Lynn and Tina (archives)

Lynn and Tina were both engaged in studying, but Lynn more so than Tina. Tina kept stealing glances at her naked roommate. They often forgo clothing in the privacy of their dorm room. Tina often didn’t bother to get dress until classes started since it was an all-girl’s dorm. Lynn was less inclined to parade around the dorm naked, afterall, many girls invited their boyfriends over for meals and studying and more.  It never seemed to bother Tina, but Lynn was just shy.

Finally, Lynn noticed Tina peeking over at her, “What? Is it my hair? I never can get the braiding straight.”

Tina jumped at the chance, “Here, let me braid it for you. Sit up straight.” Lynn did as she was instructed even though sitting up straight forced her to stick her bare chest out. Tina brushed out the loose braids in Lynn’s hair for the longest time before starting to give her roommate a perfect French braid.

Lynn was delighted by the result, so when Tina suggested, “Let’s show Carol your new hairdo,” Lynn didn’t think twice. The two naked girls rushed out into the hallway to Carol’s room. Lynn froze more than halfway down the hall realizing she was naked outside of the safety of her own dorm room.

Lynn screamed, “I have to go back for clothes!” Her scream caught the attention of the few other girls strolling the hallway. All stopped to look at the two pretty and naked girls.

Tina laughed, “You’ll spend more time running back. We’re already to Carol’s door.”

Lynn stopped and pondered her options. Of course, this just meant she was standing naked in the hallway longer and that more people saw her naked, too. Finally Lynn realized the few more steps to Carol were the better option to getting out of the hallway sooner.

Tina knocked on Carol’s door. Carol responded, “Who is it?”

Lynn yelled, “Lynn and Tina! Hurry up and open the door!”

Carol said, “Just a minute, I have to get dressed.”

Tina said, “Don’t bother getting dressed, Lynn and I aren’t”

Carol whipped open the door. It was unusual to see Lynn naked outside her own room, so the brief moment Carol exposed herself to the hallway passer bys was worth seeing Lynn naked. Everyone envied Lynn’s gorgeous body, but Lynn was so shy about showing it to people.

Carol’s first words weren’t about that fantastic body, she knew not to draw attention to Lynn embarrassed nudity. Carol said, “Ooo! I love your hair in the French braid!”

Lynn smiled and struck a few poses for her friend to see. A loud whistle reminded her she was posing for the entire hallway. A boyfriend of one of the other girls, too! Lynn bolted inside Carol’s room. Tina and Carol laughed as they stepped back inside the room.

Lynn had to remind her roommate, “Tina! Shut the door!” Tina often leaves the doors wide open.

Carol stood so close to Lynn admire the hairdo that her own naked breasts were pressed against Lynn’s arm. She  just couldn’t get over how good Lynn looked in the braids. She asked, “Tina, will you do mine, too?”

With Tina’s naked breasts pushing against Lynn from the other direction, Tina reached over to lift Carol’s hair, “It’s a little short for a French braid.”

Lynn turned within their naked sandwich to look at Carol’s hair. As she rotated, her arms rubbed the other girls’ nipples until Lynn’s own nipples were pressed against Carol’s nipples. Tina squeezed in from the back to watch what Lynn was doing with Carol’s hair.

Lynn said, “Think we can make two pigtails?”

Carol squealed with delight! The three girls hurried to the bed where Carol sat between her naked friends. The braiding was tight and flat since her hair was short, but they managed to lay the braiding out to join in the center similar to the French braiding in Lynn’s long blonde hair.

Carol and Lynn turned their attention to Tina’s extremely long brown hair. Carol said, “Tina, it’s your turn in the middle!

Tina pushed her loose hair over her shoulder, “I’d rather let it hang loose.”

Lynn complained, “But it’ll be fun to have us all with braided hair.” Lynn gave her roommate a little pout that often allows her to get her way.

Tina couldn’t resist this time either, so she made an offer, “I’ll let you guys braid my hair, but we all have to go for an ice cream right after, okay?”

Carol jumped from the middle and pushed Tina between her and Lynn. Lynn loved playing with Tina’s hair and began stroking it, but as the two girls started to divide the long brown hair, Tina said, “Wait a minute! Not that hair. I’ve been growing my pubes out, so I want them braided.”

