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Crysta’s Story


From the time she started developing, Crysta was very self-conscious of her tits.  She was the first girl in her grade-school to develop, and by the time she was in junior high-school she was very well developed indeed.  Other students made comments about her jugs, which sometimes made her cry.  In High-School, she wore loose-fitting clothes in an effort to hide her breasts.  She never wore a bra, because she didn’t want to draw attention to them.  One of her favorite dresses had an elastic top that kept her breasts under control, and billowed out in a flirty way at the waist.

In high school, the gym teacher would sometimes divide the students into two groups — the shirts and the skins.  None of the girls seemed to mind being on the “skins” team, because the gym class was all girls.  But Crysta hated being on the “skins” team.  So as the girls were counting off, 1, 2, 1, 2, she would count ahead and switch places if necessary to be a “1”.  She knew the gym teacher always told the 1’s to be shirts and the 2’s to be skins.


When she was in kindergarten, her mom would always dress her in a cute little dress and panties.  And the first chance she would get, the panties went bye-bye.  When she would come home, her mom asked, “Crysta, where are your panties?” to which she would always reply “I don’t know.”  The fact is she just couldn’t stand anything touching her butt.  Eventually, it got too expensive for her mom to keep buying panties for Crysta.

By the time she was in High School, the social climate had changed, and the dress code was very casual.  The fashion for girls was to wear very short dresses, sometimes with matching panties.  The panties were meant to be seen, as they were part of the outfit.  Instead of a dress, some girls wore a t-shirt.  Some girls wore jeans or shorts as their bottoms, but these girls were laughed at for “overdressing”, so the majority of girls wore just panties.  Crysta, however, never liked to wear panties, so she was in a bit of a dilemma.  She wanted to fit in with the other girls who wore very short dresses, so she wore the shortest top she could that was still long enough to hide her lack of panties.  Over time she became bolder, wearing shorter and shorter tops, and getting away with it.  The first time she wore a “medium” t-shirt she was really scared someone would notice her lack of panties, because the t-shirt didn’t completely cover her butt.  The very bottoms of her cheeks were visible beneath her shirt.  But no one said anything, so she got away with it.  They probably figure I have a thong on, she reasoned, and the thong strap was hidden between my cheeks.  As her high school years progressed, Crysta thought less and less about the need to wear panties, because it seemed that no matter how short her top was, everyone would just assume she had on a thong, and so over time, she gradually relaxed.

Crysta liked to tell this story: have you ever seen those cartoons in which Bugs Bunny or Wile E. Coyote would run off the edge of a cliff?  They never started falling until they realized they weren’t standing on solid land and started to panic.  Similarly, to Crysta, no outfit was too wild until she started to panic.  As long as she kept herself in a state of denial, she never worried about how she was dressed.  In fact, she took some pleasure in “accidentally” letting people see her pussy.  If she ever caught a boy looking at her, she became indignant, and made the boy feel like a voyeur.  She enjoyed dressing in the shortest micro-minidress she dared to wear, and going to the mall.  There are some situations in which a girl can never feel completely modest.  One of those situations is riding up the escalator.  If she sensed a boy behind her, she would spread her legs apart casually and relax her cheeks, knowing he would fixate on her pussy and asshole, which she knew were both clearly visible.  Then, just before she reached the top, she would turn around and smile sweetly at the boy.  He would become completely flustered, blush, and look away.  Then, realizing he was rude, he would look at her again, and try his hardest to smile back at her.  The boy would feel bad for looking up her dress, while Crysta took the moral high ground.

By the time she finished high school, her wardrobe preferences were firmly established: tits covered, bottom optional, and if anyone caught a glimpse of her pussy, then it was their fault.

Stories about Crysta’s High School Years

Crysta’s Bottomless Day: One day, Crysta went a little too far.  The dress was really cute, and she knew it was short, but she really had no idea how short it was until it was too late to come home and change.  This is an epic story of Crysta’s heroic survival of the day wearing essentially nothing below her waist.

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