Donna’s Summer Internship — 02. Mandy’s sore butt (archives)

“Tech Support, Donna speaking!”  A pause.  “Oh, it’s just you, Mandy.  What can I do for you?”  Donna was in her element as a summer intern.  The office environment suited her.  “What’s wrong, Mandy?”  Another pause.  “Sure, come on over, and I’ll see what I can do to help.”  She hung up the phone, and bit her finger nervously.  She wore a nice light blue top which was long enough to serve as a dress, and beneath it, a pair of white panties.  At the College, she had gotten used to going without panties, but here in the office, panties were the norm.

When Mandy arrived, Donna motioned to her “guest chair”, but Mandy said she would rather stand.  Donna stood up, too, and hugged her friend.  The girls didn’t know each other that well, but they worked for the same boss, and Mandy was very sweet and nice.  She had small breasts with puffy nipples, which made her look much younger than she was.  Her skin was soft and smooth, and she was so thin she looked much taller than her five foot eight.

Donna didn’t need to ask why Mandy was naked.  Both girls knew how mean the big boss could be.  Mandy did something wrong, or maybe just something the big boss didn’t like, and he spanked her.  “Did he make you strip?” Donna asked, wiping away tears from Mandy’s pretty face.

“No, it was worse.”  She sobbed uncontrollably as Donna consoled the distraught girl.  “He just asked me if my panties were uncomfortable.  They weren’t, of course.  In fact, the thin fabric of my panties was the only thing protecting my butt from his vicious spanking!”

Donna stole a glance at Mandy’s red butt.  “You poor girl,” she said.

“So I thought, maybe he wants me to take off my panties.  I know the sexual harrassment rules forbid him from asking for his girls to strip, but I kinda thought that’s what he wanted.  In the back of my mind I thought maybe if I take off my panties he’ll stop spanking me.”

“Do you need some lotioin?”  Donna asked.  Without waiting for the answer, she put some lotion in her hand, and smoothed it onto Mandy’s cute little tits, and then her belly.  She would save Mandy’s sore butt for last.  Without hugging Donna, Mandy drew her lips closer to Donna’s, and kissed her.  This is such a sensual thing, Donna thought.  Just lips.  And then tongue.  A deep kiss, without any other touching.  She felt her pussy juice up as she worked the lotion into Mandy’s sexy body parts.

“He thanked me for the gift of my panties, but then he spanked me some more.  It was horrible, Donna.”  She sobbed some more as she recalled this part, although the sobs were drier now.  She was nearly cried out.  “He made me bend over and spread my legs.  When I bent over, my dress fell down over my tits and shoulders, leaving my ass totally exposed.  I prayed that no one in the cubical city saw this, I would have been so embarrassed.”

“I’m sure they were all hard at work,” Donna said.  This seemed to ease Mandy’s mind.  Donna applied some lotion to her abdomen, and the upper part of her beautiful long legs, and gently worked it in.  “Sorry,” she said as she accidentally touched her soft wet inner lips.

“It’s OK,” Mandy said, spreading her legs, and moving a little farther into Donna’s cubical for privacy. “The lotion feels good.”  She tilted her head back, and closed her eyes before continuing her story.  “He beat me mercilessly, hitting my soft cheeks.  He made me spread my legs so wide I thought I was going to break, and then he pounded my asshole and my pussy just as hard.  I feel so ashamed, Donna,” and then she broke down again in long dry sobs.

“It’s OK, honey,” Donna said as she began working on Mandy’s tender butt.  The girls stood front to front.  Mandy hugged her friend, and Donna gently massaged Mandy’s butt, working the lotion into her crack, and gently rubbing her asshole with her fingertips.  She worked the lotion up and down, lubricating her tailbone, anus, perineum, and vulva with sweet love and tenderness.

“No, it’s not OK,” said Mandy.  “I mean, you don’t know why I’m so ashamed.”

Donna looked into Mandy’s pretty blue eyes.  “Did you cum when he hit you?”

She broke down and cried real wet tears, but she didn’t answer the question.  She didn’t have to answer.  “It’s OK,” said Donna.  She took Mandy’s head in her hands, and stroked her pretty long hair.  “It’s OK,” she repeated.  And then she kissed her friend.

