Crysta’s Outreach Program — Monday, May 11, 2009 (archives)

“Crysta, will you please stay behind for a minute? I would like to have a word with you.”

Oh, crap, Crysta thought. Why would my Poli Sci professor want to talk to me? Crysta was teetering on the edge of failing the class, and it didn’t help that her professor disapproved of her style of dress. He was a bit of a prude by College standards, maintaining that girls should cover their bottoms a little more fully than the prevailing style. And since Crysta’s skirts are typically even shorter than the norm, his disapproval goes double for her.

As the class was dismissed, Crysta pulled her skirt down as much as possible, but it wasn’t much use. Today, of all days, she had picked out a really cute micro-flirt-skirt —a thin synthetic shaped as an annulus, so it was simple to manufacture, and easy to store, since it lays flat when she takes it off. And the size? A mere three inches difference between the inner and outer radii. So Crysta was resigned to incompletely covering her pretty butt, a dilemma that delighted her fellow students, but dismayed the professor. She has an adorable way of walking, like a supermodel on the runway, placing one foot immediately in front of the other. She put a lot of hip into her walk, flipping her little skirt from side to side with each step.

“I don’t understand you girls,” he began. Crysta squirmed, as the professor’s eyes darted uneasily between her barely covered top and bottom. “We have a dress code that prohibits you from wearing panties, so I would have thought your sense of modesty would keep you from wearing something like this.” As he spoke, he lifted her skirt to confirm she was in conformance with the Code.

Crysta shrugged, taking the affront in stride. When will this guy get to the point?

He read her mind. “I’ll get to the point. We have an outreach program to the local high schools, to encourage girls to attend the College.”

Crysta felt her nipples harden against the edge of her strapless top, which she unconsciously tugged lest those sexy nipples be exposed to view.

“I picked you, Crysta, for two reasons. It’s worth a grade in this class, which you desperately need. And I need a girl who can dress modestly and explain to a bunch of seventeen year old girls and boys how our Dress Code helps you dress that way. I think it will be a new experience for you!” His broad smile was enchanting. Crysta smiled, too.

“Well,” Crysta began.

“I’m not asking,” he explained. “I’m telling. You’re going to do it, together with another girl of your choice. You’re going to the high school, and you’re going to do your best to explain the official Dress Code, and how it helps girls dress modestly.”

“But…” It took her a minute to collect her thoughts. She knows well that there are provisions in the Dress Code that even her parents are unaware of. And then there’s the unofficial dress code, which entails going practically bottomless to avoid inspections. This is an unanticipated and unfortunate side-effect of selection bias on the part of the Inspectors. No one stopped to think that Inspectors would naturally select more fully dressed girls for inspection, because they are more likely to be hiding a violation under all those clothes than a girl wearing practically nothing. And Crysta secretly believed the Inspectors took extra glee in stripping a shy girl. She feels guilty each time she enjoys the spectacle of a shy girl being forcibly stripped in a surprise Inspection. And, like most girls, she does whatever she can to appear less shy herself, because it’s a lot more fun to watch an inspection than to be inspected.

“But what?”

Crysta popped out of her daydream, and blurted out, “I can’t tell them the real Dress Code!”

“Of course not,” agreed the professor. “You’ll give them just the official story. You will tell them they should dress modestly, and so there’s no need for panties. You will tell them – and show them – that a girl who doesn’t wear panties naturally dresses more modestly.”

“Show them?”

“Yes, that’s why you will need a girlfriend to go with you. You will dress her like a Barbie Doll, and use her to demonstrate the Dress Code to the young students.”

“Like a Barbie Doll?”

“It’s just a figure of speech. She’ll be your model. Put her in a cute dress, bring her out in front of the class, and show them how it helps a girl dress more modestly when she’s not wearing panties.”

Crysta smiled at the thought that occurred to her: Donna is such a beauty, and so deliciously shy. She will be a perfect model.

“Can I tell them about the inspections?”

“Yes,” said the professor, “but only that they take place in public, and that girls accept inspections as a matter of necessity. You may not say anything about the humiliation girls feel when they’re inspected. In fact, you should stress the opposite: that there is no shame in being inspected, that all girls are inspected from time to time, and that the girls treat it as a minor inconvenience.”

“They take off their clothes to prove they’re following the Dress Code, and then they go on their way.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“So I can inspect Donna, then, in front of the class?”


“My model.” Crysta flipped her pretty hair as she looked up at him. “She’s my roommate.”

“Oh, of course. But talk with Donna in advance. Warn her. She should not appear anxious or unhappy about the inspection, and she should offer no resistance. It’s important that the high school girls accept the need for Inspections, and so a tasteful introduction to the Dress Code is a key requirement.”

“Got it. I’ll dress my model, show them how a lack of panties fosters modesty, and then demonstrate a mock Inspection.”

“And you should also stress the importance for girls to cover themselves up. You might want to mention the touching.”

“The fondling?”

“I prefer to call it touching, but yes. The girls should know this benefit of wearing modest clothing. You should sell it as lack of fondling when a girl dresses decently. That’s it. And then after you put on your little show for the high school kids, come back and get your “A” in this class. It’ll really help your average.”

Today’s pretty girl looks even prettier in her flowery dress!

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