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If you’re not too shy, you might consider nudity as an option. Although public nudity is forbidden by the Dress Code except in certain circumstances (see below *), it is rare that a girl is ever punished for being nude in public. (This, too, has a notable exception **) Most girls have small breasts, which tend not to flop about very much, which could be distracting if she is topless or naked, and so her breasts don’t really need to be covered. If she is properly shaved, girls typically have an area of their body no bigger than a penny that would be considered their “private area”, or vagina. Again, this area is so small that most girls would say it’s hardly worth the bother to cover it. Finally, a girl’s anus is tucked away safely between her cheeks, and so it needs no special covering.


As mentioned, above, it is technically a violation of the Dress Code to leave the breasts and vagina uncovered, but, as you can see, each of these violations is very small in this case, and so it would usually go completely unpunished.

* Nudity is permitted in the following circumstances:
– During an Inspection, if you voluntarily remove articles of clothing to aid the Inspector in determining whether you are following the Dress Code,
– After an Inspection, if you were cited for indecency, and one or more articles of clothing were taken into evidence.
– On the day of an indecency hearing on which you were asked to appear nude to answer charges of indecency.

** Spirit Days “Open Season” warning
– During Spirit Days, which are designated days on which girls are encouraged to show school spirit by dressing in particular ways, such as in a minidress, for example, the girls in each dorm get together and decide which among them shows the least spirit, and they forcably strip her naked. As if being stripped by force weren’t humiliating enough, other students are expected to further humiliate the naked girls by fondling them to the point of visible sexual excitement, which, as you know, is forbidden by the College Code of Conduct. The girls who are being punished in this way are not allowed to resist the fondling in any way, although they are required to refrain from becoming sexually excited. So every encounter between a naked girl and a student who tries to get her excited is an entertaining battle. If the naked girl loses the battle, then the standard punishment for becoming sexually excited is consensual rape — that is, any boy can and should fuck the excited girl, because she’s “asking for it” (that’s the concept) by allowing herself to become excited. The overall combined effect of all these rules is to encourage greater school spirit by subjecting one poor girl from each dorm to a humiliating day of forced nudity and repeated raping during each Spirit Day.

Nyet! I mean. No! No. It is good for girl to be not with clothes on herself. I read book with Code. It is not good for girl to be wearing the miniskirt with panties, but it says not that girl without panties must wear the miniskirt. yes?

Girl not wearing the top is good. Yes? But girl with top not go to some building with instructor. Girl not wearing the top must not be wearing the bottom to enter. Girl is all girl. No?

I read book with Code carefully before sending all my clothes back to mother country. The top with the bottoms is hard to understood. The no top with no bottom it is easy to understood. I no wear top, and I no wear bottom no more. I am good girl, yes?

Comment By Zanna At 10/19/2007 6:55 PM

One we had a „spirit day“ and I was selected to strip completely, cause the other girls voted against me. Already at the first large trace, I was fondled by some schoolmates and had to give them access to my pussy, to stroke my labia. I did what I could, but I wasn’t able to stay dry and the class representative accomplished the punishment by fucking me at the tracing yard.
Comment By Jenna At 10/9/2008 12:11 PM

During the second trace, I was raped by another boy. At lunch time, I had still entered the refectory and stood in a queue, for getting lunch, a boy behind me began to touch me, laid his hand between my legs and inserted his finger in my vagina. I had no choice as to spread my legs and to wait. He continued until I got wet. This was the sign for him to use the opportunity and fuck me. It was very embarrassment, cause the whole school was watching.
Comment By Jenna At 10/9/2008 12:12 PM

After he finished, I could take lunch. But before I had finished meal, another boy, who was sitting nearby, also began to stroke me. In accordance with the ccc I was not allowed to leave. it came which to come had. By his action, I got wet again and he forced me to lay on the table and screw me. At this day I was raped seven times by different boys, at which one of them fucked me in my ass. After this experience, I tray hard to show the greatest school spirit.
Comment By Jenna At 10/9/2008 12:14 PM

To Jenna!I think your experience is a good motivation for all girls to show more school spirit. At spirit-days i always chase, which girls have shown the least spirit. I remember, that on a one-item day Karen, who is very lazy, was elected to strip naked. As she would left the classroom for the first recess, i obstructed her the passage and grab between her legs. Then i stroke her, until she became wet and fucked her. The teacher, who was still in the classroom congratulated me, cause Karen was a really worse student. At the beginning of the next lesson, he told the whole class, what happened and that he agreed with it. What should I say. On that day, Karen was the purpose of most classmates. In every target she was consensual raped at least one time and at the lunchtime several times. After that she became a better student and off course she shows on spirit-days a lot of teamspirit.
Comment By RobertP At 12/8/2008 1:40 PM

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