Pick One

“Pick one,” Tammy said, under her breath as she was getting ready for school. Tammy’s sexy CP teacher, Donna, had told the class they had to come to school either bottomless or topless. The girls had to pick one.

She was running late, getting ready for school, and she didn’t want to miss the bus, so she had to make a decision. The decision wasn’t bottomless or topless. Her mom had made that decision for her when she hid all of Tammy’s bottoms. The decision was which top to wear. Although none of her tops really covered her pussy when she was standing, a girl spends most of her time sitting in school. Would a loose top be better, so she could drape it over her lap? Or a tight top, that she could pull down, and maybe it would stay in place for a short time?

Eventually she settled on a thin t-shirt that covered a little of her pretty butt, and most of her abdomen. She looked really cute in it.

“Bye, mom,” she said on her way out the door.

Mom smiled. Such an adorable girl. She was so pleased that Tammy had stopped giving her trouble about going bottomless to school.

On the bus, Tammy sat next to Brad, a shy boy she kind of liked. She sat close to him, their legs touching. She even crowded him a bit, but she kept her legs together like a lady. That is, until Brad finally got the hint, and rested his hand on her leg. Then Tammy relaxed a bit, and rested her hand in Brad’s lap. Brad allowed his hand to trace a path up Tammy’s inner thigh, all the way to the top of her leg. Tammy gave Brad a little kiss as they arrived at the school.

Tammy got off the bus, pulled her top down to be as decent as she could, and joined her friends in the CP classroom. She was happy to see most of her friends had chosen to come to school topless. You see, whichever group is in the majority — topless or bottomless — has to give up one girl who will have to strip completely naked. It’s almost always a topless girl, because it’s way easier coming to school topless than bottomless, right?

Just before the bell rang, Donna came into the room, wearing the most adorable white dress. It was so light and airy, she looked like an angel. It was so thin, it really showed off her pretty body. And it was really short, too, which just made her look so pretty!

“One, two, three… ” Donna counted the topless and bottomless girls. “Hey, guess what? It’s a tie! Eight of you are topless, and eight bottomless. And you all look so pretty! I was really looking forward to one group being in the majority so we could pick a girl together, and strip her naked.”

One of the boys yelled out, “Why don’t you join the bottomless group, Donna, and then it will be a majority, and then we can pick one to strip.”

“Well,” Donna said, “but I’m not bottomless. I’m wearing a dress.”

“Any panties?” Asked one student.

“Of course not!” Donna blushed.

“Then let’s get all nine bottomless girls up to the front of the room,” said the boy, “so we can decide which one of you will have to strip naked.”

Tammy and the other bottomless girls joined Donna while the boys led them all through a number of exercises. You know, the usual things. Touch your toes, raise your arms, spread your legs, etc. Some of the boys join the girls, and feel them up a bit, all in good fun.

“Well, boys,” said Donna, “which one of us will have to strip naked?”

One of the boys spoke first. “I think Jill should have to strip naked, but I have a deal I can offer her.”

Jill was one of the shyest girls, wearing a purple man-tailored shirt. It was small on her, which made it all the more sexy considering Jill’s large breasts. “What’s the deal?” Jill asked.

“If you agree to let me remove all the buttons on your shirt, I’ll let you keep it on, and strip a different girl.”

“And I can keep my shirt?” She looked at the other girls. Seeing not a lot of enthusiasm for the boy’s idea, she hesitated. Eventually she said in a soft voice, “OK”.

The boy went over to her, and pulled off one button after the other, until her shirt hung open. Then he kissed her sweetly, and thanked her. “Now, Jill, I want you to choose the girl who will have to be naked because you were too shy to strip yourself.”

“No! That wasn’t part of the deal!”

“Then choose yourself, Jill.”

Jill smiled. “No,” she said. Then her smile turned evil. “Donna!”

Everyone laughed, and Donna took off her pretty dress.

“You know, I’m meeting with some of your parents this evening. I was debating whether this dress was too much, and now I’ll have to meet them naked!”

Pretty Girl of the Day

One of the nice things about the College is that the girls are all so kind and sweet. I asked this girl if I could take her picture, and she said sure. Then, before I took the picture, I complimented her on her pretty shorts.

“Would you like them?” she asked.

Before I could answer, she started taking them off. “Well,” I said, not knowing what else to say. “Sure.”

I immediately felt bad, because it was clear she didn’t really want to take them off. But at the college, when a boy asks, or in this case even hints, that he wants a girl to remove her shorts, off they come.

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  1. Patrick

    This ans sites like it need more pics like this one. Simple yet elegant & to the point, a cute girl mooning, not over-exposed, exploited or objectified, she’s just having fun


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