Mandy responded by grabbing Donna’s head with both her arms, and kissing back as hard as Donna had ever been kissed.  Then she wrapped both her legs around Donna’s body, accidentally dislodging Donna’s panties.  Donna moved her hands to support Mandy’s butt, one cheek in each hand, with her fingertips wedged in her well-lubricated crack.

The girls kissed for a long time before Mandy gradually de-pretzeled herself from Donna.  “I feel better, now,” she said.

“I’m glad the lotion helped,” Donna said.  Both girls left unsaid that it wasn’t the lotion that helped, but Donna’s sweet, kind words.  “Let’s go down and get you some clothes.”  She was referring to the T-shirt shop on the ground floor of their office building.  This is the place all the girls go, whenever the big boss makes them strip.

“I hate to go naked,” Mandy said, shrugging her shoulders.  Donna knew what she meant.  She hated to do it, but she would.  The people who work at the T-shirt store must be used to naked shoppers by now, since it seems to keep happening on a regular basis.

“I’ll lend you my panties,” Donna said, taking them off.  Donna knew she was taking a risk, because panties were required office attire, but her top was almost long enough, and besides, how could she let such a pretty girl parade herself naked in front of everyone?  It just didn’t seem fair.

“No, I couldn’t,” Mandy said as Donna held them out to her.  The girls were about the same size, and the panties were a very pretty bikini style.  Eventually, Mandy took them, and winced as she eased them over her sore behind.

“Now, we’re even,” Donna said cheerfully.  “I’m bottomless, and you’re topless.  Like salt and pepper.”

Mandy laughed and agreed.  They were both half dressed, which is a whole lot better than being naked.  Besides, she thought, my tits are so small, they’re like a boy’s, and boys don’t need tops.  She followed Donna to the elevator, and admired her pretty butt, which was accentuated by Donna’s pretty blue top, which caressed the very top of her crack.  As they waited for the elevator, Donna absently tugged at the front of her top, hoping it at least partly covered her pussy.

As they got in the elevator, they were glad to be alone together.  You see, the elevator is covered in mirrors, even the floor!  With both girls so scantily clad, the elevator seemed to be full of thousands of tits, pussies, and butts.  The girls stole a few seconds to kiss.  It was brief, but they made up for it in passion.

When they got off the elevator, who was waiting in the lobby to get on, but the big boss!  He was with some colleagues, though, so he wasn’t in a position to complain about Donna’s lack of panties, or Mandy’s lack of a top.

Once they were out on the busy sidewalk, they felt somehow safer and more comfortable.  It’s strange how that works, Donna thought, but in the midst of so many strangers, all with their own agendas, all in their own worlds, it seemed to matter less that her body parts weren’t all covered up.  She could see by the way Mandy’s puffy nipples had softened, that she was feeling more comfortable, too.

They turned into the T-shirt store, and were greeted warmly by the proprieter, an ageless Vietnamese man who kept the store freezing cold for whatever reason the girls couldn’t fathom.  Donna laughed at the way Mandy’s nipples stiffened.  “What about yours?” Mandy retorted, pointing at Donna’s own little dress tents.  The two girls laughed, and kissed again.

“What about this one?” Mandy asked, holding up a pretty pink tank top.

“Try it on!” encouraged Donna.

Mandy disappeared into the changing room, which amused Donna.  Why not just pull it over her gloriously naked top right in the store, but whatever.  She must have felt a little more comfortable changing in private.  When she emerged, Donna gasped with delight.  “It’s perfect on you,” she gushed.  “Do a turn for me.”  Mandy spun around, and Donna agreed the length was exactly right.  It half-covered her butt, and exactly covered her pussy, so it could be worn either with or without panties.

“I’ll get it, then!”

The girls made their way to the old man, who was smiling from ear to ear.  “Gimme”, he said, motioning for Mandy to hand over her pink top.

“Then I’ll be naked,” Mandy said coyly, with an expression of mock shyness.

“Gimme,” the man repeated.  “Scan,” he explained in his broken English.

Apparently the garment had an RFID tag that he needed to scan in order for her to complete her purchase.  Reluctently, she took off the pink top, and handed it over.  The man barely noticed the naked girl, or how cold she looked, focusing instead on scanning the top.  “Na naaay eew”, he said.

The girls had no clue what the man was trying to say, but the price, $9.92 appeared on the register.  Donna waited for Mandy to hand over some money.  Mandy looked at Donna.  “I didn’t bring any money,” she said.  The girls laughed as they realized they went clothes shopping with no money and no credit card.  To the man, Mandy begged, “Can I pay you later?”

