Is there really a difference between a top and a minidress?

Dear College Advisor,

I’m a High School senior, and I’m already accepted at your College, so I’m really looking forward to fitting in here. I’ve read some of the posts on this forum, and bits and pieces of the Dress Code, so I think I understand it, but I’m not 100% sure.

Maybe you can help me.

I get that I’m not supposed to wear panties under a dress, no matter how short the dress is, and I also understand there will be inspections.  I’ll admit that my heart is beating fast just writing this letter, because I’m so worried about having to strip naked in front of all my fellow students.  I’ve done a lot of reading, and I think I understand that if my dress is very very short, then I might not have to get naked in public, because the Inspectors will be able to tell that I’m not wearing panties, is that right?

But here’s my dilemma: if my dress is really short, and I’m not wearing any panties, then whenever I sit down, someone might see my pussy, right?  Is this really a problem?  Or am I just getting all worried over nothing?  I mean, if just about all the girls on campus are wearing really short dresses and no panties, then it must be common for people to see up their dresses. 

So, let me see if I understand how a girl is supposed to dress at the College…  She wears a short dress — short enought for her panties to show if she were wearing any…  But she doesn’t wear panties, because they’re not allowed under a dress…  So when she sits down, and people see up her dress, they will see her pussy…  This is common enough that it doesn’t draw much attention, and both boys and girls take it in stride, and don’t even look twice.

Whew!  My heart is still beating fast.  I think I’ll have to practice wearing shorter and shorter dresses in public without any panties underneath, until I can desensitize myself to the heart-pounding fear of someone seeing my pussy!  I’ve already started going to the mall wearing nothing but a minidress — no panties, and not even a bra, and it’s really fun!  I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me: my minidress is still a lot longer than the dress a girl would usually wear at the college.  For one thing, my butt is completely covered, so I never really worry unless a boy gets behind me on the escalator.  I’ve been in and out of lots of shops at the mall, and I can’t really find a dress short enough for the College.  So how do the girls find such short dresses?  Is it true they wear just a top instead of a dress?

This brings me to the main question of this letter:  Is there really a difference between a top and a minidress?  As an experiment, I came home from school today wearing one of my usual outfits: jeans and a cute top.  And yes, I wore panties, too.  I’m just in high school, so I should be allowed to wear underwear for a little while longer, don’t you think?  I looked at myself in the mirror, and noticed my top overlaps the jeans quite a bit, and this got me to thinking: Is there really a difference between a top and a minidress?  So I took off my jeans, and was really happy to see my top completely covered my panties, from the front, anyway.  From the back, I guess you could see the back of my panties, but I’m sure a thong would have been invisible.  So I took off my panties, and lo and behold!  My jeans top behaves just like a minidress!

I went downstairs and sat with my mom and watched TV with her.  My heart was beating out of my chest, I was so worried about being found out!  I kept fiddling with the hem of my tiny little “dress”, and kept my hands in my lap for modesty.  Eventually, I calmed down a bit, and got up to peer in the fridge for a snack.  My brother came into the kitchen, and slapped me playfully on my bare butt like he often does.  I felt myself turning bright red with embarrassment, thinking he figured out I wasn’t wearing panties.  But he just went on like nothing unusual happened, and then I realized he assumed I was wearing a thong.  Feeling like I just dodged a bullet, I found some leftover buffalo chicken and started eating it.

Soon my dad came home from work, and asked me how my day was and stuff — nothing unusual.  My sister wanted to play a board game with me, but it takes at least three people to make it fun, so we enlisted our mom to play with us.  We sat on the floor of the rec room to play the game, which scared me at first, but then I calmed down a bit and realized we were all girls, so I might as well sit my bare butt on the carpet, and hope for the best.  My sister did the same.  I saw her panties, of course, so I can only assume she and my mom saw my lack of panties, and didn’t think anything of it.

Before long my brother joined us for another game, and even though he’s a boy, he’s family, so I didn’t bother to cover up.  In a comfortable environment, it only takes a few hours to stop worrying, and just let people see whatever they will see.  I bet my brother knew all along that I wasn’t wearing panties.  The fact is, when I sit down, I might as well be completely bottomless, because there’s no way to hide my lack of panties.  So what if I wore an even shorter top? 

