Dress Code Guidebook — Visible Sexual Excitement (archives)

As a pubic service to the students (yes, we know we spelled that word wrong), it is with great pain we feel we need to warn you girls against public displays of sexual excitement.  Why pain?  Because we would really prefer you to keep your pussies covered up, in which case it doesn’t matter how excited you get.  That’s really the best thing for you to do, and in large part, that’s the reason for the rule against showing your excitement.

But, for various reasons, we know it’s not practical to keep yourself covered up.  One reason is that you like to wear short dresses, and before you say it, we know, if you could wear panties, you wouldn’t have to show your pussy no matter how short your dress, but too bad: panties are not allowed under a dress.  The idea, of course, is that you will want to be covered up, and so you’ll think twice before wearing such a short dress.  But then, we know, you’ll be walking around with an “Inspect Me” target on your back, because unless your dress is very short, you could be hiding anything under there — like a Dress Code violation, for example.  So we get it.  Your goal is to wear a dress short enough to make it obvious you’re not wearing panties, but still long enough for you to feel decent.

A second reason it may not be practical to keep yourself covered up is the Inspections themselves.  It’s no sin to be Inspected.  We know many girls feel a tinge of shame when they’re forced to disrobe in public, but you shouldn’t feel that way at all.  It’s necessary, as you know, to have a voluntary inspection program, to give you girls the opportunity to demonstrate that in fact you are following the Dress Code.  You should take pride in your school, and our Dress Code which fosters decency in pretty girls like you.  We know your heart will be beating a little faster that usual, when you are selected for Inspection.  Quick thoughts will race through your mind: Am I naked under my dress?  Did I remember to leave my bra and panties at home?  Then, just before you strip, a feeling of relief will come over you as you remember you’re only one or two items of clothing away from being completely naked.  To show your naked body in front of a gathering crowd of students should be an honor.  You will feel your nipples harden as you undo first one button, then another, and finally slip out of your thin blouse.  As you unzip your skirt, you may feel your pussy moisten just a little, but you will remember not to become excited, because that’s against the rules, too.  Once you are completely naked, your pride in following the dress code evident on your face, you may feel free to wave to your friends in the crowd, but keep your ears open for the Inspector’s requests.  He may ask you to do such things as raise your arms, spread your legs, bend over, and the like.  Again, try not to feel shame in this, and know there are some good reasons for the requests.  Partly, they are to show your fellow students that you are indeed naked, and partly — there’s no denying it — it’s to hold you up as an example to others.  You see, although there’s no shame in being inspected, there is a cost involved.  We couldn’t possibly inspect all the girls, so why did we pick you?  Maybe it was because you looked like a violator, or walked like a violator.  Maybe you are just really pretty, and that inspector had an idea that pretty girls might take advantage of their sexy guile to get away with something.  Whatever the reason, he felt the need to devote his cost and energy to inspecting you.  By causing you some very minor embarrassment, stripping you naked serves as a deterrent to other girls.  We hope you understand.

Finally, after you’ve been stripped naked, the Inspector will decide if you did, in fact, violate the Dress Code.  Remember, the Dress Code means more than just keeping your panties at home.  Did you obey the Inspector quickly enough?  Sometimes a girl pauses before stripping out of shyness, or she gets flustered and removes her clothing in the wrong order.  Any of these things can lead an Inspector to conclude the girl is hiding something, and so he can cite her for a violation of the Dress Code, and keep one or more articles of clothing as evidence to be used against her in a fair and impartial hearing.  If it’s just a matter of hesitating a few seconds before stripping, there should be nothing for you to worry about.  You will be found “decent” in the hearing, and will go free without any punishment at all.  The only downside of being cited in error is that you will be deprived of your clothing between your inspection and your hearing.  Again, this is nothing to be ashamed of, and naturally, your fellow students will understand your hesitation to strip.  Trust us, many girls find themselves naked for the same reason, and after they get over the shock of having their clothes taken away, they all find a way to go to their classes, and have a normal day.

And a third reason many girls don’t cover up is by their own choice.  Some girls prefer to go bottomless.  There’s nothing in the Dress Code that prohibits a girl from dressing this way, as long as she feels comfortable and decent.  Sometimes a girl finds her skirt too confining.  Sometimes a girl wants to wear a top that extends below her belly button by a few inches, and she knows that many inspectors might consider it long enough to qualify as a dress.  For such girls, wearing a skirt might not be practical.  Certainly we don’t force girls to wear a skirt if they don’t want to.  When she’s sitting in class, most of her fellow students will only see the top part of her body anyway.  A student sitting immediately behind her may see part of her butt, and one sitting next to her may see her thighs, but as long as she keeps her legs together, her fellow students will not see any more of her sexy body than they would if she wore a skirt.

