Dress Code Guide — Skirt Length (archives)

Dress Code Guide — Skirt Length
This guide was written to help the many girls who come to the College apprehensive about the Dress Code because they are unsure of the appropriate skirt length.  Start by thinking of the design of a skirt.  It’s essentially a tube that covers most of your “bottom torso”, including your butt cheeks and pubic mound.  But it can’t possibly cover you from all angles, no matter how long it is.  A skirt isn’t even designed to cover your perineum (the skin between your vagina and anus), so it is pointless to worry whether that area is covered.  While you are seated, even with your legs together, a line of sight exists between your legs.  To see this more clearly, imagine your vagina were a bright light, and you sat down in a darkened room.  The light would shine between your legs and out into the room, lighting up many areas where potential eyes could see you.  This is true for any length skirt, so it doesn’t make sense to wear a skirt longer than the minimum length needed to cover the areas a skirt is designed to cover.

With this in mind, you should check the coverage of your skirt while you are standing straight.  Look for a skirt long enough to cover your butt cheeks (at least the upper part, from your tailbone to your anus) and your pubic mound and vulva.  It is not necessary to wear a skirt longer than that, because such a skirt won’t provide any additional coverage.

Here is a skirt that is plenty long.  Her behind is fully covered, and between her legs you can see her front is covered by at least two inches more fabric than necessary.


Even when she leans forward, you can see her skirt covers just about all of her behind, and again, between her legs, you can see her front is fully covered.


As previously discussed, a skirt is not designed to cover you between your legs.  So when you are leaning forward, or if someone is looking up at you, your vagina will not always be covered.  This is fully understood by the campus population, and it is taken in stride by both the people who might see a girl’s vagina, and by the girls themselves.  The view, above, of a girl leaning forward is not typical (note the camera angle — it’s looking up at her, which rarely happens in real life), and the view, below, is certainly not typical.

In the view, below, you can see once again that her skirt is plenty long to cover her from most angles.  The front of the skirt extends below her vulva, and between her legs, you can see that her butt is completely covered.  Not even a glimpse of her butt cheeks would be visible from the rear.  So this skirt is plenty long for her to feel completely decent.



A skirt casts a shadow that generally hides your privates from view.  The girl, below, is protected even from an upskirt view by the shadow cast by her skirt.


Even when she bends forward fully — the most risky behavior a girl can do in a short skirt — you can see her butt cheeks are fully covered.  Once again, it is clear this skirt is plenty long enough.


Sure, her pussy is visible, but this view would never happen in real life.  Here’s a tip, girls: if there’s a boy looking up at you, don’t bend over like this!  Even so, the photo illustrates the shadow effect.  Most of her butt cheeks are hidden in shadow, with only part of her cheeks visible below the skirt.


It is important to wear a skirt that is long enough to cover you decently, as this one clearly is, but also short enough that you can relax comfortably wearing it.  As you can see in the two images below, the girl is happy, comfortable, and confident.  She knows that a skirt simply isn’t designed to cover between her legs, and she doesn’t let this upset her.




In summary, a girl should wear a skirt that is long enough to cover her pubic mound and vulva while she is standing and viewed from the front, and it should be long enough to cover her butt cheeks, especially the part from her tailbone to her anus.  A girl should not worry about the area between her legs, because this area can only be seen from unusual viewpoints which are not likely to occur in practice.

A skirt too long will cause more frequent inspections, as some girls will attempt to hide panties under their skirts. Wearing a short skirt will make the infrequent inspection simpler.
Comment By base At 10/7/2007 7:55 AM

I wear short skirts in hopes to avoid inspections, but some inspectors still demand proof by stripping me bare in public. I understand that is necessary for some girls, but I prefer to avoid it. So I wear the shortest skirts that still cover me whilst I walk. If I see an inspector approaching me, I turn and bend at the waist to adjust my shoe. He is given the view that allows him to save his inspections for more worthy would-be violators.
Comment By Ammie Pussinview At 10/7/2007 8:04 AM

Even with this approach, I sometimes get stop by the same inspector. He is always waiting for me at the campus fountain by the Music Hall. No matter how many times he has wasted efforts to discover me wearing panties or a bra, he still stops me for an inspection on my way to the Music Hall. Last time he stripped me, I was late for the next orchestra class, so I had to run inside the Music Hall carrying my clothes and I dressed after the class was over. I really do enjoy taking my study break in Music Hall. I probably should start using the side entrance, but the inspector is kind of cute, too.
Comment By Ammie Pussinview At 10/7/2007 8:08 AM

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