Carol and Lynn just stared at Tina trimmed bush. She only recently started growing it back for spirit day.  Lynn rubbed her hand over the short curled pubes, “Don’t think you have enough down there to braid!”

Carol’s hand joined Lynn’s, “I agree. Maybe by spirit day, but not now.”

As the girls continued to rub the short hairs, Tina knew they were right, but she waited for the girls to stop rubbing before accepting their demands of braiding her long hair on her head. They kept the rubbing up for several minutes before they knew Tina would agree to anything.

Carol and Lynn bounced on the bed behind Lynn. They giggled about how much hair they had to braid. Carol suggested they braid it in layers. It was complicated as each outside braid wove together with the opposite braid but under the next braid down. It was more creative than pretty, but Tina didn’t mind. She had other thoughts at the moment. “Ice cream!”

Carol reached for her robe, but Tina stopped her. “You promised to go right after we finished braiding. No time to get dressed!”

Carol laughed. While she wasn’t opposed to being seen nude in the dorm, she knew it was worth whatever embarrassment she might feel to get Lynn to walk through the dorm naked. Not that Lynn was never seen naked, but it was rare and Lynn’s embarrassment made her blush head to toe – completely adorable!

With Tina and Carol pulling Lynn into the hallway, Lynn realized she had no choice but to go along with this naked romp to the ice cream machine in the basement rec room.

Lynn’s method to dealing with her public nudity was to ignore people behind her. She pretended if she couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see her. The trouble with her method were all the wolf whistles from guys and gals alike, and she got plenty of them, too!

Lynn managed to hide behind her two naked friends as they walked the hallways and stairs to the basement. At least the oncoming traffic was blocked from seeing her naked body, Lynn thought.

But downstairs in the rec room, was another matter. Carol and Tina split apart, and as usual, there was a crowd of people there, including several boyfriends. Lynn’s only comfort was that she was not the only one naked. Besides Carol and Tina, a couple of girls were making out in the beanbag chair with their clothes laying in a pile. A few girls were topless letting their boyfriends play with their tits.

One gal who no one had ever seen wearing a bottom was reading her book with her legs crossed Indian style. Tina whispered to Lynn, “Bet her pubes are long enough to braid.”

Carol reached the ice cream machine first, but it was busted. “Sorry, Tina. I know we promised you ice cream, but it seems we are all out.”

Tina said, “No problem!”

Lynn smiled, “Good, I thought you might throw a fuss when you discovered the machine was broke.”

Tina and Carol both said, “You knew it was broke?”

Lynn giggled, “Yes. Sorry for deceiving you.”

Tina said, “Not a problem. You promised me we get ice cream, but you never said it had to be from here. Let’s go over to the ice cream parlor.”

Lynn gasped, “That’s across the street!”

Tina said, “Sure it is, but it is real ice cream, not this low fat frozen yogurt stuff.”

Carol smiled realizing what Tina was aiming to do. Her own embarrassment would melt away lusting after seeing Lynn naked in public once again. Carol said, “Lynn, we did promise, and I’m not going to welsh on the deal. You got me into this, and you will see it through.”

Lynn was staring at her own naked body and missed Carol’s smile. By the time Lynn’s eyes reached Carol’s eyes, Carol had managed to change to a stern frown.

Lynn pleaded, “Just let me run back upstairs to get something to wear! Besides we’ll need money for the ice cream.”

Carol and Tina laughed, and said together, “Since when does a naked girl pay for ice cream?” It was true. Guys would immediate leap to pay for ice cream hoping to get a phone number or more from the girl. Even when there were no guys around, the people behind the counter knew to provide free ice creams for naked girls – it attracted business in a hurry.

Lynn was half dragged to the side door by her friends. Tina whispered, “Just look ahead, and no one will see your cute butt.”

Lynn looked over to her roommate and smiled. She knew her secret for coping with it all.

The night air was cooler than the dorm, but not by much. Lynn’s skin reacted, but worse, her nipples were like thermometers to temperature changes. She hated that, but everyone including Carol and Tina loved playing with Lynn nipples when they stood out. Tonight was no exception either.

The trio took their time crossing the street. Carol insisting on waiting for the light at the corner to change despite no traffic on the roads and other students crossing everywhere along the road.