We aren’t sure if we’re boring you with this rundown of possible reasons a girl may wish to forgo a bottom, but there is just one more, so please bare with us, and for this reason, we do mean bare!  You see, health regulations require girls to wear tops in classrooms and inside other College buildings, unless they are naked.  And during the warmer months, we know many of you girls like to go topless.  Especially if your breasts are not very large, you girls figure, what’s the big deal?  Boys don’t have to cover them, so why should we?  And you’re right.  So many girls have discovered the loophole in the College rules that allow them to go topless in class — to go bottomless as well.  Of course, these girls would rather not be naked, but they are willing to sacrifice their bottoms in order to go topless.  We feel these girls are taking advantage of the loophole in the rules to go topless in class, and some faculty members have suggested changing the health regulations.  One group of faculty members favors requiring girls to wear tops whether or not they are also wearing bottoms.  But it was pointed out that this would deny naked girls access to classrooms, and some girls find themselves naked through no fault of their own, such as if they were stripped and cited by an Inspector on the way to class.  Another group of faculty members favors repealing the policy against going topless in classrooms, which would allow topless girls to wear skirts in class.  Many teachers and students favor this approach; however the health rules are there for a reason (though no one can remember what it was), and there is a fear that many more girls would shed their tops if they didn’t have to also shed their bottoms.  So the rule remains.


The so-called “fondling” rule allows any student to touch the exposed parts of a girl.  The intent of this rule is to encourage each girl to cover up the parts of her body she doesn’t want touched.  The rule is well known, so girls expect to be touched everywhere they’re not covered up.  For example, a girl wearing a dress expects her legs to be touched.  If her dress is short enough to expose some of her butt, then she should expect the exposed portion of her butt to be touched.  She can control how much of her butt is off limits simply by selecting a dress of the appropriate length.  In general, if she wants to keep her pussy off-limits, she should wear a dress long enough to cover it completely.

Visible Sexual Excitement

The telltale signs of sexual excitement are erect nipples, open or red lips, and vaginal wetness.  Girls should refrain from displaying these body parts in a state of arousal.  The easiest way for her to do that, is simply to cover them up.  But this isn’t always possible or desirable, so the best advice a girl can follow is to simply avoid becoming aroused.  This isn’t always easy, especially if she is very beautiful, because she will make an attractive target for any other student who may want to fondle her.

The punishment for displaying sexual excitement is harsh, because this behavior is very distracting to the student body, and should be strongly discouraged.  And the punishment fits the crime, because an aroused girl is punished by giving her what her body is asking for: to be raped.  We call it “consensual rape”, because a girl consents to the rape by allowing herself to become aroused in the first place.  Also, by exposing her body parts, she has consented to fondling, which, if she is not strong enough to resist it, leads to arousal, so if a girl is raped, well, she asked for it, making it consensual.  The only possible exception would be if the girl was stripped against her will, but even then, why was she stripped?  If it was a punishment for misbehaving, then the misbehavior was the consent, in effect.  If she was stripped as a natural part of being inspected, and failed to comply fully with the inspection, then it’s her fault she’s naked, and she should first try to stay dry, and then if she fails at that, she should accept her punishment without complaint, since she brought it on herself.

By imposing such a harsh punishment, and through the use of sanctioned fondling, we expect most girls will choose to dress modestly, avoid making mistakes that risk loss of clothing through punishment, and comply fully with the Dress Code Inspectors.

Encountering a Naked Girl

What should you do when you encounter a naked girl?  If you are a boy, check her for sexual excitement.  The telltale signs are erect nipples, open or red lips, and vaginal wetness.  Often, these signs are not easy to detect, so you may need to conduct a thorough investigation.  The “fondling rule” allows you to touch any part of the girl she has chosen not to cover with clothing.  This rule is partly to allow you to properly investigate her for signs of sexual excitement, and partly to dissuade her from revealing body parts she would rather you not touch, which fosters modesty among girls.  Also, by leaving herself open to all sorts of touching, a girl who has been forced to strip off her clothes may feel an added sense of humiliation, so if her forced stripping was done as a punishment, she will be subjected to repeated fondling, which will further punish and humiliate her.  Of course, if the stripping was merely the result of an inspection at which she was falsely cited, she should not feel any embarrassment, and she should take any fondling in stride, trying as hard as she can to avoid becoming turned on.

