Donna’s Summer Internship — 01. Introduction (archives)

“In a way, I’m a little sorry the summer is over,” Donna lamented.  She looked sexier than ever, her erect nipples visible through the straps of her wife-beater, which was blindingly white next to her dark tan.  The girls walked, hand-in-hand, not really going anywhere, just enjoying the sights of the College once again.  The freshmen girls are so cute, Donna mused, as one of them tugged on her dress, willing it to cover more of her body than it was designed to cover.  It was plenty long, but the poor girl wasn’t used to the breezy feeling of wearing nothing under it.  Crysta gave the girl a little love pat on her bottom as the girls passed her.  She watched Crysta’s naked butt recede into the distance, and shrugged her shoulders.  For whatever reason, Crysta had lost interest in wearing bottoms at all.  Today, she wore only a “hoodie” half shirt, which Donna had unzipped in a moment of playful frolicing, and which, apparently, Crysta had forgotten to zip up again.  Donna admired Crysta’s sense of adventure, especially the way she would go anywhere bottomless, even off campus.

Donna could never bring herself to go completely bottomless in public, though.  Sure, she would leave her lower cheeks bare beneath a short dress or a long top, which amounted to the same thing, after all.  (The Dress Code doesn’t distinguish between the two; This opens up a whole line of fashion avenues for the girls.  Rather than shopping for the shortest dresses they can find, the girls try on tops.  Many of them are plenty long enough to serve as dresses.)  But unlike Crysta, she would never leave her entire butt bare in public.  Don’t get me wrong; Donna wasn’t a fanatic about keeping herself covered.  She wasn’t one of those girls who always kept her legs together when she was sitting with her friends, and her dresses didn’t always completely cover her crotch, but they always came close.  Like today.  Her wifebeater covered about half her butt, leaving the sexiest part out in the open.  If she tugged on it, she could get it to cover her pussy, but then a few minutes later, it would have shrunk back to it’s natural shape, covering only about half her pussy.

“Why?” Crysta asked.

“Why what?”  The cute freshmen girls had distracted her.

“Why are you sorry the summer is over?” Crysta laughed at Donna’s absent-mindedness, hugging her, and then wrestling with her, grabbing her about the waist beneath her stretchy little top.

Donna didn’t seem to notice her top was bunched up around her breasts.  Being bottomless in public with Crysta was exciting, and she could always cover up later, if she ever felt self-conscious.  “Well,” she paused.  “This will sound silly, but I miss wearing panties every day.”

“You wore panties?”  Crysta tickled her friend, and wrestled with her some more.  They fell to the grass in the great field near the dining hall, both giggling.  All of a sudden, Donna was naked, and she saw Crysta running with her little white top.  Donna shrieked, and ran after her friend, but Crysta was off like a rocket, waving Donna’s top like a flag.  The girls shrieked and giggled so much they drew a crowd, which was fine for Crysta, but Donna felt self-conscious in the buff.  Crysta threw Donna’s top to someone in the crowd, but Donna kept pursuing her friend until she caught up to her and pinned her to the ground.  She stripped her friend naked, and threw Crysta’s top to the crowd.  The two naked girls wrestled until they were both too tired to move.

The sight of Crysta’s naked body made Donna forget all about trying to get her top back.  At this moment, she just wanted to make love to her beautiful, sexy roommate.  Donna kissed her mouth, then her neck, one of her lovely breasts, her flat belly, her lovely hip, her cheeks.  She drank in Crysta’s scent, and tasted her sexy juices.  All at once, Crysta’s body was covered in goosebumps.  Was it cold?  “Let me smooth these out,” she giggled, and they did gradually disappear.

“Mmmm,” Crysta said as the girls snuggled, naked on the grass.  Crysta had such a delightful way of flattening her tongue against Donna’s pussy, and between her cheeks.  “Tell me about your summer,” she said between licks.

Donna rested her cheek on Crysta’s thigh, and absently fingered her friend’s juicy pussy lips as she enjoyed the sensation of Crysta’s flat tongue making the trip over and over from her pussy to her asshole.  “Wait, stop,” she said, lifting herself to avoid cumming.  “Keep me right on the edge a little longer,” she begged.  Crysta stopped licking for a few seconds, and just traced little circles with her fingers on Donna’s cheeks, inching ever closer to her throbbing asshole.

“The panties,” Crysta reminded her juicy friend.

“Oh, yeah,” Donna said.  “I worked as an intern in an office.  I didn’t really know what people wore in an office, so I wore a thin white dress, you know the one?”

Crysta just nodded, as her mouth was otherwise occupied.