By the time the three reached the ice cream parlor, they had a following. The few inside the parlor we delighted to see the three beautiful naked ladies enter, and it was only then that Lynn realized more than a dozen boys were following them.

Tina being the boldest asked, “Whose going to buy us some ice cream?” This brave move usually worked in the first semester, but the boys now knew to bargain.

One asked, “If I pay, can we fuck while you eat your ice cream?”

Tina always disapproved at such vulgar language. “No, and that is no way to talk to a lady, even a naked one or three.”

One guy jumped to ask, “May I purchase an ice cream for you with the pleasure of your moist, warm lips embracing my long, hard staff?”

Tina laughed, “Just as crude but not as vulgar., but no, not tonight.”

The bidding soon became the standard offers – a kiss, a squeeze on the breast, butt, or maybe if the boy was cute a fingering. As the offers came out each girl accepted from the boy whom she liked the best.

Carol licked her chocolate, chocolate chip cone while sitting on one guy’s lap as he massaged her tits.

Lynn told her guy that he could touch her anywhere except her nipples, pussy, or anus. Of course, she had to swallow her bubble gun ice cream bites to remind him of the rules quite often.

Tina sat facing one guy as he sucked her nipples. She used his head as a table for her sundae.

As the girls finished, many offers for more ice cream poured in, but the girls had to work hard at keep the pounds off and to indulge in these infrequent special evenings.

All three girls thanked everyone for being gentlemen before heading back to their dorm. It wasn’t until Lynn reached the dorm entrance that she remembered she was still naked. From the time she started eating the ice cream, she relaxed about her nudity. It was probably the skin massage she received in the ice cream parlor that made her mind wander off like this.

Well, her embarrassment was fully back. It was now after hours, so most of the boyfriends were in the lobby since they weren’t officially allowed on the dorm room floors.

Tina and Carol staged a mini debate to Lynn’s horror. Tina said, “We should take the stairs over there to work off the ice cream.”

Carol said, “I’m too tired. I want to take the elevator.”

They went back and forth knowing Lynn was getting more and more embarrassed by the attention the guys were giving her despite protests from their girlfriends. Well, some girlfriends at least. Some of the girls were also enjoying seeing Lynn’s perfect body blush.

Finally, Tina let Carol win because she knew something Lynn didn’t… the elevator was broken. They stood waiting for the elevator for several minutes all the time Lynn’s butt reddened from the unwanted attention.  Tina didn’t say a word. She wanted for Lynn to complain, “I think the elevator is broken again. Let’s go up the stairs. Please!”

Carol reluctantly agreed. Her own misgivings of appearing nude in public were minor compared to the thoughts of getting Lynn back upstairs, and possibly in bed. Though it was not to be this night for Carol. She settled for a long kiss at her doorway, but she watched as Tina and Lynn walked hand-in-hand back to their room. Tonight, Lynn was all Tina’s plaything.

As it happens, I was at the ice cream parlor when three beautiful girls arrived in their altogether. They might have been these very girls on the very night in question, or perhaps as your story suggests, this scenario plays itself out in various forms quite frequently. The girls at the college are so very playful, after all, which is one of the many things that endear me to them.

… more in my next comment;

Comment By Dick Hertz At 1/6/2008 12:39 PM

In any case, on the evening in question, one of the girls, who must have been Lynn seemed to take delight in teasing the boys. Lynn was beautiful, with small to medium tits that were very firm, and she seemed a little cold without her clothing. She kept slapping the boys’ hands away when they got too close to her pussy, but she didn’t seem to mind it when the patted her round cheeks or stroked her soft inner thighs. In fact, each time he touched her inner thighs she spread her legs a little wider, apparently unaware of the degree she was exposing her pussy, not only to the boy touching her, but also to everyone watching from behind her.

…more to cum

Comment By Dick Hertz At 1/6/2008 12:41 PM

…and let me tell, you, she was ready for action. Her inner lips were not only moist but so pink they were almost red in color. But she was very cool and composed. Either she had no idea she was exposing her sexual excitement, or she knew it and didn’t care. And if she came, she never showed it, except by closing her eyes and purring softly from time to time, like a cute little kitten.


Comment By Dick Hertz At 1/6/2008 12:42 PM

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