Crysta’s Outreach Program — Tuesday, May 12, 2009 (archives)

Crysta breezed into her room where she greeted Donna warmly. She sat down next to Donna, and traced her pretty curves with one finger as they kissed. “Mmm,” Crysta purred. Donna had already stripped off her school clothes, and had not yet decided what, if anything, to wear for the evening. Crysta gently stroked Donna’s face, and then kissed her again sweetly on the lips. Donna returned Crysta’s love, wrapping her arms around Crysta, and helped her out of her skirt. Donna started to pull of Crysta’s top, but Crysta waved her off. Donna sighed, and rubbed her sexy roommate through her shirt. Crysta is an odd girl – so shy about baring her tits, while giving scarcely a thought about going out in public completely bottomless!

“Mmm,” Crysta said again as they continued kissing. Crysta laid her sexy roommate across the bed, straddling her, and gave her a back rub, then a leg rub, and finally a butt rub, gently stroking her most intimate areas. It was sweet, the way Crysta peppered her pretty roommate with kisses alternating with the rubbing. Donna enjoyed the massage, letting her body language speak for her. As Crysta kneaded her friend’s back, lower and lower, Donna spread her legs as a not-too-subtle invitation to stroke her most tender places. Crysta gently kissed Donna’s adorable cheeks as she gently probed between them. By this time, both girls were purring, and Donna’s ass was rising as she arched her back. Crysta gently spread Donna’s cheeks, and kissed all the soft wet places between them.

“What do you want, Crysta?” laughed Donna as she turned onto her back to face her sexy roommate.. “You always act like this when you want something.”

“Nothing,” said Crysta, licking her lips.

Donna got up on her knees. “Crysta,” she began, putting a finger under Crysta’s chin. “Tell me the truth.” Donna got off the bed, and took Crysta’s hand. “Let’s share a baby-doll set, and get some dinner.” Donna loved to share an outfit with Crysta. She always wore the bottoms, and Crysta liked to wear the top. Some of the girls’ favorite outfits are ones that can’t legally be worn by just one girl, because they violate the Dress Code. This baby-doll set is a case in point, since the tiny little top is nonetheless long enough to be considered a dress, under which the matching panties wouldn’t be allowed. She reached in her drawer and fished out the puffy sheer pink panties with an elastic waist and leg bands, and put them on. Crysta was less than enthusiastic, but didn’t resist as Donna stripped her naked, and handed her the sheer baby-doll top. Crysta put it on, and then admired herself in the mirror. The top had elastic under the breasts, and sheer fabric hanging gently down from there, a front slit letting it billow out over her sexy hips. Crysta didn’t mind at all that her pussy was fully exposed, or even that her sexual excitement was clearly evident.

Donna, by contrast, felt most comfortable wearing a bottom. Although this one was sheer, it offered some degree of privacy, especially as it puffed out. Something about the puffiness makes sheer panties less sheer. Donna’s breasts are adorable and small – bigger than mosquito bites or fried eggs, but still small enough that they practically disappear when she arches her back and raises her arms. Though she might like bigger ones, she’s not self-conscious about her tits. They’re small enough to ignore, which is why she doesn’t think twice about going topless in public. Donna’s penchant for going topless, and Crysta’s for going bottomless makes it fun for the girls to share an outfit.

With a last glance at themselves in the mirror, the girls held hands, and headed down the stairs, and outside. Crysta put one arm around Donna, and gently stroked her pretty flat belly as they walked, “accidentally” brushing her nipples every now and then. Donna rubbed Crysta’s sexy butt, enjoying the way it swings from side to side as she walked. She let her fingers gently stroke Crysta’s crack, from the top all the way to the bottom, between her pretty legs.

The girls breezed past the security guard, even though Donna’s toplessness violated the health regulations. She was prepared to give up her panties on the off chance the guard insisted on enforcing the rule against topless girls—using the nudity loophole. It would have been unpleasant for Donna to lose her panties, but it would just be for a short time. She would have stopped by the desk after dinner to reclaim her panties.

Once inside the dining hall, there was a line, so the girls passed the time by hugging and kissing. A boy joined the line behind Crysta, and smiled at the way the girls were going at it. He noticed how excited Crysta was, and stroked her butt as the girls kissed. “Could you bend over, please?” he asked Crysta. Crysta noticed he had taken off his pants, and her heart raced as she realized she was about to be raped. He didn’t give her much time to panic, though. She obeyed the boy, and let out a little whoop as he pushed himself into her, and pulled her hips back against him. He gave her three or four pushes before he came inside her. Half a minute later, they were at the front of the line, where he took a napkin, and helped Crysta wipe her pussy. “Thank you,” she said, not sure if she was thanking him for the sweet gesture or the rape that preceded it.

“You’re welcome,” he said, patting her butt.

We caught today’s pretty girl relaxing on a bench.

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