“And since it’s so thin — practically sheer — obviously, you can’t wear panties under it, or they would show.  But when I started work, one of the other girls came over to me — I was pretty sure her name was Marsha — and told me that all the girls were supposed to wear panties, or at least a thong, under their dresses.  I had no idea!  I was shocked on so many levels, I can’t tell you.  First of all, I didn’t know it was so obvious I wasn’t wearing panties.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t even think about it as I got dressed, but I guess the dress is not only semi-sheer, but pretty short as well, and so I should have known I wasn’t completely covered.  Secondly, I didn’t even own a pair of panties. Marsha told me not to worry, that it was just my first day and all, and so I should just finish the day dressed as I was, but to wear panties the next day.”

Crysta wiped her mouth.  “That was sweet of her to help you like that.”

“I thought so too.  I kissed her, and she kissed me back.  As we hugged, I guess my fingers slipped between her cheeks, and brushed against her asshole.  She blushed, because I discovered she wasn’t wearing panties, either.   She put her finger to her lips.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone, she said.  I kissed her again, and ran my hand all up and down her butt, and between her legs.  She felt really sweet, and the more I felt her, the harder she kissed me, and the tighter she hugged me.  I didn’t mind her hand on my butt, either.  It had been a while since I had kissed a girl, and it felt good that we were both naked under our little dresses.  I promised I would keep her secret.  I think she came when we were kissing, because our hugging started to feel like afterglow.  We were basking in it, when the big boss’ admin came over and told us we all had to go to his office for a meeting.”

“The big boss looked out the window of his office at the street below.  All seven of the girls in his department lined up in the “living room” area of his large office, our backs to a set of windows that overlook the “cubical city” where we worked.”

“At ease, girls,” he said.  On command, all my office mates spread their legs, and stood with their hands at their sides, and I did the same.

“You too, Donna,” he said.  I spread my legs a little farther.  “That’s good,” he said.

He walked behind us, and I turned my head to look at him.  “Face front!” he ordered.  I noticed none of the other girls turned their heads.  He felt my butt through my dress, and let his hand slip onto the lower part of my butt that the dress didn’t cover.  Crysta, you would have been proud of me, I didn’t flinch a bit.  I really thought he was going for my asshole, but he bypassed it, and just fondled my inner thigh before going on to the next girl.  He smacked one of them pretty hard, making her cry out in pain.  Another one made a little yelp, you know, so I figured he goosed her.  He walked around to our front, and pinched some of our nipples, and patted others on our belly or our pussy.  None of us flinched.  I could tell that he owned us.  He could do anything he wanted to us.

It seemed like an eternity, but maybe it was just a minute or two before he said,  “I’ll get right to the point.  It has come to my attention that some of you are out of uniform.  How many times have I told you girls to wear the company uniform: bra, panties, and a dress.  I don’t care how short your dress is, or whether you wear one at all.  But I don’t want to catch you again not wearing a bra and panties, is that clear?

I nodded, and the other girls said “Yes Sir”.  He spanked one of the girls, and she said “Yes Sir!”  He spanked her again, harder, and she said “YES SIR!”  He spanked her again, and she cried, with a broken voice, “Yess Sirrrrr, hiccup, sirrr”.  I felt so sorry for her, and so did the big boss.  He went over to her, and put a finger under her chin so she would look up at him.  “I’ll smooth some cream on your sore behind, would you like that?”  She sniffled and nodded.  Without a word, she took off her dress, and then her panties, leaving on only her bra.  The big boss her clothes in a drawer of his desk, and came out from behind it with a tube of aloe vera cream.  He smoothed it on her red butt, and then she resumed her place in line, and spread her legs, like the rest of us.  He put another dollop of cream in his hands and rubbed it on her butt, between her cheeks, and between her thighs.  “Thank you, sir,” she said softly, hoping he would stop touching her before she came again.  “I’ll let you know when I’m done,” he sneered.  He squeezed some more goo into his hand, and with the other hand, he pulled her bra up off her white tits.  He greased them up, and then went to work on her pussy and asshole some more.  He kept at her until she came.  Then, he wiped his hands on a towel, fished out the girl’s panties, and let her put them on.  Her butt was still so sore, though, that she didn’t pull them up past her thighs.  The poor girl must have cum a few times, because her pussy was almost as red as her butt.

“I received word,” said the big boss, “that at least one of you is out of uniform.  Now, I’m not so mad at Donna, here,” he said, patting my belly, “because she’s new, and maybe she doesn’t know any better.  But my spies are everywhere, and one of them snitched.  The thing is, my spy didn’t tell me which one of you is out of uniform, so I’ll need to trust in your honesty.  Donna, tell me the truth.  Are you out of uniform?”

I caught Marsha’s face out of the corner of my eye.  She was practically having conniptions trying to tell me to keep my mouth shut.  “No sir,” I said, barely audibly.  He took a great backswing and smacked my butt so hard I saw stars.

“Are you out of uniform, Donna?”

