and so they’ll be able to suggest a really sexy outfit for you to wear tomorrow.”

With a sigh, the girl lifted her skirt, and showed the boys she had nothing beneath it. So the boys suggested she wear nothing but a pair of panties the next day. Now, to me, that would be no big deal. I’ve come to school before wearing just a pair of panties. Lots of girls do it. The only downside is that sometimes girls are punished in class, and sometimes the teacher will ask the girl to remove her panties first. For example, when a girl is spanked, the teacher usually asks her to lower her panties, because spanking just works better if the girl’s butt is completely bare. Also, when a girl is sent to the stocks, sometimes the teacher makes her take off her panties, because it makes it a little more embarrassing for the girl if she’s not wearing any panties.

So if it were me, I would jump at the chance to wear just panties to school the next day. But to my surprise, this girl chose to take off her skirt, and spend the rest of the school day naked rather than promise to wear panties the next day.

And then it was my turn.

I was wearing a t-shirt, which is pretty common for girls. I usually wear panties if the shirt is really short, but that day I had on one of my longer ones. In fact, this one was so long I thought maybe one of the boys would make me lift it to check if was wearing panties, but none of them asked for that. So the boys settled on my adorable little white tank top as my sexy outfit for the next day. They didn’t have to say “no panties”. It was understood. What a tough choice!

“Decide, honey,” Donna said. “Take off your t-shirt now, or else wear the tank-top tomorrow.”

Oh, man, this was hard. My t-shirt was definitely longer than my tank-top, so I could take it off and be naked, or else I would be half-naked the next day anyway. More than half-naked, actually, because when I’m bottomless I feel like I’m three-quarters naked, you know what I mean?

So I wimped out, and kept my shirt on. “I’ll wear my white tank tomorrow,” I promised.

So here I am, in bed, afraid to get up and go to school. It’s funny, you know, when I’m already at school, I don’t seem to have any trouble taking off my clothes when I have to. For example, in science class, the teacher likes to strip girls down to their underwear if he calls on them and they don’t know the answer. I think it’s a fun game, even when I’m not wearing any underwear, because I usually know the answers. So I get to see the other girls get stripped down to their underwear. Most girls don’t wear a bra to school, so I think they look pretty cute in just their panties. Once in a while, I also don’t know the answer, and so if I’m not wearing any underwear, I just get naked. It doesn’t seem so bad to be naked if most of the other girls are just wearing their underwear, you know?

But coming to school completely bottomless, well, that’s another story. Luckily, my dad had already left for work, but I had to deal with my mom and worst of all, my little brother. “You missed a spot,” my little brother would say.

Then my mother would chime in. “Bend over, honey, let me see,” Even though they meant well, it was embarrassing that my shaving was double-checked by my family in the kitchen, of all places! On the other hand, it was nice they cared.

Then there was the matter of the long walk to the bus stop, the waiting, and the bus ride itself. If it were up to me, I would wear panties just for the bus ride, and ditch them just before getting off the bus, but my mom says that’s a waste of panties.

Once I got to school, I felt better. For one thing, as soon as I got to homeroom, I saw Donna was wearing a short man-shirt, very sexy. One of the boys asked her to unbutton it, and she laughed, and said “Sure.” As she gracefully unbuttoned it, the boy asked if he could feel her pussy. In any other class, this would be a rude question, but Donna was so sweet, she said “you don’t need to ask, honey. Just do it. I’ll never complain.” And it was true. Donna liked to walk among the desks as she taught the class, and on days like today, when she wasn’t wearing any panties, she would pause next to the boys who liked to stroke her soft skin. She let the boys stroke her cheeks, never flinching as they probed deep between them. She would spread her legs, in fact, to let them feel her juices.

I made it through the day, finally, with the help of the other girls who were half-dressed, and especially with Donna’s help. She’s such a great teacher and role model. I just love her!

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