This experience with my family was a watershed moment for me.  I realized it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a short dress or a long top.  If I’m wearing panties, people will see them, and if I’m not, they’ll see that I’m not.  I realized that I can go bottomless in a comfortable situation, like our family game time in the rec room.  Close friends and family will see my panties or lack thereof, and either way, it doesn’t bother them, so why should it bother me?

Now, I’m assuming the College is like my family.  All the girls, and the boys, too, for that matter, are like close friends or family.  And the girls all wear very short dresses (or tops, more likely), and don’t really give much thought or worry to the fact that everyone knows they’re not wearing panties.   At any point in time, a student at the College can scan the seated girls in a classroom, or out on the grass, reading or relaxing, and look up any one of their dresses.  No big deal.  We’re all naked under our clothes, anyway, right?

So this brings me to my real question…  Since there’s no difference between a top and a minidress, does the top have to be any particular length?  I know it needs to be short so my lack of panties is evident, and that way I won’t get inspected (or not as often, anyway).  But is there a minimum length?  I mean, since my dress is short enough to make it plain to everyone that I’m not wearing panties (and I assume most other girls are doing the same) then all of us will have our pussies on display most of the time, at least when we’re sitting, right?

So what if I wore just a t-shirt instead of a top long enough to almost cover my crotch?  Either way, when I sit, my pussy is on display.  I realize a t-shirt covers less of my butt, but maybe that’s a good thing.  For one thing, a t-shirt would make it even more obvious to Inspectors that I’m not wearing panties.  And my pussy would be no more on display when I’m sitting down, right?

Is there any rule against going completely bottomless on campus?  I couldn’t find one in the Dress Code.

To help you answer my question, I took a picture of myself wearing the kind of t-shirt I would like to wear as a dress on Campuss this fall.

Would this top be OK to wear as a dress?  I know it’s really short, but it’s long enough for me to feel as decent any dress that’s short enough to reveal my lack of underwear.  I really hope you say yes, because I’m so excited to plan my fall wardrobe!

Meanwhile, I’m working on desensitizing myself to the disapproving glances I get at the mall when I wear really sexy outfits.  I’ve managed to work my way down to crotch-length tops that only cover half my butt.  I’ve even managed to talk some of my girlfriends into dressing the same way, which really helps me a lot.  There really is strength in numbers.

In the movies the other day, one of my girlfriends even dared me to roll my top underneath to make a false hem at belly-button level.  It was dark so we both did it, and sat completely bottomless through the whole movie.  It was so exciting!  She lifted the armrest between us, and we intertwined our legs and kissed, just like a pair of lovers.  Her top had buttons, so I opened it and fondled her breasts while we kissed.  I’m not sure, but I think I came once or twice.  Or maybe I just hovered at the edge of orgasm, it was so much fun!

When the movie ended, my girlfriend tried to button up her top, but I guess the button threads were weak, or maybe my unbuttoning was a little too animated.   In any case, she had to hold her top closed, which I thought was really cute.  She wanted to go home right away because of her wardrobe failure, but I was really hungry, and begged her to sit with me at the food court.  I was happy to see she got used to not having buttons, and stopped messing with her shirt all the time, and just let it hang mostly closed, but very sexily partly open.  She has lovely breasts, and so it was nice to see them.

It’s such a joy to see a girl relax in her clothes, and be not just herself, but even freer than she had been.  My girlfriend is very animated, gesturing wildly when she talks.  For a while after the movie ended, she was very quiet, so worried was she about her top opening.  But as we sat in the food court, she opened up, and recaptured her bubbly self.  She paused to cover herself up only when someone shot her a disapproving glance, or a creepy leer.  More often, though, people just averted their eyes, and gave her the space she needed to be herself.  Without buttons, her shirt fell off one shoulder or the other, which I really enjoyed, because a girl’s shoulders are just about the sexiest part of her body.

As we walked back to our car, my girlfriend said, “I can’t believe your courage, dressing like that, so sexy!”

“I was thinking the same about you,” I said.  She had given up keeping her top closed, which meant not only was her delicious cleavage fully on display, but so was her pussy.  It was a man-tailored shirt, and the tail kept her butt nicely covered, which only added to her sexy look.

“Do you have any idea how many boys have been admiring your pretty butt?” she asked.

“I know I have a pretty butt, but my top covers most of it.”

She stroked my completely bare butt, right up to the small of my back.  “Not today, it doesn’t!”