“No sssss–” was all I could get out before he hit me again.  I saw blood on his hand, and my knees buckled, but I was able to keep standing.

“Would you like some cream for your sore butt, Donna?”

I was still sufficiently conscious to know not to accept the cream, oh, though I wanted it, because to do so, I would have to reveal my lack of panties.  “No, ss–“, I said, and then everything went dark.  As I woke up, I realized I was lying over the knees of a girl, with my face in her crotch.  Many hands were attending to my sore butt, spreading cream on it, and between my cheeks, on my thighs, my belly, and even my breasts.  As I regained consciousness, I realized I was naked, and the crotch I had been drooling on belonged to Marsha.  Marsha helped me to my feet, and steadied me as I tried to resume my position on the line.  My butt hurt so much I couldn’t seem to stand up straight, but I said I was OK, and tried to assume the position as best as I could.

I had no idea where my clothes were, but besides being naked, everything seemed fairly normal.  The big boss resumed his ranting about the company uniform, and insisted on finding the other girl besides me who was out of uniform.  As he paced back and forth, he continued to smack us and fondle us in the most annoying manner.  Here I was barely able to stand, and every time he saw me, he would cup my tits in his hands, rub my sore butt, or fondle my sopping wet pussy.  Yes, it was wet, I’m ashamed to say, because all the spanking, then the lotion, and the fondling caused me to be aroused, no matter how repulsed I was.  The big boss paused in his ranting long enough to place the middle finger of one hand on my asshole, and the two middle fingers of his other hand up my pussy in such a way that my hood was lifted, and my clit was in the path of his moving fingers.  Oh, man, Crysta, that felt so good and so horrible all at the same time.  I hated the fact this man owned us, and was able to have his way with us while we assumed the position, so when I came, I kept it to myself.  I tried to think of something else as he fondled me, but Christ, it felt so good, I came again.  The other girls felt sorry for me, so they risked the big boss’ ire by coming to my aid, and gently hugging me and stroking my body.  One of my office mates stroked my rock hard nipples, and others rubbed my back and my belly as I quietly came again and again.  Finally after coming maybe ten times, I finally lost control and screamed in joy mixed with pain mixed with shame.

At last the big boss revealed his plan.  “Donna, you will hug each of your officemates in turn, feeling her up with reckless abandon.  This is your chance to feel their tits, their asses, and their pussies as much as you like.  Then, after you’ve felt everyone up, I will ask you to hug each girl again, and kiss only the one who is not wearing panties.  The kiss of death, I call it.  Once you’ve done that, I’ll give you your dress back, is it a deal?”

Seeing no alternative, I nodded.

I approached the first girl, and felt under her thong.  She had a nice, soft pussy, and she melted in my arms.

I went to the next girl, and hugged her warmly.  She was tall, so I rested my had on her breasts, and let my hand slip down her back until it touched the waistband of her panties.  I patted her butt, and went on.

The girl whose butt was beaten almost as hard as mine was next.  I knelt before her, and gently licked her sweet, soft pussy.  I touched her tender butt with the softest, gentlest touch of my fingertips as I hooked my tongue under her hood, and sucked her juices.  She spread her legs apart as I caressed her tender inner thighs with my fingers, and extended my tongue up and down her inner lips, and then into her vagina before returning to her sweet hood, and then she came.  My fingers happened to be right on her asshole as she came, and so I felt it quiver.  Her joy nearly brought me to orgasm as well.  And then I want on to the next girl, and then the next, until finally I cam to Marsha.

I saved Marsha for last.  I took in a great breath as I hugged her.  She smelled so sweet!  I got down on my knees, and popped my head up under her dress, between her legs.  I imagined her closing her eyes as I went to work on her warm, wet pussy.  I licked and kissed her abdomen as I rose up inside her dress, and then I sucked on her sweet nipples.  What tender little breasts she had, so supple, so… God, I was in love!  I hugged her, and loved her from inside her dress.  I rubbed her sexy buns, stroked her inner thighs, and then as she came, I popped out of her dress and kissed her.

Oh, my God!  The kiss of death, I’m so sorry!  I meant it as a kiss of love, but now I’ve killed you.  I tried to pull away, I was so ashamed.  Like Judas, I betrayed the one I truly loved.  But she didn’t care!  She wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me.  At the big boss’ direction, the other girls stripped Marsha naked, but she kept kissing me.  Now we were both naked, and kissing, and I came again, Crysta.  I came again.

And as Donna told Crysta the story, she came again, and realized she was naked, and overfilled with joy to be once again with the girl she loved, having sex on the grass.  It just doesn’t get better than this.

Don’t hate me, please! I wrote this in a hurry, and didn’t stop to re-read it. I’ll make it flow a little better, and fix the inconsistencies later, I promise!


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if this is the first draft, I can hardly wait for the re-write. well done!
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