Pretty Girl of the Day 1/7/2013

Today, I was just getting some sun when I just have dozed off for a few minutes.  While I was sleeping I had the most wonderful dream.  I imagined I was getting a deep and relaxing massage with lots of exotic oils and fragrances.  I was swept away by the moment, and then, just as I was about to cum, I woke up.

To my surprise, I wasn’t alone.  That massage I was dreaming about — it was actually happening, and in my dream when I felt like I was about to cum — I was really on the verge of cumming.  The exotic oils were my own juices, which the boy was using to make sure I was fully lubricated.  He made me get on my hands and knees, and all I wanted to do was cum.

He slid his dick into me, and it felt sooooo gooood!  He didn’t even have to push once before I came.   Mmmmmmm.  He held me and pushed, and it felt so good.  He tickled my belly, and rubbed my tits, and then he stiffened up, and pulled out of me.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, honey,” he said, “I just want to keep fucking you, you’re so beautiful!  Just let me relax a bit.  I need to relax just a little.”

I giggled, because I know the feeling.  It’s so delicious being right on the edge of cumming without cumming.  A really good sex partner knows how to keep you hanging there, yearning for that one touch that will send you over the edge.  He turned me over on my back, and spread my legs.   Mmmmmm, I think I’m cumming again!

This time, he didn’t hold back, he pushed his dick hard inside me, and pulled me up and hugged me hard, holding my butt, and even massaging my butt hole as he came inside me.   Oh, boy, oh boy, that felt so good.  I don’t normally kiss boys who rape me but this one was so sweet, I kissed him long and hard as I kept cumming, oh, his fingers were so tingly on my butt, and his mouth was so delicious, I held him tight and didn’t let go for a long, long time.  Mmmmmmm!

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