Pretty Girl of the Day, Jan 5, 2018

Today’s pretty girl is showing off the latest high school gym uniform for girls. It’s comfortable, pretty, and perfectly suited to sports. “Okay, girls, let’s play shirts vs. skins!”

6 thoughts on “Pretty Girl of the Day, Jan 5, 2018

  1. SithDowell

    Hey! That’s Yvonne! I’d recognise her arse anywhere – we had a bunch of classes together back in high school, and in study group she’d *always* take a table in front of me and kneel on her stool while she bent over her books. I spent longer than I’d care to admit looking her square in the cunt and studying every curve of her cheeks and every wrinkle of her gorgeous little arsehole.
    We started hanging out together when she wanted to learn about football (soccer). I spent 18 months teaching her everything I know about the beautiful game, and in return she taught me everything she knew about her beautiful holes. My last 2 years of highschool were a glorious blur of ball control, squats, building up stamina, teamwork, helping her get to grips with the tackle, showing her want happened if she didn’t defend her box… She got so into it that for the entire last year of highschool she’d leave for school in the morning wearing her navel-length football shirt, boots and knee-socks.
    We’re still great friends. She got a sports scholarship and came to college same time as me. Whenever we study together, hang out, go for a night out as friends or on a double date she always dresses the same way. Sometimes her dates ask her why she’s wearing her football team uniform, she just winks at me and giggles.
    If you see her on campus, you should let her know what a great arse she has – every time I tell her that she let’s me fuck it.


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