I turned bright red.  I had completely forgotten our little game at the movies!  My top was folded under, and tucked inside the elastic “waist” just under my breasts!  I had been focusing so much on my girlfriend’s lack of buttons, and her gorgeous breasts and adorable hairless pussy that I had completely forgotten to pull my top down!  “Did I really parade myself through the food court this way?”

I started grabbing at my top to straighten it out, but my girlfriend stopped me.  “Wait!  You made it this far completely bottomless!  Why not see how long you can hold out?  It’ll be good practice for College.  If you ever get to the point where you can’t stand being bottomless in public, you can always fix your dress then, OK?”


“Look,” she said.  “I’ll do the same.  That is, I’ll resist the temptation to hold my top closed.  When my shirt falls off my shoulder, I’ll just let it fall, OK?”

“You mean you’ll let your shirt slip all the way down to your elbows?”

She nodded.

“With your tits hanging out for all to see?”

“Yes, as long as you leave your pussy on display.”

With that, I grabbed both of her labels, and ripped open her shirt, pulling it off both shoulders, and practically off her arms as well!  She grabbed it just in time, and let it settle to her forearms.  Quite frankly, I think I got the better deal, because not only were her tits out, but her pussy wasn’t at all covered.  She was so sexy, I hugged her, and grabbed both her butt cheeks.  She kissed me hard, and grabbed both my cheeks, letting her fingers dance between them.  I spread my legs to give her access, no longer caring what anyone might see.  We made passionate love, right there in the parking lot of the mall.  We didn’t even make it to the car before we both came.

She came after me again, so I dodged her and ran to the car, ripping off my clothes as I ran.  I threw my top into the car, and sat naked next to her.  Her shirt came off easily, and we made love again.  She started the car and drove while I jammed my head between her legs.  She put the seat back all the way, and rocked back on her pelvis as she drove.

“Why are we stopped?” I asked.

She pushed my head back down between her legs, and rolled down the window.  I kept on licking her.

“License and registration, please”

I popped my head up, and saw a cute lady cop peering into the open window.  My girlfriend leaned in my direction, lifting one leg and raising both her arms, giving me wonderful access to both her bright pink pussy and her sexy puckered little asshole.  But that’s not why she opened herself up.  She was reaching for the glove box while I was licking her from stem to stern and back again.  She started breathing fast, and sighing, then moaning, then yelling!  I used my fingers to rub her from her cute little butt along her inner thighs to her knees, and back again while I used my tongue to lick her from her cute little hood to her asshole, pausing only briefly to probe her wide-open vagina.  It makes her go wild when I stick my tongue in her pussy while sticking my nose in her asshole and wiggling it back and forth like Samantha on Bewitched.

When she was all done cumming, the officer said, “I stopped you because you weren’t wearing a seat belt.  Buckle up, now, OK?”  And she left.

She raised her seat, and buckled up.  I did the same.  Then we both busted out laughing!

 * * *

So if you can help ease my fears about wearing a t-shirt as a dress, even if it may be kind of on the short side, then that would make me a very happy girl.  Take another look at my picture, if you don’t mind, and let me know if I would be out of place dressing this way at the College.

Thanks so much!


5 thoughts on “Is there really a difference between a top and a minidress?

  1. Kiki

    Dear Amy,

    I’m not a College Advisor, I’m just a freshman, so I have just a year’s worth of experience here at the College. I must say I’m impressed by your level of understanding and maturity. Indeed you are quite correct that any dress short enough to keep you from being inspected is short enough for most people to get a good look at your pussy whenever they want to. So the t-shirt you’re wearing as a dress is perfectly fine, and puts you about at the middle of the range of hem length at the College. That is, about half the girls who wear dresses wear dresses longer than yours, and half wear shorter ones. I suppose my tops are on the shorter side — I don’t even pretend my tops are long enough to count as dresses. Why? It’s a silly reason, I suppose. It’s just that I like to decorate my belly button with a little piece of jewelry.

    Another consideration in choosing a top is whether you can also wear a bottom with it. In the picture, you’re wearing a t-shirt as a dress, which is fine, but you can’t wear a bottom with a dress, of course. So if you wear a shorter top (I call them “belly button” tops) then you can also wear a bottom. I would avoid wearing panties unless they’re sheer, just because they increase the risk of Inspection. Skirts longer than about three inches are a bad idea for the same reason. I like to wear what I call a “throw away” skirt — about two or three inches in length, made of very thin fabric, with no waist at all, and just a string to tie it on. I make these myself; they’re easy and cheap.