“Na naaay eww,” the man repeated, clutching the pink top firmly.

“Will you hold it for me until I get back with the money?” Mandy asked.

“De-pot,” said the man.

“Deposit?” Donna suggested.  The man nodded.  “But we have nothing to give you as a deposit.”

“Dress,” said the man, motioning to Donna’s blue top.  It was sweet of him to call this a dress, Donna thought.  Maybe it covers me more completely than I thought.

Mandy spoke up.  “You mean to say you won’t hold this pink top for just a few minutes unless my friend here parts with her dress?”  The man nodded.  His smile had faded.  He was serious now.

The two girls looked at each other.  Her blue top was all Donna had left between her beautiful body and total nudity.  “Well,” Donna said, doubtfully.  As the man craned his neck for a good view, she tentatively lifted the bottom of her “dress”, contemplating whether she would be able to get back to her cubical and then back down to the store in the nude.

“Please?” begged Mandy, who was already naked, and had nothing to lose.  Donna continued to hesitate.  It was a tough decision.  The man waited while the girls decided.  “I’ll tell you what,” she offered.  “I won’t make you take it off.  I’ll just slip it off you in the least painless way I can, OK?”

“Least painless?” Donna asked, laughing.

“You know what I mean,” Mandy said, pouting.  She knelt before her friend, and kissed her pretty crotch as she worked the dress up over her sexy hips.  She let her fingertips flit about Donna’s backside as she took pleasure in both the quantity and taste of Donna’s sexy juices.  Unconsciously, Donna spread her legs as she raised her arms to give Mandy not only full access to the top so she could remove it, but also full access to Donna’s sexy body, so she could continue her campaign of distraction.  Mandy momentarily allowed Donna’s top to rest above her pretty breasts, giving her enough time to gently suck on each nipple, hardening it further than any air conditioning could.  Then she completely inverted the top, placing its hem in Donna’s upstretched hands.

There Donna stood, legs apart, back arched, and tits — well, her tits were gorgeous.  Her face covered, but she was otherwise naked.  The man mimed “Shhh” as other customers entered the store.   They, too, stopped to watch the girls.  Donna’s pussy was dark pink and glistening with anticipation.  Mandy knelt before her friend once again, and began licking her blooming flower.  She smoothed her hands over Donna’s sexy hips, and her tight round butt as she licked and licked.  Donna clenched her hands over her top, and moaned softly.  Her knees almost buckled as she came.  Mandy pressed her mouth hard against Donna’s pussy, and spread her cheeks with both hands as she fingered her asshole, and extracted all of Donna’s juices.  After several minutes of this, during which Donna moaned softly, Mandy pulled the top off her friend’s head, and kissed her.  The man deftly snagged the top before it hit the ground, and the two naked girls kissed.  They didn’t hear the applause of the customers who had entered the store while they were busy.

Mandy led her naked friend out of the store without a word, her own pussy showing the signs of sexual excitement.  Of course, she didn’t cum while she was servicing her friend, but she was on the edge, and it felt so good.  “I swear, Donna,” she whispered once they were on the crowded sidewalk, “one touch from you between my legs, and I’ll cum.”

“You mean, like this?” she asked, palming her friend’s inner thigh.

“Ohhh!” Mandy shrieked.  It was Donna’s patented maneuver that did her in.  With her palm of Donna’s right hand on Mandy’s left thigh, she managed to decloak Mandy’s hood with one finger while pressing her thumb against her asshole.

“You’ve experienced my famous underbody rubdown,” Donna proudly announced.

“If we weren’t in public, I would kiss you,” Mandy said.

This story ended in a terrible hurry. I mean, I know the girls both came several times, and that’s sweet, but here they are, both naked, walking back into their office building, and both with red juicy pussies. Isn’t that noteworthy?

And what happened to the panties? Mandy left them in the changing room, apparently. Did the girls just forget all about them?

Does the rest of the story go off without a hitch? I mean do the girls make it back to their office, get the ten bucks for Mandy’s pink top, and get that old gook to give them both the clothes they need to feel at least somewhat decent?

I think there needs to be a better finish to this story.

Comment By April At 9/13/2008 9:08 PM

April, I think that is what Part 3 is suppose to be. Patience.
Comment By base At 9/14/2008 2:27 PM

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