Hurricane Relief (archives)

Hurricane Relief

Donna was the first to notice it, the announcement that was posted on the bulletin board in the hallway, but she was reluctant to get up and read it. Crysta had convinced her to sleep with her, naked, because she enjoyed the company. If she dragged her bare-naked butt out of bed and across the hall to the bulletin board, someone was sure to see her and make some sort of crude comment.

But curiosity got the better of her.

“Hurricane Relief Clothing Drive”, it said, in big bold letters. Beneath the headline, the text was a letter from the Dean. “Due to the need for clothing to help the victims of the hurricane, we will be accepting donations at the following points: all entrances to the college, all campus busses, and the dining hall. Clothing in greatest need are panties, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, shirts, and bras, in that order. Please wear the clothing you intend to donate. Some key provisions of the Dress Code will be suspended for the duration of the clothing drive, to help you donate generously. In particular, there will no longer be a restriction against wearing panties or bras.”

Donna perked up at that line — she’s always wanted to wear panties, but they were never allowed. “Crysta, wake up, this is great news!”

Crysta dragged her naked body out of bed, and across the hall, where a number of students had gathered to read the announcement. Among the girls, only Donna and Crysta were completely naked, although a few of the girls were topless. Crysta gazed with sleepy eyes at the bulletin board, then headed back to bed.

Undaunted, Donna read on: “For girls wearing more than one item of clothing, donations will be mandatory at each checkpoint. Each girl wishing to make a donation may choose between donating two items of their choice, or else donating one item chosen according to need.” A strategy started to take dim shape in Donna’s brain, as she read on: “Girls wearing just one item of clothing may choose to either donate the item or play a game of chance. In this game, a coin is flipped. If it lands “heads”, the girl wins, and is not required to donate at this time. If it lands “tails”, the girl is required to compromise her item of clothing. Panties, for example, must be pulled down to her thighs. An item with a zipper must be fully unzipped. An item with buttons must have one button removed. An item with ties must have one bow untied. You get the idea. She DOES NOT have the option to donate the item of clothing after the game begins. The girl flips a second time. If it lands tails again, she pulls her panties down to her ankles, removes another button, unties another strap, etc. Clothing that hits the ground is donated, so the girl is motivated to avoid letting her compromised item touch the ground. When she flips heads, the game ends, and the girl is not required to donate, although she is NOT ALLOWED to pull up her panties, or re-tie any clothing until she is told to do so. The main purpose of this game is to allow girls to hold onto their last item of clothing a little longer before donating it, and to entertain the other students along the way. For example, it’s fun to watch a girl try to walk as fast as she can with panties around her ankles.”

Donna re-read the memo to be sure she understood it, then went back inside her room. Oh, the joy! she thought to herself, as she put on a fresh pair of panties. This was the first time in months that she would be able to wear panties — legally — in public. She put on a nice snug bra, and cupped her breasts with delight. Over it, she put on a little sweater that left her belly button exposed — she loved to show off her sexy belly — and a pair of blue jeans. She hugged herself with joy. This was the first time all year she’s had the luxury of wearing four items of clothing all at once!

Then she started to think about strategy.

At the first checkpoint, she would let them pick according to greatest need. That’s fair, after all, and it allows her to give up just one item at a time. (Donna remembered the rule that if she picks, she has to pick two items.) Would they pick her panties first? Probably. Oh no, that wouldn’t be good. She would have to take off her jeans, then her panties, make the donation with everyone looking at her bare ass, and then put on the jeans again. Then the jeans would be the next to go anyway, leaving her totally bottomless after just two checkpoints. She might as well be naked as bottomless, so that strategy wouldn’t work.

Time to rethink the strategy.

At the first checkpoint, she could hand over her sweater and bra. Then at the second checkpoint, they could take either her panties or her pants — they would probably take her panties, which would require her to get naked, briefly, but then she would be down to one item: her jeans. Then, at every checkpoint after that she would play the game: first unzip, then pull it down to her thighs, then ankles, and she would lose the jeans altogether only if she gets four tails in a row — a one in sixteen chance. She might have to spend a lot of time with her pants down, and let people laugh at her, but at least she probably wouldn’t have to get completely naked, or even totally bottomless, without a whole lot of bad luck.

The girls played this game every day for a whole month, and together, they contributed thousands of items of clothing for the Hurricane Relief Fund.

This no good for me. I sent my clothing home to motherland. I wanted to donate to be like rest of students, but I had not the clothing to give.

It is good that others donated and were no clothing like me for the day.

I invent a system for me to donate clothing. I would take girl with exposed girl parts and touch her. Maybe I kiss her too if she like. Soon she let me take her clothes for donation. She then like me – no clothes for the day. The boys, they cheered for my invention, too. Every one is good to donate to needy.

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