Pretty Girl of the Day 1/10/2013

Oops!  I’m so embarrassed, I forgot I was back at College, and I accidentally put on a pair of panties this morning!

Quick!  Let me take them off before anyone notices!

That was close!  But now, I’m so flustered…  I’m wondering if this dress is just too baggy.

I’m so worried I might get Inspected.  I would feel so much more comfortable in just a t-shirt that only half covers my butt.  This dress covers me too well, making me a real target for Inspection.

I think I’d better just take it off.  I would feel more comfortable, I think.

One thought on “Pretty Girl of the Day 1/10/2013

  1. base

    Returning to school is difficult for those girls who so quickly reverted back to their previous style of dressing whilst on break. Most girls start to learn the best means for staying sharp to the dress code is never to let yourself stop trying to follow it.

    Imagine this sweet and well-intentioned girl spending all summer not adhering to the dress code. She’ll return next fall not ready for the demands of campus life. However, if she remembers to follow the dress code over summer, she’ll not have a worry returning to campus.


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