Global Warming Wednesday — part four

“Please lean on the podium.”

“I wouldn’t go there, if I were you,” came the young Professor’s response.

“The Code requires…” started the tall boy, twitching. But he was interrupted as she responded: “I suspect I know the ins and outs of the Code better than you. I’ve said I’m compliance with the Code, I believe that to be true, and I recommend that you go back to your seat.”

But he kept going, until as he put his hand on her shoulder, she blurted forcefully: “Stop!” “You’d have to take something out first,” looking down at her pussy, somewhat less red during this exchange.

More murmuring, as tall boy made a face: “Are you telling me it’s that time of….?” “That’s not quite what I said, but I’ve told you to stop and I’m not going to be the one to take it out.”

Tall boy paused, needing some time to process the possibilities. But backing down didn’t seem like the way to go: “If you won’t, then I have to.” And, crouching down, his index finger first detected that things were moist enough to enter, and then gently he inserted first his finger, then finger and thumb into her vagina, as the room grew increasingly silent.

“What is this?” he said, as he pulled out a clump of saran wrap, enclosing something light-coloured. Making a face, he untangled the wrap, and saw it was folded up pink piece of paper.

“Oh, geez.” A pink slip. Everyone saw it was a day-exemption pass. She had to have it with her, but suddenly, it was clear she had all along! He had just done a body cavity inspection, and she passed. His professor, and in front of 80 people. Tall boy got suddenly flushed, and this time it was his face.

She cleared her throat. “Well, I said I would be in control in this class. Sir, you are right there is a Code violation in this class. In my view, there was one giant arousal that took place in this room, which has interrupted our learning. Is there an inspector in this class who will call this what it is?” Someone in the back row raised their hand.

Tallboy and a few others shouted something like “the Code doesn’t apply to guys,” to which the Prof shouted: “Then appeal it. In the meantime, let’s work on punishment.”

“It’s reverse rape, isn’t it? I sit down, and you….” as tall boy started smiling for the first time in a bit.

“In your dreams!” dismissed the Prof. “That was just one example, and punishments are flexible to fit the crime. Let me think. Most of the punishments to girls have to do with having sex, yes, but losing the power to choose who it would be with, and perhaps having more of it than they want.

Looking to the class, she asked: “What would be the least gratifying way for your colleague to cum?” “In his hands? Probably.” “So stand up here in full view and do it. Twice. It won’t be nearly as much fun the second time. And part of your penalty will be that you probably won’t be able to do it again in the next few hours.”

Tall boy stood at the front. There was a bit of pre-cum from earlier, and it didn’t take long to work himself back up again. He first looked towards his professor for some motivation, but somehow she wasn’t quite as approachable as he hoped. Back looking some of his pretty classmates, jerking off “legitimately” in front of a crowd, a few long strokes, and some rapid attention to the tip, deep breaths, and soon he was shooting out a load upwards of a foot away. 

“Okay, hurry up. The penalty is twice.” The wood had subsided, and, beating away, the texture was all wrong.  Conscious that he wasn’t getting anywhere, he started going in the wrong direction. “Here, let me help,” said the Prof, pulling a small tube of KY out of her purse and squeezing some into her hand. (Doesn’t every professional girl carry it around?) Maybe it was the warmth, maybe it was the texture, maybe it was that she helped rub it in. A few seconds later, a much smaller amount dribbled out, and tall boy headed to his seat.

“Clean your mess up, sir. Now class, it’s almost ten, and let’s leave it here. “ Many in the class breathed a sigh of relief – but Wednesdays in this class in particular would never be the same.

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  1. Evaluator

    She “pulled out” the exemption form, alright. She may be in control, but at this stage many of us boys are feeling more than a little uncomfortable.


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