CCC — No Covering Up (archives)

CCC — No Covering Up
According to the College Code of Conduct (CCC), girls are required to rely on their clothing to cover their body. Covering up with the hands or other non-clothing objects is not allowed. Also, keeping the buttocks clenched or the legs tightly crossed with the intent of covering up is not permitted.


The intent of this rule is to make it uncomfortable for girls to show too much skin. If girls were allowed to cover themselves, then there wouldn’t be so much incentive to wear decent clothing. But with this rule, a girl who is naked, or even partly naked, is open to full exposure to everyone, and so she is more likely to feel embarassed, ashamed, and humiliated by her nudity. Forcing girls to expose themselves rather than cover themselves also enhances punishment. If a girl is punished for misbehavior by forcing her to strip off some or all of her clothing, then the punishment is that much more humiliating if she isn’t allowed to cover herself at all.


Thus, paradoxical as it may sound, the purpose of this rule is for modesty. By forcing a naked girl to spread her legs apart to let everyone look at her pussy, she will feel the right amount of shame for whatever transgression she committed that got her naked in the first place.


This will make her less likely to sin in the future.

A sweet, young girl has had the misfortune of being at the wrong end of a public Inspection, where her only item of clothing — a dress — was confiscated. Later, she felt awkward without it, so she tried to curl up and stay covered. This is a mistake. She should think about the dress she wore, and try to understand why she was targeted for inspection. Sometimes a dress is too long, and so an Inspector can become suspicious that she is hiding a Dress Code violation. Now that she is naked, she should relax and open up — she should take her punishment like a woman.


The following images illustrate the classic covering-up dilemma: whether to cover the breasts or the pussy. It’s just not possible to cover both areas reliably.


This girl’s breasts are nice and big, her sexiest feature by far. So she makes the right choice when she covers them, letting her naked hairless pussy fend for itself:


Why do they wish themselves to hide? To me, this makes no sense. When I sent all my clothes back to mother country, I not shamed. I be shamed to have inspectors general take my clothes as not rules been followed, but not shamed of me being woman without clothing.

Yes, the boys they like to touch, but I promise them all good time after class. They appreciate no struggle, and they have friends I meet, too.

Comment By Zanna At 10/22/2007 7:31 PM

One pretty girl and was I together going to the class on reading famous writers. How you say, Literature? She all nervous about boys touching her breasts and pussy, so she no cover them, but I walked close behind her. My one hand over her large breasts and my other hand over her wet pussy. With her round backside close to my pussy, she was not shamed to walk without the clothing. the boys no like our trick. We entered the class on the reading without the boys stopping us. I did make them the promise to all have good time after class. the boys then be happy.

The rules hard for me to understand, but I like to have the learning.

Comment By Zanna At 10/22/2007 7:37 PM

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