Dress Code — Bush (archives)

Dress Code — Bush

“It’s such a beautiful day!” Donna said as she whipped open the curtains in the dorm room she shared with Crysta.

“Ohhh,” Crysta moaned, still half asleep. She secretly resented Donna for being in such a good mood all the time. “Turn off the lights!”

“No can do, sweety,” Donna said. “It’s the sun shining on you. Can’t turn that off!” Crysta didn’t see Donna wink at her, which was a shame because she was especially beautiful in the morning before she put on any clothes.

Every morning, Donna delayed dressing longer than the morning before. It was a game she played, to see how long she could stand being naked before she had to give in and put something on. When she had first arrived, in September, she was such a prude that she even wore panties to bed. Crysta broke her of that habit pretty soon, though. Even so, Donna always found a pair of panties to wear before venturing out of her room, even to go to the bathroom.

But once Donna saw one or two other girls walking about the dorm naked, she gave it a try. She first time she ventured out of her room naked was very early in the morning. She hoped no one else was up. She went to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth, and made it back without being seen. Whew! The next morning, she did the same thing, but one girl saw her. She was mortified, but tried not to show it. The girl didn’t even notice Donna was naked. This relaxed her quite a bit, and before long, it didn’t even bother her when girls and even boys saw her naked before breakfast. Soon, Donna noticed that about half the girls did the same thing she did — they stayed naked until breakfast time, and only dressed to go to the cafeteria.

Once, while she was waiting in line for breakfast, she noticed the girl in front of her was naked. She struck up a conversation with her, and eventually got around to asking her about her nudity. She explained that she preferred to go back to her dorm and dress after breakfast. She was a physical girl, touching Donna as they chatted. Donna was hesitant to touch a naked girl, but she seemed to expect it, so they hugged and touched their lips together as they chatted. The girl stroked Donna under her clothes, and Donna realized the conversation would have been a lot more enjoyable for her if she were naked, too. So the next morning, Donna decided to wait until just after breakfast to dress. “How could I have missed out on this?” she wondered. Breakfast in the nude was delicious! Every day, Donna hoped to see the naked touchy girl again. Instead, there would always be other girls just in front of her or behind her, just as curious about Donna’s nudity as Donna had been about the touchy girl. Donna tried her best to tenderly stroke the girls she spoke with, and over time she noticed that she had made some progress converting her sisters. By springtime, there were always a handful of naked girls at breakfast. The naked girls always greeted each other with a warm kiss and a friendly hug. Donna especially enjoyed it when the other girl would stroke her butt while they kissed.

One especially hot day, when she was dressing after breakfast, put on a pair of sexy panties, and started looking for a top to wear. She wanted to find something really cool — sheer, perhaps — but every top she picked through was big and hot. Even a bra seemed too hot today, so she decided to just go topless. The panties were plenty decent, she reasoned. No need to wear a top as well.

So off she went to class, where a Campus Cop barred her from entering the building. He pointed to the sign — No Shirt No Shoes No Service, it said. He told her there was just one exception to the rule. He pointed to the fine print, which said “naked girls OK”, and winked at her. As she debated whether to pull off her panties or cut class, a topless girl passed her, and went in the building.


“Hey!” Donna said to the Campus Cop. “Why did you let her in, and not me?”

“Because she’s naked,” said the cop.

“No she wasn’t,” said Donna, “Her pussy was covered.”

“Yes it was,” said the cop, “by her muff!” He let out a roar of laughter as if he had made some huge joke.

Her muff! Donna realized this was the answer. She would grow out her muff, and that way her pussy would always be covered. That evening she told Crysta her plan. Crysta was overjoyed at the news. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting you to go bottomless,” she said.

“But it really wouldn’t be bottomless,” Donna countered. “I would alsways have my bottom with me.”

“Not at first,” Crysta reminded her.

“I’ll wear panties until my pubes grow out,” Donna said.

“No you won’t! The Dress Code doesn’t allow it.”


“That’s right, Donna. Even if you have a day’s worth of hair, you can’t wear any clothes below your belly button.”

“Maybe I need to rethink this,” Donna said.

“OK,” Crysta was supportive. “Let’s sleep on it tonight, and then we’ll talk about it tomorrow at breakfast.”

The next morning, Donna went to breakfast, naked as usual, but with the tiniest fuzz covering her lips. “So what’s it going to be, today?” Crysta asked. “Are you going to stay bottomless, or will you shave instead.”

Donna gulped, and said “I would so much like to be covered on the bottom, and still go topless to class. I think I’ll give it a try today, and see how it goes.”

Crysta agreed. “Take it one day at a time.” The girls nodded.


Donna made it through the day, wearing only a sports bra. The next day, she wore a crop top. The day after, a scarf tied around her boobs. Each day, her bush got a little bushier, and she started to breathe easier. Before long, she built up the courage to leave her top off. By the end of two weeks, Donna’s bush had grown to full size. She kept it trimmed, but not too short. She wanted full coverage. Soon Donna became one of the topless girls who was allowed into the building, because her bottom was her pussy hair.

Now I learn that some girls do grow their private hairs long. I thought all girls shaved all hair below their head. So when I read the rules about no private hairs under the clothing, I shaved myself clean. then I read the complicated rules for clothing, so I send all my clothes to mother country.

I will grow my private hairs long, but my roommate says for I to trim. She promised to show me want to do. I like when she checks the daily growing the private hairs with her fingers before the breakfast and the classes.

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2 thoughts on “Dress Code — Bush (archives)

  1. someone

    I still find it a little confusing: You are not allowed to enter the campus building when topless, but it is okay, if you are naked.
    But once you grow a bush (or any visible pubic hair for that matter), you are not naked anymore, instead you are now wearing a bottom. So if you now refrain from wearing also a top, you go topless and should therefor not be allowed to enter the campus building.
    SO if you want to abide by the rules, you either hafe to go naked (and that means saved clean, no top, no bottom), or you have to wear a top (and then may choose to wear a bottom, or not – your choice).

    1. base

      Pubic hair is considered a bottom at all times. If you wear a top with pubic hair, you are fully covered. Adding a bottom is not allowed with pubic hair, since that would be double layering.


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