Pretty Girl of the Day 1/1/2013

I’m really happy to be selected as the first pretty girl of the new year, but quite honestly, I don’t deserve the honor.  The honor should go to my dress, it’s so adorable!  It’s so thin you can kind of see through it, so I can never wear anything under this dress, even off campus.

And it’s so light, loose, and free flowing, I love to play with it as much as I love wearing it.

Sometimes I forget there are people who might be see me playing with the dress, and I get all embarrassed.

I want to say: You didn’t see anything, did you?  But instead I just giggle and walk away sheepishly.  Sometimes, a boy sees me playing with my dress and giggling, and he thinks it’s so cute that he tickles me to make me giggle some more.  I probably shouldn’t let this get out, but my butt crack is really ticklish, it’s true!  If a boy touches me there while I’m lifting my dress, it makes me tingle all over!

…which is why I try to keep my butt crack at least partly covered, even when I’m playing with my dress.  On the other hand, I’ve been told I have a really cute butt, and I’m kind of proud of it, so I don’t want to cover it completely.  So I strike a compromise between a bare ass and prudish over-decency:

I know it’s wrong to purposely try to turn guys on just so they’ll reach under my dress and tickle me, but sometimes I get so horny I just can’t help it.  I make sure my butt is exactly half covered, and then when a boy touches me, I act like I’m having an orgasm, and then, often as not, they reach under my dress and tickle me so much I really do have an orgasm.  And even though it’s wrong to let people see my pussy when I’m excited, that’s the time I enjoy playing with my dress the most.  My heart beats really fast because I know I’m playing with fire.  If a boy wants to rape me then, he can do it, and I have no say in the matter, because it’s in the Code of Conduct.  So when I that certain look in his eyes, I start getting all coy on him.  I start by taking my shoulders out of the dress…

And then sometimes it “accidentally” slips off my shoulders.  By this time, the boy is usually beside himself with lust, and I know it’s just a matter of time before he rapes me.  But the build-up is the funnest part.  It’s fun to beg him not to rape me, because some boys get really turned on by that, and it enhances my coy act if he gets overwrought and starts pulling on my dress.

After my dress slips down a bit, I start playing with it again, partly to turn him on, and partly to give him some more chances to fondle me.

When the boy finally takes off his pants, and I get a look at his gigantic boner, I know it’s just a matter of time before he starts fucking me, and believe me, by this time I’m ready to take my “punishment”…

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