    Recently, I was wearing a throw-away skirt at breakfast, and seated near me was a really cute girl, but she was crying. “What’s the matter?” I asked.

    “Can’t you see?” she sobbed.

    I took a close look at her. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, I didn’t see anything wrong. I sat next to her, and stroked her long brown hair. “No,” I admitted, “I don’t see.”

    “I’m na! naked!” she hiccoughed.

    “Yes, I see that,” I said. It wasn’t unusual to see a naked girl at breakfast. Lots of girls wake up, eat breakfast, shower, and then dress, so putting on clothes just to eat breakfast is seen by some girls as a time waster.

    “It’s the stupid guard’s fault,” she sobbed. Apparently she had forgotten her meal ticket, and the guard wanted to hold an item of clothing as collateral so she would return with it later. This is standard procedure. But this poor girl only had one item of clothing, apparently, and she wasn’t at all happy she had to surrender it.

    So I took off my throw-away skirt, and gave it to her. “Here you go, honey.”

    She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes, “Really?” I nodded. She wrapped the skirt around her, and tied it on one side. Personally, I think it’s cuter tied in the back, especially this one, because on her there was about a four-inch gap between the ends of the skirt where it ties together. I like to tie a nice bow, and let the strings hang down between my cheeks. It attracts a lot of attention to one of my finer attributes, if I say so myself. Boys like to tease me by stroking me on my butt crack, and you know the rules, right? I’m required to spread my legs, in case they want to go a little deeper, which is their right.

    But I digress…

    The point is, the throw-away skirt can be really short, so it’s more symbolic than practical, and by giving it away that morning, I made a girl very happy.

    So, if you stick to tops of the “belly button” variety, then I think you will be very happy, too, because it will open up more options to you!

    I hope to see you next year at the College, Amy. Best of luck!


  2. Rob

    Hi Amy, as a sophomore on the college let me start by giving you a big welcome hug! I’m sure you’ll fit really well at our school and have tons of fun.

    Anyway, it’s great that you are taking the time to get familiar with the dress code before you start taking classes. Remember, however, that advice from your fellow students is the key to completely understand all the regulations.

    As a matter of fact, going bottomless is not only allowed, but advisable for inexperienced students: it’s the safest way to know you will not be breaking any rule concerning bottom clothes, and many girls prefer to go bottomless in their first months. Many of my lady-friends still avoid skirts and pants even now that we are all sophomores. Otherwise, a good rule of thumb is to keep your top well above your bellybutton (it never gets really cold in here, so you will never need much of a cover).

    Oh, and don’t worry too much about the boys in your year: go bottomless for a while and they will quickly get used to it. After a while it really feels natural; plus, you will all learn together how to properly enforce and adhere to the code. Now, I admit that there is a certain cute little butt that somehow manages to startle me every time (and the fact that it belongs to one of my best friends certainly doesn’t help, since she seems to enjoy teasing me quite a bit…)

    Anyway, it was great hearing from you and remember: if you are in doubt just ask a fellow student!

  3. Jim

    Others have offered excellent advice.

    Your central question seems to be: What is a top and what is a dress?
    A top is a piece of clothing that does not fall below your navel. A dress is any item that falls below below your navel. Many a girl, unsure of exactly where the invisible line between a top and a dress falls on her body, sensibly allow their tops to extend more than one inch below their nipples.

    I want to stress Rob’s point that once you are on campus you should always take advantage of the knowledge older students can share.

    If you want to swing by the campus I would be happy to go over your wardrobe with you. Just ask any student for Tiffany’s place.

    Lots of love,

  4. base

    Amy, wearing a top or a minidress is perfectly fine. However, wearing a Hustler tee shirt? What sort of impression do you wish to make on the boys? They might get the wrong idea about you wearing such a tee shirt. While such a tee shirt might serve a purpose to distract them, it does so in a very negative way. They start to look upon you as a sex object. There are plenty of tee shirts and crop tops that would look prettier on you, without such a vulgar display of sexual overtones. One option might be to remove the top and turn it inside out, and another method might be to cut out the center portion of the front to remove the Hustler name and image.


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