Pretty Girl of the Day, October 8, 2016

Today we have two pretty girls, who like to play. They’re good, decent, College girls.

And when I say these girls are decent, I mean they follow the Dress Code. Most boys seem unaware that girls really enjoy following the Dress Code, and are happy to show you what good girls they are. All you have to do is go up to a girl, or a pair of pretty girls sitting together, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind showing you their tits.

If a boy wants a girl to spread her legs, he could touch her inner thigh, and then she would have to spread her legs, because a girl isn’t allowed to impede access for fondling. Or he can just ask. Girls don’t mind showing you they’re following the Dress Code, honest!

If you find a pair of pretty girls anywhere on campus, you can ask them to please bend over, and they’ll be happy do it. And smile for a picture, too!

And then they’ll play…


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