Since this girl has decided to (or been forced to) remain naked, she must leave herself open for fondling anywhere on her body by any other student.  If you are a boy, you should use this rule to test her pussy for wetness.  By rubbing it gently with your fingers, you should be able to determine whether she is at all moist.  Sometimes, it takes several minutes to do a full test, so be patient.  Also, your finger may not be shaped adequately to assess the girl’s bodily moisture.  You might consider using a different part of your body that is better suited to the task of vaginal penetration.  If you are a naked girl, and a boy begins testing your pussy this way, you should spread your legs to give him full access, and try not to become moist.


It is common for a girl to lose the battle, and allow herself to become excited while a boy is testing her.  It is also quite common for the boy to become aroused as well, and then it is natural that he should give her what her body is asking for: a good fucking.


We in the Applied Sciences Department favor the local faculty to decide whether a building should be permitted to ban topless female students or not. The faculty already have control of what is permitted/required within their classrooms. Some professors do not mind and see no reason to restrict toplessness during their lectures. Afterall, a nude co-ed seated at a desk appears much the same to the professor and most of the classmates as a topless co-ed, unless she is seated in the front row. Hence, the Dean of Applied Sciences is granting special permissions to the Science buildings’ hallways and study areas to allow students to attend dress or undressed as they choose subject to the professors holding classes that hour.
Comment By base At 9/14/2008 2:43 PM

The downside, and frustration, for some students is that a building’s rule allowing a topless co-ed can change from day-to-day or even hour-to-hour. It is up to the students to keep this in mind when choosing what to wear or not wear to classrooms.

For in science, the rules of nature do not change, but the rules of man do. It is educational for the students to better understand this through demonstration of the application of the local Dress Code.

Comment By base At 9/14/2008 2:44 PM

Ah yes, I remember when that girl was stripped during an inspection. A large crowd had formed, and a series of boys wanted to test her for arousal, which the inspector thought would give them practice and help to enforce the rules. The first couple spent a couple of minutes each sliding their fingers over her pussy lips and clit, while the inspector made sure she kept her legs wide open. Then a couple of boys spent a few minutes slipping their fingers between her pussy lips, inserting them all the way inside her pussy while trying to detect arousal. In the end, Thomas, known for his enormous cock, decided to test her arousal by placing his erect cock into her pussy a couple of inches – a tight fit. He then declared she was aroused and pushed his cock in all the way. I remember all the details because I was taking photos for the school paper the whole time, getting some good close-ups so we could all see how the Code works for everyone.
Comment By collegeboy At 9/15/2008 12:56 AM

Well, just so everyone is clear, she really was showing signs of arousal by that point – her pussy was tight, squeezing my cock, but also wet enough for me to slide in quite easily.

I’ll let you all in on a secret though. It was that girl’s first day at the College, and that moment when I pushed my prick all the way in – well, let’s just say she lacked the kind of experience no College girl manages to avoid for long. That is why her hand is moving protectively over her pussy in the last photo, and that is why she gave that startled yelp when I took her virginity that day

Comment By thomas At 9/15/2008 3:39 AM

As i was a freshman, i had my first inspection. I was very ashamed and off course nervous to be striped naked in public, while stranger gathering around. The inspector was gentle. It took only a few moments, than i got my clothes back. But later, other inspections were not so kindly. Most often it takes a longer period, before i get my clothes back. Sometimes, the inspectors tests me about excitement. Normally without any result. But i remember one day, as i was inspected. A lot of boys gathering around. I was striped naked and then had to spread my legs and bend over, while he was ‘testing’ my wetness.
Comment By Jennifer At 1/2/2009 10:09 AM

It took a few moments, while he stroke my pussy. The result was, that he found me excited. but is was only, cause he stroke me. But he had no mercy with me and raped me, while the boys watch. And one time, an inspector, after i had to strip, called a boy to test my wetnes as a tutorial. cause his fingers felt clumsy, the inspector made him to test wis his weenie. naturally, that i became wet of this treatment and was raped at once. i think this behaviour isn´t fair.
Comment By Jennifer At 1/2/2009 10:10 AM

Jennifer, its your turn to resist to become wet. The inspectors did always a good jobs and that you were raped was only the achievement of your wetnes. Its a good idea to make some boys test a girls wetnes, so they can learn. I hope the boy did in a right manner, while he fucked you. In future stay dry or count on beeing screwed at once. If you cant resist, than try to enjoy it.
Comment By Jonny At 2/18/2009 12:04 PM

I’m as horny as ever!
Comment By Joshua At 3/2/2009 6:25 PM

So, what is this ‘different part of your body that is better suited to the task of vaginal penetration’ – is it what I think it is?
Comment By curious At 4/3/2009 10:12 AM

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