Home for the Holiday

I was going home for the holiday, but not my home. His home. Sort of scary to be meeting his family for the first time. He didn’t make it any better. I was hurrying back from my last class when he spotted me.

He asked, “Is that what you are wearing to meet my folks? Dad will love you, but I’m not certain how Mom is going to react.”

“No! I’m running late. I was just at my Communications course, giving my speech. I’m heading home to put on my dress. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Well, it was slightly more than a few minutes. I wanted to be sure everything was perfect. And also, since I would be heading across campus once again, I had to make certain those pesky inspectors would leave me alone, too. I picked out the perfect dress.

As any inspector can plainly see, I’m honoring the dress code. This hem makes it easy to flash I am not hiding panties or pubes.

You know the thing about inspectors. They are never satisfied once they stop you. They are thorough. I mean, if I’m flashing my front and showing them a bald vagina, why would they need to to inspect my backside? Okay, some girls do hide buttplugs under their skirts. We’ve debated whether this is a technical violation or not. Seems the inspectors are split on this point as well. My friend allows the inspector to pull and push her buttplug, and the inspectors all seem good with her wearing one.

And, sure, this dress is easy to show the inspectors no hidden bra.

My boyfriend is an inspector, and he always inspects me. He did remind me to be careful at his folks home. His father contributes large sums of money to the alumni association here. His father will be just as interested in making sure I’m properly inspected.

Now, that I think about it. I might as well have worn just the skirt. I’ll likely be removing this dress for his father before I can say, “Please, pass the mashed potatoes.”

14 thoughts on “Home for the Holiday

  1. sexy_pants

    Either way she’ll end up showing herself naked to his family. With inspectors in his family, they’ll understand if she spends the visit entirely or almost entirely nude.

  2. someone

    Can anyone tell me please the Title of the article discussing butt plugs. I’ll just need the title and will then find it in the post catalog. Thanks.

      1. Tina

        Well plugs are mentioned in that story. But questions are still unanswered:
        – Do plugs count as clothes, or accessory?
        – Can they be worn underneath clothes, or do they have to be visible when worn?
        – Are they allowed on campus at all?

        P.S.: Happy Nude Year!

        1. base Post author

          from that story, “This time, the Dean insisted on a zero tolerance policy. All costumes had to strictly adhere to the dress code.” Since the girl wearing the buttplug was not in violation of the dress code, it could be inferred she was properly dressed.

          As to whether she could legally wear a buttplug under a dress or skirt, well, sometimes it falls on the judicial system to interpret the laws. We might have to await a verdict from a judge on this matter, and that can only happen if a inspector views it as a violation, and then only until some girl wears a buttplug with other covering garments.

          Falling back on the Dean’s quote, yes, they are allowed on campus.

          My own humble opinion is that buttplugs can be worn as clothing or as an accessory under a garment. They can be no more or no less than a tampon might be, but the furries wear them that covers their butt cracks as a thong might. again, judicial review of the particulars would enter into the picture.


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