Pretty Girl of the Day, October 5, 2016

One of the best things about the College is the pool. Due to the Dress Code, bathing suits aren’t allowed, so girls simply swim and sunbathe in the nude.

It’s up to each girl to decide where to change out of her clothes. Some girls wait until they get to the pool area before removing their clothes. Cubbies are provided for their convenience, although the cubbies aren’t locked, and some girls go “shopping” at the pool cubbies. Other girls prefer to change in their dorms, and either walk naked or take the campus bus to the pool.

Some girls find it inconvenient when boys come to the pool area just to find a girl to fondle, but it is allowed by the College Code of Conduct. When a girl is sunbathing on her back, and a boy begins to fondle her, she should bend her knees, and touch the bottoms of her bare feet together. She should rest her head on her hands, and close her eyes. Most boys use baby oil for a silky smooth massage. Baby oil is good to rub all over a girl: on her breasts, letting her nipples pop up after each pass, on her belly, on her inner thighs, all the way to her bottom, and between her cheeks. And of course, liberal application of baby oil on her outer and inner lips, and in and around her vagina is recommended.

Boys should remember that the purpose of a massage isn’t to make the girl cum. Rather, it’s to relax her, and help the oil enhance her natural lubrication. Boys should watch out for the telltale signs that a girl is close to cumming: arching of the back, lifting her butt off the lounge chair, vocalization, and deep breathing. When a girl exhibits these signs, the boy should focus less on her anus, clitoris and vagina, and more on her belly, breasts, and inner thighs. If she continues to exhibit signs of sexual excitement, the boy can, of course, fuck the girl, in accordance with the College Code of Conduct. Girls are all aware of this rule, and make themselves available to be fucked as needed.

Girls take their fucking in stride. “Getting fucked every now and then is just part of the college experience,” they say. Although they say they just tolerate the occasional fucking, some girls secretly enjoy it.

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  1. User6qki

    Can someone explain me how wearing a bathing suit to the pool violates the dress code? There is no layering afterall.


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